[Maidens Obsession POV]:

”She truly is gone… ” Honestly, I was perplexed that the Wretched Serpent had suddenly disappeared off this river without a trace.

For centuries, she was cursed to remain on this land even before my existence, but now, her influence has left that which was no longer holy.

”Now I am free to do whatever I wish! ” I was truly elated, I broke out in smile and laughs, where I was now able to expand my influence by contaminating the lake that once held her.

For centuries, she threw caution to the adventurers that sought this castle by my swindling efforts; she will force these adventurers away from me, even preventing them from getting anywhere near the river.

But even the feared serpent isn so perfect, as there were numerous adventurers who managed to ignore her efforts, and avoided her due to a variety of means. The greedy ones and those who wish to make a name for themselves would soon come to regret when they fall prey within my grasp.

”Its a shame no one would ever look your way. ” For she bore the image no one wants to look at.

She cannot attack the castle, especially I who dwelled within it, due to her bindings, nor did anyone ever took time to heed her request on how to be rid of me.

”The ignorance of man is sweet, but their blacken heart is ever sweeter… ” And I was convinced this would have gone on for even more centuries to come.

That…changed! One day, a giant light source manifested before her presence, taking form as a bright orb made of ember. Its appearance was indeed strange and sudden.

And when that was made known to her presence, it looked as if it had spoken to her, and though she had not the functionality within her lips to speak, she had the ability of telepathy. They were having a conversation.

How did I judge such a thing from such a distance from where I stood? It was her behavior, especially the ones I never knew she was capable of displaying.

At first, she showed curiosity, and for the first time it looked as though she was bewildered, then unsurety kicked it, but alas, it was overcome with happiness.

”Just what were they talking about? And who did that orb represent? ” Seeing her with such a display had honestly frightened me, but it was within moments later that her presence completely left this territory.

”Can I say that Ill miss her? ” We had our arguments, and mutual hatred to one another to the point that I believe it to be partially customary.

Regardless; ”She seemed to be happy, and now that shes gone, I shall grow! ” And my workings shall now be known throughout this land.

[Servant of Sleipnir POV]:

I made myself present, and surrendered myself before the thicken fog before me.

”My lord, I know that they conspired against your child, but for what you have done regarding the River Serpent, what repercussion may we expect from Goddess Diane? ” Is the only thing of concern regarding this whole ordeal.

And as I look before the fog in expectation, and to be graced with an answer, two fiery eyes glowed within the body of the fog.

The energy felt by these gazes was always astonishing, and I have yet to grow accustom through these countless years. It felt as though my entire person was being encompassed.

”That foolish woman messed with an innocent girl, and she forced upon her a curse and along with her rules. ”

”She now only wants to change the natural order, seeing that this girl will be happy, and crucial for a higher purpose. ” He answered, his voice was like a deep bass being played across a hallway.

”And by extension, she worked against my descendant with other gods and goddesses. I did what I have to keep the flow balanced… ” and with those words, I thought them over, and indeed I understood them, but still…

”And what if she attacks the Son of Diantei? Should we set contingencies just in case? ” I see this as the next course of action to be made, and I share this advice that must be followed.

But alas, my master was not worried; ”I will allow you to play with your ideas, but keep in mind… Will she really want to go against my will, and is she ready to face the very end, which is Kratos himself? ” I can help but shudder every time I hear that name.

I was glad that i was allowed to make contingencies for the Young Masters safety, but him…

Kratos, The Black Beast of the Apocalypse, is known throughout all dimensions as a wicked, vile, and cruel entity. He is very infamous and is feared by any that knows him.

It is one of the reasons why they rendered themselves to playing it sly around this individual, peck by peck.

But to theorize, lets say that Kratos wasn around to fully invest in Ekrons safety?

”Regardless, Ekron will grow to deal with them himself, and may even do what he likes to her… ” And Lord Sleipnir eyes began to dim, indicating that he was ending this conversation by going back into slumber.

I, on the other hand, was unsure of such a statement. But to be certain:

”Young Master Ekron is still a babe. Although he is very impressive for his age and have already displayed a profound amount of potential, do you believe that he can live up to his fathers name? ” And the moment these words left me, Sleipnir eyes completely dimmed out where there was now silence between us.

It seemed that my lord was no longer interested in this conversation.

Dejected, I was about to turn around and exit the room, until the Lord answered me by saying:

”The same potential I saw in Diantei, is the same potential I see within that child. He will live up to his fathers name. ” And with this, I was relieved.

Where then he added; ”And he may even surpass him… ” much to my shock.

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