In a world where magic exists, beasts are everywhere and powerful people can be found anywhere in the world.

We focus on a nameless small town that is located near the mountains, this town has very new houses even though it has been there for more than 300 years and that is that it is very common for beasts to attack that place and destroy it, it is also a reason why there are not many people that the deaths caused by the beasts are many

We can see a somewhat large house with a large patio with animals and a large food plantation that is being harvested by a boy with black hair, blue eyes, slightly pale skin and who is also 180cm tall, this person is called Kuro and is 18 years.

Kuro is not a person native to that world, he comes from another where there is no magic or the types of beasts that exist here.

-Ive already been in this world for 2 years- Kuro thought melancholy as he remembered his old family

After thinking about that, Kuro left with the bag of food and went to the small park that was in the village and began to distribute it to the villagers.

-I still don understand why do you share your food with people who can afford it?- an old woman asked Kuro

-I don need any payment, as long as I help its fine for me- Kuro replied

-That kindness will cost you dearly in the future, this world is not kind to types of people like you- said another villager

-Don worry sir, I know who to be nice to and who not to- Kuro answered again

And you may be wondering why he helps the villagers of this small village? That is easy since he sees them as family since when he transmigrated to this world he obtained the memories of this life, and he saw how all the villagers helped him since his parents had died because of the beasts when they attacked the town 10 years ago

After distributing all the food he had, he returned home and began to exercise, his exercise routine does not consist of complicated things since he only did: squats, push-ups, push-ups, running around his farm and planks , but even if it was only that he did it in a peculiar way since he did it until he couldn ,

every time he couldn keep up with squats to push ups and so on, but you guys think won that do harm to his body in the long run? and the answer is no, since when he moved into this world he discovered that the body was much more resistant and that it recovered faster.

-I beat my previous record, but I couldn have done it if it wasn for this- Kuro said seeing a blue screen

When Kuro transmigrated, he discovered that he has the typical video game system that is used to level up skills and make you stronger, but his system is special since he only brings out his 100% when he has a disciple since this system is called ”System of the super teacher ”

[name: Kuro

level:3 EXP 0/100%

Strength: 15 Speed: 18

Senses: 13 Agility: 15

Stamina: 20 Luck: 10

Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 20

Disciples: 0



swordsmanship(high), bowmanship(high), spearmanship(medium), alchemy(low/medium), magic(medium), traps(high)]

[Strength: Shows how much damage you can do to your enemies and how much you can carry

Speed: Shows how fast you attack and how fast you move in a straight line

Senses: Shows how enhanced your senses of smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing

Agility: Shows how well you move regardless of obstacles

Endurance: Shows that you resist in any way, for example: running, exercising or resisting blows

Luck: This stat can only be raised in a special way

Intelligence: The ability to understand what you read and how good you are at magic

Wisdom: Shows how good you are at spiritual thoughts and skill leveling]

-Ive raised my stats a lot in just 2 years and without using 100% of the system- Kuro said to himself

-But I would like a child from the village to want to become an adventurer, if only I had a disciple I could defend the village from the beasts- Kuro said with a little melancholy

But out of nowhere he heard screams outside his house, when he went out to see what those screams were, he saw that a crowd of villagers were running from an E rank beast.

In this world the beasts as well as the adventurers are qualified by I-E-H-F-G-C-B-A-AA-S

and in each rank there is + or – to know how strong it is compared to the others of the same rank

Kuro seeing what was happening took a worn sword he had and went to help the villagers.

A mother and daughter are seen running until the daughter who was not seen to be over 5 years old tripped, the mother tried to help her but could not because the other villagers pushed her, the girl stood up and ran but it was already too late since the beast jumped on top of her and by the time he was about to bite her he was pushed by Kuro.

After being pushed, the beast raises him in a rage to attack but when he realized Kuro was gone, but out of nowhere he felt something digging into his flesh, the even more enraged beast turned and attacked, Kuro seeing that could not do anything else He had to defend himself with his sword, but he was pushed by the force of the blow and rolled on the ground, Kuro getting up as fast as he can, he defends himself again but this time he counterattacked causing a wound in the beasts eye.

The beast roared in pain, but Kuro was not going to let this opportunity pass him by and plunged his sword into its neck, the beast, sensing that, began to move desperately and in that its claws damaged Kuros torso, causing a very severe wound. big but Kuro still in pain held the sword and plunged it deep into the beasts throat and after a few seconds of struggle the beast falls dead.

This fight didn take more than 1 minute but for Kuro and the villagers who saw it it was like hours, after going through a long silence the villagers started to celebrate that they had survived and went to help Kuro and the girl.

-Thank you very much- the girls mother said to Kuro giving him a kiss on the forehead

-Theres nothing to worry about, miss, I promised that I would help the village in any way I can while Im here- Kuro answered, blushing a little because of the kiss that woman gave him.

But he wasn really paying attention as he was looking at the screen in front of him.

[ You have killed your first beast +100 EXP

You have killed a rank E beast +50 EP

!!Congratulations, youve leveled up!]

Kuro decided that he would see that later, since after the villagers bandaged his wound, he went home to rest and think about other things.

-System show me my status- Kuro said, and instantly his status appeared

[name: Kuro

level:4 EXP 34/100%

Strength: 15 Speed: 18

Senses: 13 Agility: 15

Stamina: 20 Luck: 10

Intelligence: 15 Wisdom: 20

Disciples: 0



Swordsmanship(High), Bowmanship(High), Spearmanship(Medium)


alchemy(low/medium), magic(medium), traps(high)]

-Yeah, I went up a lot, and to think that it took me 2 years to go up 2 levels but killing a low rank beast gave me a level instantly- Kuro said laughing at the end.

-Im going to prepare my things to go to the capital- Kuro said to himself

And you may be wondering why are you going to leave town? weren you going to protect them from the beasts? well…

Flash Back

-Kuro take this bag with silver coins- the mayor of the town suddenly said

-Hey, but why could this help to rebuild the houses- Kuro said, somewhat puzzled.

-Thats simple brat, this village is not going to be repaired, we are all going to go to a nearby town- said a villager

-But this money could help you get a house for all of you- Kuro sa

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