Trigger warning: mildly graphic description of zombies

Chapter 2

In 2025, as the greenhouse effect intensified, the Earth’s temperature gradually rose, and the Antarctic glaciers melted in large areas.

The international Antarctic scientific research team led by Country A found a coffin engraved with ancient pictures and text, frozen in the deepest part of the Antarctic center.

There were two men lying in the coffin.
The iris is faded in one eye, and the other is red.

In 2027, there were rumors that scientists found the secret of immortality from these two mysterious men, and laboratory animals could be resurrected.

In the same year, archaeologists uncovered the pictures and texts on the coffin, publicly emphasizing that the secret could not be controlled by the current level of human science.

In order to maintain the hegemony of the earth, Country A devoted itself to research and stressed to its citizens that they will be the first to become the higher race on earth, which is a gift from God.

Saying that this could change their life and save them all from sickness, was a propaganda that made people greedy and crazy.

In 2029, things began to get out of control, animals issued an early warning, and a nuclear power plant explosion, disguised as an accident, woke up people around the world.

In the face of doubts, the politicians in Country A still maintained their arguments.

However, stubbornness could not stop the development of the situation.
The dead who have been resurrected have begun to get out of control.
People began to march and protest in panic, but this only intensified the spread of the virus.
World organizations have called for the disclosure of research materials to be shared globally, and countries have begun to enter a state of emergency.

However, the pace of the doomsday has not stopped.
In 2030, the economic, cultural, political and human living space collapsed one by one, and some small countries even perished overnight.

After the disaster known as the Doomsday, the virus swept the world in later generations, and zombie movies became a reality.

Three years after the outbreak of the virus, only one in ten human beings in the world survived, a new base regime began to be established, and human beings began to adapt to the new order.

Later generations called 2033 the first year of the Awakening Era.

In the seventh year of the Awakening Era, S City, a once-thriving metropolis, has now become a ghost city for the walking dead.

The streets are full of cars that have been crashed and bones that have been eaten up by zombies.

A group of zombies staggered through the shadows, trying to find the breath of the living people that had just been spreading through the air.

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There is absolutely no one in the world who is more unlucky than Shi Qin.

He woke up in a group of horrible symphonies formed by growls.
Hunger instantly invaded his brain, as if he had been hungry for many days, and there was only one thought, that is, to eat.

In addition, he didn’t feel anything at all, as if the sensory system had been closed, and only his legs were walking mechanically.

When he saw everything in front of him, he was so scared that he almost fainted.

Looking around, a scene like Resident Evil appeared in front of him, surrounded by walking dead ‘people’ walking staggering and bumping into him from time to time with their rigid bodies.
They were ragged, bloody, lacked arms and legs, and some even only had half of their bodies crawling on the ground, which could no longer be described as people.

Suddenly, because he was not used to his body, he accidentally bumped into the uncle zombie next to him.
The zombie turned his head and looked at Shi Qin.
His deep white bones were exposed on his chin, and his tongue inside was no longer in place, but hung on the sharp canine teeth.

Shi Qin was nauseous in an instant.
Just when he thought he was about to be attacked, the eyes with only pupils and no iris stared at him.
After a while, he turned his head again and faintly accelerated his pace, rushing forward with an expression that he didn’t want to be dragged down.

Shi Qin:……

Soon, Shi Qin fell to the end of the zombie group.

Shi Qin breathed a sigh of relief and looked around.
Occasionally, there were still intact glass doors on the street reflecting his appearance.

The appearance is still his own, dressed like he had been wandering on the street for several years and suffered from hunger and cold.
The skin has no vitality.
The under eye area is cyan, the iris turned white, leaving only the pupils giving a creepy feeling.
There are wounds and bite marks on the shoulders, but they have become dark and solidified.

Finally, he had to face the reality.
He… a young junior in the new era, a beautiful and handsome 20-year-old brother, actually transmigrated into a zombie!

Where is this? Is the world of ‘The King’s End of the World’?

[The host’s ability to withstand and react is above average.
He is very brave and intelligent.
Congratulations to the host for answering correctly.]

“Ah, ah, ah! What the hell are you doing? What the hell are you doing?”


“Let me go back, let me go back, why let me transmigrate? Have you got my consent? I’m going to find the police uncle to sue you! You are kidnapping people!”

[The host doesn’t have to panic.
The correction system has no undo program, and you can’t go back until the task is completed.
If you die in this world, you will really die.
So please listen to the system prompts.]

Shi Qin: “…” This is a threat, a threat! It’s not a serious system.

“Are you a hooligan? Why are you being unreasonable?”

[Do you reason with hooligans?]

Shi Qin was shocked that there was such a shameless system.
Although he is not a submissive character, under absolute power, he can only bow his head and accept the reality in front of him as soon as possible.

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As if he saw that the host had learned to be obedient, the arrogant system began sweet talk.

[The host doesn’t have to worry.
The modification task is very simple.
As long as the hero’s setting and plot are modified beyond the scope of crackdown, you can reach the pass line.]

Shi Qin couldn’t help become angry, “Then I’ll kill the hero.
Anyway, he is the biggest villain.
As long as he dies, the novel will be reviewed.”

[…In short] The system is ruthless and does not intend to ignore the host’s unreasonable troubles.
[The host only needs to do two things.
First, there are many events that lead to the blackening of the hero in the early stage of the plot.
The host can participate in it to guide the modification and prevent the hero from blackening.
Take the male protagonist’s blackening value as an indicator to pass strictly.
Before reaching the pass line, if the blackened value exceeds 100, the task fails.]

That is, to let him make a butterfly flap its wings to play an effect.
This is easy to do.
At the beginning, although the hero himself has some scheming and tactics, his essence is still good.
As long as he is always with the hero, lets him suffer less harm and betrayal, makes him know that there is someone who will believe in him and accompanies him, it shouldn’t be difficult to suppress the black value below 100.

Moreover, Shi Qin once saw spoilers.
After the protagonist blackened, he revealed the truth that was jointly covered up by those in power.
In fact, the protagonist was forced to blacken because the identity of the awakeners was not recognized by human beings, but in fact, the awakeners were not as fierce as rumored at all, and they were all manipulated by the people in power for selfish desire.

As long as he persists in revealing the truth later, the hero will not be discriminated against.
And in the later stage, there will be a modified version of the awakener, which will also reduce the situation in which the hero is targeted.

[Second, the harem is not allowed.
Following the principle of monogamy, the hero can only choose one partner, and adding one will make the task fail.]

Prevent the hero from looking for a woman? Isn’t this too difficult? You should know that the hero is a walking pheromone.
In the novel, women took the initiative and could go to bed with him after only one glance from him.
Does he have to stare at the hero every day and not allow women to approach him?

I just made up my mind to be a good brother for the hero.
Is he a light bulb* with a stick hitting mandarin ducks and tearing red lines in his hands? It’s a thunderstorm!

(*a third wheel)

Shi Qin didn’t bother to complain, “Hey, it’s all punishment.
Is there no reward? I read novels, don’t try to fool me.”

[With the approach of the strict pass line, the control of the host’s body will be gradually restored and gradually humanized]

“The punishment is so fierce and the reward is so small.
At least give me a golden finger!”

[Or the host can give up this reward and keep the zombie’s body.]

Either accept it or get out of here! Is that what it means?

Shi Qin swallowed a mouthful of old blood, “I’d better choose to keep the reward.
Something is better than nothing.” Zombie stiffness and their thirst for flesh and blood are really not a joke.

Suddenly, Shi Qin realized a problem, “Wait, gradually becoming human… Yes, I’m a zombie now! Are you joking? I’ll definitely be shot in the head as soon as I appear! What’s more, an armed elite like the hero, will break my neck in seconds.
How can I be a good brother and a light bulb? Are you playing with me?”

While protesting with the system, suddenly there was a bang in the air.

The zombie uncle who just abandoned him and was actively looking for food had his head shot of Shi Qin’s eyes.
In an instant, the meat splashed, and many directly smashed into Shi Qin’s face.

Shi Qin was so scared that he sat on the ground.
Such a terrifying scene really made him unable to face reality for a moment.
If I had known that, I wouldn’t have read a doomsday novel, isn’t it good to relax in the city? He will never complain if he enters such a world.
Whoo-hoo… This world is terrible.

There was continuous blasting in his ears.
It was too late to adapt to this disgusting scene.
Shi Qin quickly got up and was ready to sneak away.
As a result, as soon as he left the group, he was targeted by other gunmen.
The zombies that were alone are more likely to be killed.

Human beings are too horrible, and the zombie Shi Qin is too weak.
He can only stay with the zombies and escape the disaster taking advantage of the group.

Human beings probably hid too high and the zombies could not see or smell them.
So they could only follow the sound.
Maybe, because they are already far away from the range of human beings, the sound of gunfire finally stopped.

At this time, on the leisure platform on the fifth floor of the hotel, several members of the well-armed mission regiment were leisurely changing magazines.
They wore goggles, had guns in their hands, black scarves around their necks, embroidered with their names and their base logo, White Wolf Base.

“It’s so strange.
I just seemed to see a zombie with a strange behavior in the zombie group.
He would hide, as if he had an IQ.”

“That’s terrible.
Isn’t there a rumor from the southern bases that the zombies that have already evolved seem to have IQs? Could it be that we also have them here?”

The evolutionary zombies look like a fusion monster.
Either multiple heads or a few more hands, how can it look good?”


“Yes, he must have been a handsome little brother in his life.
It’s a pity.”

“Handsome? Then let me kill him, let him stay handsome and die with dignity before he mutates.”

“Bah, I think you are Qiu Shuai!”

Suddenly, a burst of electric current came from the communicator.
The three people on the platform looked at each other and heard a cold inquiry.

“Captain? What’s going on? I heard the sound of guns.”

Captain Jiang Fu, who was in his thirties, replied awkwardly, “No accident happened, just…”

Just now, Kang Peng, who was arrogant, touched his precious gun and interrupted in a condescending tone: “It’s nothing, vice-captain.
There are zombies wandering downstairs.
I’m afraid that it will not be easy for you to walk back.
I’ll clear the way for you.”

The voice in the communicator paused for a while, and then said coldly: “The mission has not started yet, pay attention to not waste firepower, the sound will attract zombies.”

“This…” Before Kang Peng finished speaking, the communicator suddenly hung up, just like that man, neat and tidy.

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