I involuntarily moved my hand, almost simultaneously with her.


The flying baseball shattered the glass window.
Glass shards rained down along with the ball, and I flew in front of her,

Frondier Unique Skills


Workshop Number 3

Grade – Common

Iron Shield


I wove the shield that the Fondier before me had saved and held it out in front of me.

Only then did I realize.

‘Ah, I’m a fool.’

It was an illusion, meaning, it was useless for blocking,


No sooner had the thought passed, the baseball and the shards of glass were engulfed in flames.

They fluttered like flower petals as the flames consumed all their strength.


This is not what I did.

Elodie's right hand stretched out towards the glass, her eyes and hair turning red.
She had burned them all in an instant.

The shards of glass and the baseball lost their strength in Elodie's flames and fell to the ground.

Only a few shards of glass clung to her clothes or grazed her skin,




The woman and I raised our voices with similar questions.

The baseball and shards of glass bounced off the air.

My hand and her entire body, not a single shard of glass hit us.

'They didn't just bounce out of thin air, my shield…….'

The shield blocked the glass.
My shield, which should have been an illusion.

“……Mmm, thanks.
I don't know how you did it, Frondier, but…….”

Elodie didn't understand.

My shield was invisible to her eyes.

Still, she was very sincere in her gratitude.

“But what! You see, even if you hadn't stopped me, with my flames-“

She rambled on, but my attention was elsewhere.

“……Hey, are you listening? That's a little embarrassing.”

I thought back to the situation a moment ago.

Apparently, my shield had blocked the remains of the glass and the baseball.

“Hey, can't you just say something?”

In other words, weaving wasn’t entirely an Illusion.
Something that can intervene in reality if the conditions are right.

I don't know what those conditions were yet, but knowing that I can intervene was more important than anything.

“Hey, there's nothing to ignore that much!”

I felt a tiny shiver run down my spine.

I balled my fists and took a step down the hallway.

I felt like I'd found a glimmer of hope in this seemingly unanswerable maze.

The sunlight brushed nicely on my face for a moment.


━━━━━━ ⊙ ━━━━━━


I was hit with another baseball to the head.
I picked up the baseball that had struck me in the head, rolled to the side, and patted my head.

“I thought I had it figured out.”

I was currently experimenting with the weave.

It must have been my shield that blocked those shards.

Then I thought.

Is this skill some kind of enormous object that becomes real when the caster is in danger?

To put it to the test, I cloned the shield and threw a baseball at it, pointing the shield upward as the baseball landed overhead.

but there was no such thing.

The baseball passed right through the shield and hit me in the head.

I mean, if it was a game of convenience, I would have awakened a long ago.

“How can I use this in real life?”

Obviously, the fact that I blocked the shards of glass was real.

That whole situation was proof that my weave was real.

But I don't know how.

“Ugh, I'm tired.”

I sat halfway down in my chair, feeling drained.

There were also emotional issues, but my body was really exhausted.

A rebound from using too much weave.

Why am I feeling exhausted when it doesn’t even exist in reality?”

I muttered to myself.


Why am I exhausted?

What is this strange feeling of fatigue?

One after another, these questions raced through my head.

I raised my lying upper body.

“Is it ……mana?”

The game Etius has mana, of course, just as it has skills and magic.

Of course, I have it, as Frondier.

But because I am not a human from this world, I am not familiar with the sensation of mana.

But let's say that my current feeling of weakness was due to mana.

Weave is a skill that uses mana.
In other words, it is close to magic.

'Try to remember.
What was mana in Etius? What was the concept of magic?

Magic, according to Etius, is not a concept of matter.

It's a concept of phenomena.

Whether it's fire, ice spears, or a wall of earth, none of them can continue to exist in reality.
It's gone when the caster cancels the spell or when the mana runs out.

A naturally occurring forest fire will continue to burn until it is extinguished or there is nothing left to burn, whereas a flame created by a wizard can grow into a wildfire, but it will also die when the mana is exhausted.

So when I realized that Frondier's weave had no effect on reality, I was both disappointed and understanding.

Magic, while seemingly all-powerful, has clear limits.

It can burn, it can freeze, and it can destroy.

But it can't make something that wasn't there.

Even if it's a replica.

“I have to change my thinking.
I was trying to make something out of nothing in the first place.
It's impossible.
I can't make a shield.”

What I need is not matter.
It's a phenomenon.

Like when a wizard creates fire, he creates the phenomenon of burning.

If it's a sword, it’s a ‘cutting phenomenon’.

If it's a shield, it’s a ‘blocking phenomenon’.


I threw the baseball up.

And just in time for it to fall on top of my head,

Frondier Unique Skills


Workshop Number 3

Grade – Common

Iron Shield


I didn’t make the shield itself.

I created ‘a phenomenon of blocking an attack with a shield’.

For just one moment.


The sound was light, and the baseball bounced off the shield, changing its trajectory.

“It's …….”

In the moment of blocking, it appeared in reality.

Even if it's only for a moment, reality was reality.

I shuddered at the slightest emotion.

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