“Ah… His voice is so beautiful.” Huo Zixuan touched her red lips and smiled contentedly.

Kang Peng kicked the table next to him.
“Damn it, when I graduated from the recruit regiment, you were still a recruit.
The sound will attract zombies.
Like I need you to teach me this.
There is nothing left for the zombies to eat in the city.
They have gone to the mountains, and the rest of the zombies have been cleaned up several times in recent years.
Even if all of them are attracted, I will deal with them one by one.
It’s great to be a vice-captain, the main team is still here.
When is his turn to point his nose and eyes? He doesn’t know how to respect his seniors at all!”

“The vice-captain is amazing.
You don’t like him just because you didn’t become one!” It’s all reduced to beating zombies to vent.
Huo Zixuan sneered and said, “Although he graduated a few years later than you, he graduated with the best grades in the history of the regiment.
Which instructor mentions Cheng Yu without praising him? Naturally, he has real skills.”

“You… you just look at him because he is good-looking.
Why can he be a vice-captain for his first mission? This is not in line with the rules.” In fact, according to experience, Kang Peng, who was supposed to be promoted to vice-captain this time, has his promotion blocked because of Cheng Yu’s sudden transfer.
From the beginning, he was unhappy.

“Okay, okay, stop arguing.
Cheng Yu’s organization is very good.
I’m very pleased that the base can add such a general in the future.” Captain Jiang Fu, the peacemaker, persuaded him that the most important thing is to complete the mission and go home safely.
He also was aware that his commanding ability was not as strong as Cheng Yu’s.
In fact, there is no need for Cheng Yu try to seize the command power, he will naturally give it to him and be obedient.

Well, in order to successfully complete the task, Cheng Yu took his good Brother* to go out alone to investigate the situation and make a layout.
Surely he wouldn’t be able to do that.

(*remember that Cheng Yu only has a sister, this means the author is talking about a good friend)

Kang Peng was even more annoyed when he heard this.
He and Jiang Fu were old partners.
Unexpectedly, the old captain sided with an outsider.

He pulled the black scarf around his neck and covered his mouth and nose.
He put the gun on his back and picked up the corpse-chopping axe with both hands.
“If I can’t use firepower, I still can also open a clean road and let him come back and have a look.
What he is doing is unnecessary, the old method of using real knives and real guns is the most effective.”

“Kang Peng…” Captain Jiang tried to stop him, but Kang Peng’s temper was outrageous and he was disobedient.
Huo Zixuan looked like she was watching the fun, didn’t bother to care, and didn’t think there was any danger.

Kang Peng rushed down directly.
There was a modified armored vehicle parked downstairs and a young man was sitting in the car.
Seeing someone coming down, he opened the window to talk.

“Brother Kang?”

“Keep your position!”

After Kang Peng roared, he saw that a zombie was attracted by his voice.
He jumped to a high place and took advantage of his geographical advantage to directly wave the corpse-chopping axe, one arm using the axe, and the other cut down with a knife.

Huo Zixuan upstairs whistled, “Yo, that’s great, Brother Kang.”

Kang Peng smiled arrogantly, and he moved faster.

But after a while, Captain Jiang shouted, “Kang Peng, come up quickly.
There’s something wrong.”

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“What?” Kang Peng looked up and saw Captain Jiang looking into the distance with a telescope.
But from his point of view he couldn’t see anything.

“The zombies that have just left are coming back.
This time there seems to be more.
Either come up or go to the car.” Although Captain Jiang is not as brave and resourceful as Cheng Yu, he still has experience.
Such a number cannot be solved by Kang Peng alone, and it is not suitable for them to have a head-on conflict with the zombies now.

Kang Peng, who has just been in the limelight for a while, is reluctant to admit his cowardice, and he doesn’t quite believe in Captain Jiang’s judgment.
In fact, he is not convinced of the Captain, thinking that he is too timid.
If it hadn’t been for his qualifications, he might not have given him any face at all.

“It’s okay, just keep watching them all the time!”

However, when a large number of zombies appeared in front of him, the corners of Kang Peng’s mocking mouth finally froze.
It was too late to turn around.
He put away the axe and started using his gun.
Other members were also forced to join the battle.

Shi Qin, who had just stepped into the zombie battlefield from peaceful era, walked slowly with the zombies.
After a while, he was about to question the system, but suddenly the zombie brothers around him turned and rushed in the direction they were coming from as if they had been injected with chicken blood.
Shi Qin was caught in the middle unable to escape, and could only drift with the tide.

Hearing gunshots once again plunged Shi Qin into a nightmare.
Shi Qin wanted to hide, but the zombie brothers around him died one after another.
The sound of shells, gunshots and armored vehicles converged into a depressing song.
Shi Qin felt that he would be killed anytime and anywhere.

“System, help!”

He disn’t know whether it’s the system’s credit or his luck that he was suddenly wrapped in the middle of zombies and came to the fierce human beings safely.

It’s just that when Shi Qin looked up, he saw that this human being did not look very good, who was obviously forced to an end.
The shells fired randomly, and Shi Qin took advantage of the situation to hide under the building where he was standing, so that neither he nor his long-range teammates could hit him.

However, it was obvious that Shi Qin overestimated the fat man’s ability, because the fat man was losing.
He didn’t know what to use anymore, the gun or the axe.
At this time, his ‘good brother’ (a zombie) finally grabbed the fat man’s trousers.

Now he was less fierce.
Shi Qin felt that it was time to reach out to help, but before he took action, the roar of motorcycles sounded in his ears.
As soon as he looked up, a large shadow flew past and brought down a group of zombies.
Then the harsh brakes sounded not far away.

Shi Qin’s stiff neck chased the sound, but it was always a step slower.
The neat sound of gunfire sounded regularly, but it was different from the previous random shooting.
A figure jumped in the air, with a strong posture and excellent speed.
When Shi Qin finally reacted, the ‘good brothers’ heads around him were shot.

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As soon as he saw this scene in front of him, Shi Qin felt his shoulders sink.
A man was riding on his shoulders.
His calf bones were like two iron blocks.
As soon as he exerted force he was forced to kneel down.

Shi Qin suspected that his shoulder blades were broken.

Then a pair of big, well-defined hands blocked his head coldly like iron claws.
As long as he twisted gently, he will follow the footsteps of the “good brothers”.

The sense of panic emerged in Shi Qin’s soul and he instinctively shouted, “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Brother! Don’t kill me!”

Cheng Yu’s action stopped and he was stunned.

Something under his legs trembled, accompanied by a trembling sound, is he… afraid?

Cheng Yu’s first reaction was that he made a mistake.
Could he be a human being?

The zombies around him have been cleaned up, he jumped down neatly and looked at the strange scene in front of him with the others.

There are only pupils, no iris, and blood-coagulated bites on the body.
It’s really a zombie.

But at the moment this zombie held his head, squatting on the ground, and looked at them stiffly.

“Don’t kill me… I didn’t bite anyone! I was squeezed over by the group of zombies.
Really, I still have human consciousness, and I can control myself.”

This is the first time since the outbreak of the virus that they saw a zombie retain his human consciousness.

In such a situation, it is not easy for the mission team to decide privately.
After discussion, they can only wait until they see the scientific officer of the mission to decide whether to kill him or not.

Shi Qin cooperated very well with their work.
He let them tie his hands, close his mouth, and was led away with a rope.

That’s why the system replied slowly.

[Don’t worry, host, you are not an ordinary zombie.
You have a transparent crystal nucleus in your mind, which belongs to the main storyline.
As long as you pay attention not to give away your head, your character’s consciousness will not actively hurt you.]

At this point when the plot progressed, Shi Qin had long understood his most likely identity.
In the early plot, there was a very important zombie cannon fodder.
He could not attack people, and he also retained some human consciousness.
He met the protagonist group and they felt that he might help the Academy of Sciences develop a vaccine, so they brought him back.

Until then, humans did not know that the higher-level evolutionary zombies had crystal nuclei in their minds, but most of them were red nuclei.
For example, the transparent nuclei in Shi Qin’s mind only appeared once in the plot.

The special zombie and the protagonist who became infected with the virus were brought back to the Base Research Institute.
The zombie was dismembered and the transparent crystal core was taken out to develop an antibody vaccine, which can protect humans from the virus infection.
If combined with the red crystal core, the virus injected into the human body can produce a new generation of controllable awakeners that act as the human shield.

The original plot is here.
The unbearable hero blackened, the vaccine is destroyed, and only the virus-modified awakening agent is left, ending all hope for mankind to overcome the doomsday catastrophe.

Shi Qin’s mind turned quickly and immediately understood the potential rules hidden in the plot.

The system task is time-bound, not until the finale of the full text, but as early as the beginning, his time limit arrived.

The mutilation of the zombie is equivalent to his death.
At that time, Shi Qin must meet the strict pass line before he dies.


Shi Qin wanted to find the system’s compassion to discuss the possibility of modifying his ending.
Suddenly, a cold voice sounded, and Shi Qin’s mind was pulled back in an instant.

“Do you remember who you are?”

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