On the sea in the distance, if someone sees this scene in front of them, their three views will definitely be broken.


  A group of dolphins and a nurse shark surrounded a person, rubbing affectionately.
Especially the nurse shark, can't wait to jump into his arms.


  The group of dolphins were squeezed aside, facing the deterrence of sharks, they were always pitiful, looking at the man eagerly, not daring to take half a step.


  No matter how docile nurse sharks are, they are also sharks, and they are still a deterrent to dolphins.
But if you are pressed, the dolphins will unite, and even the great white sharks can fight.


  It's a pity that it's not a life-threatening link.
The most important thing is that the human who makes them feel good clearly knows this bully nurse shark, and they can clearly distinguish between closeness and distance.


  The dolphin, which has always been popular with humans, can only look at the nurse shark with envy now.


  Luo Xi reached out and pushed the head of the nurse shark away.
The guy didn't even look at his size, and kept squeezing into her arms.


  After being pushed away, Nurse Shark Doudou's eyes were obviously disappointed, and he didn't even swing his tail.


  Luo Xi touched its dorsal fin soothingly, the guy immediately became cheerful again, and acted coquettishly around Luo Xi, and the speed at which he cheered up made the dolphins stunned.


  Bah, who said that the nurse shark is docile and simple, this is clearly a scheming shark.


  Luo Xi patted the nurse shark, turned her head and whispered to the group of dolphins, “Okay, let's find someone, three male humans.” The


  dolphins surrounded her and called a few times.
The sound was so cute that a group of dolphins called together, as if singing.


  Luo Xi tilted her head and listened to the request for a while, her head full of black lines.


  She reached out and touched the heads of the dolphins one by one.
Each dolphin she touched made a cheerful cry, and then dived into the sea to find someone.


  The nurse shark angrily swam by Luo Xi's side, and Yuan Doudou's eyes sternly supervised.
Any shameless dolphin who wanted Luo Xi to touch him a second time would immediately bark at the dolphin.


  One touch, and go to work when you're done.


  Seeing that the dolphins couldn't cheat, they swung their tails at the nurse shark and swam away quickly.


  The nurse had a stern face.
If Luo Xi hadn't been by her side, she would definitely catch up and teach these daring dolphins a lesson.


  After all the dolphins were gone, Nurse Shark's mood improved, and he happily stuck to Luo Xi.


  Luo Xi felt a little strange.


  The Kraken is an existence above other species in the sea.
On Planet Asmana, the living environment is harsh, and the guys in the sea have never been so close to her.
When they see her, they hide away.
For them, she can make them surrender, but she is also the most terrifying existence.


  As a result, when she arrived on Earth, she found that the guys here were very intimate to her, almost unsuspecting, all kinds of coquettish and cute, and could not wait to stick to her.


  Well, this is probably due to lack of knowledge.


  Luo Xi patted the nurse shark and motioned it to take him to the seabed to the south.


  Now that she has no tail, her swimming speed in the sea is faster than that of a human being, but it cannot be compared with before.
The physical changes seem to have made her a real human being, imprisoning her power in a human shell, and she cannot even breathe freely in the sea.


  Fortunately, the breath-holding time is much longer than that of ordinary humans.
Let the nurse shark take him down.
The nurse shark is fast and the time is almost enough.
It's the quickest and least noticeable way to fish out the guy who's been making a fuss.




  The tsunami caused by the submarine earthquake in the South China Sea soon appeared on the Internet.


  The Seismological Bureau and the Oceanographic Bureau have released the latest information.
The magnitude of the earthquake, where the source of the earthquake is, and the affected area are listed one by one, reminding the people nearby to pay attention to safety and fishermen not to go out to sea.


  Earthquakes that occur at sea generally have fewer casualties.
This time, it is a certain distance from the coastline, which should not have caused much heat.
Until a network anchor posted a message on his big V number.


  [Not handsome, you called the police: What the hell, the South China Sea earthquake and tsunami? This episode of Desert Island Survival seems to be recorded on a desert island over the South China Sea! ! ? ? 】


  This anchor has a lot of fans, and in the morning, he also broadcasted a live broadcast of the departure of the guests in this episode of Survival on a Desert Island.
Because Luo Xi's face-defying beauty turned out and there was no other way to get to know this newcomer, many people paid attention to this anchor and gave him a wave of fans.


  As soon as his message was sent out, all the comments under the water were scolding him for being a crow's mouth, saying that he was rubbing the heat.




The anchor was scolded for a while, and then posted another post.




[Not handsome, you called the police: Guaranteed by your personality, this time I didn’t get hot.
I asked the boatman at the scene in the morning, and the boatman said that they were going to the deserted island on the other side of the South China Sea.
I shouldn't have disclosed it according to professional ethics, but now something obviously happened.


  As soon as this one came out, everyone looked at each other in dismay.
Is it true that it has nose and eyes?


  The fans were not calm anymore.
Except for Luo Xi, the other five of the six guests had die-hard fans.
Even Gong Xu, who belonged to the person behind the scenes, had many fans.


  While praying that it was not true, fans flocked to the official V of the “Desert Island Survival” program group to verify the authenticity of the news.


  Guan V was silent for a moment and sent a message.


  The general idea is that the recording location of the program is indeed within the scope of the tsunami, and the guests cannot be contacted at present, but the navy rescue team has been contacted, and the navy has dispatched search and rescue.


  This news made the Internet explode.
Anyone who has seen Survival on a Deserted Island knows that the tsunami occurred at about 4:00 pm.
According to this time, all the guests were properly recorded on the island.
This shows that the guests have nothing to save themselves around.
Facing the tsunami, they can only fight for swimming skills and luck!


  Not to mention that there is also a landlubber Li Wei in it.


  For a while, the official V and the anchor were popular, the media were all out, surrounded the companies to which several guests belonged, and the phone calls of the guests' agents were all blown up.




  Batian Entertainment, which used to be deserted in the past, is now as lively as a vegetable market.


  The boss was blocked in the lobby of the company, and the long/short shots were aimed at him, and a series of questions came out.


Feng, how are you feeling now?”


  ”It's a good seedling that I finally found.
If it is smashed into this tsunami like this, how is Batian Entertainment going to deal with it?”


  ”Does Miss Tang's family know about the current situation? Is Miss Tang from the Imperial Capital? Mr.
Feng is where did you get it from?” The


  the boss sullenly didn't want to pay attention to the media.


  In the past, Batian Entertainment didn't have any talented artists.
If they wanted to hold a press conference, there were only a few people who invited them three times and four times.


  Now it's different from the past.
In the morning, Luo Xi only showed his face in front of these media.
These media have always been vicious and know that as long as this newcomer doesn't die, he will definitely become popular, and it will become popular.


  The four words “prosperous beauty” are not just blowing.
The actresses in the circle are all beautiful in the photos, but as entertainment media, they know too much how much water is in it.
Occasionally a real natural beauty will be blown up.


  Tang Luoxi's face, even on the most critical big screen, has no dead ends.


  The media also sighed with emotion in the morning, what kind of shit luck Batian Entertainment has done, and they can pick up newcomers with such high quality on the street.
They also thought about how to write breaking news after the show was broadcast.


  As a result, something happened to the newcomer before night.


  Undersea earthquakes, tsunamis, and disasters are more fortunate than for good fortune.


  In an instant, all kinds of news breaking points of 'beautiful beauty' and 'envy of beauty' appeared in the minds of the media.
The most regrettable and most memorable thing in this world is that in the most beautiful Years pass by.


  These media are like sharks smelling blood, flocking to Batian Entertainment, wanting to dig out more information about this mysterious newcomer, so as to add visibility to the future explosions.


  Seeing that the boss of Batian Entertainment was silent, he obviously didn't want to respond.
The media who were separated by security couldn't bear it any longer, and a voice soared and floated out.


Feng, Miss Tang was unfortunately killed this time, don't you have nothing to say?”


  The blue veins on the boss's forehead jumped, and the last trace of patience disappeared.


  He turned around with a sullen face and glared at the person who made a sound: “Durian Daily, right? Batian Entertainment will not accept any interviews from you from now on.”


  The reporter of Durian Daily was anxious, “You have no right to do this, we have freedom of the press!”


  ”Freedom of the press? Did the freedom of the press also tell you to curse my artist to death? Your profession is entertainment reporter, but I advise you to be kind, and you don't deserve to be a human being for the sake of breaking points.


  ” He smashed the words out and waved to the security guard to send the reporter out.


  Yu Ji was dragged away by the tall security guard, and scolded in shock and anger: “Whoever cursed you is going to die, I just want to be honest, the earthquake level has come out, plus the tsunami, she is a girl.
The probability of survival is extremely low! You are changing the subject and treating reporters rudely!” The


  the boss laughed suddenly, he stared at Yu Ji and said word by word: “The survival rate is extremely low? Then I can tell you that she will survive!”


  ”Why do you say that?!” Yu Ji was pulled to the door, and he tried his best to stick his head out and roar.


  ”Just because she is covered by someone in the sea!” The


  the boss threw the last sentence sonorously and forcefully, watching the security guard throw the annoying entertainment reporter out.
His natural attitude severely deterred other media, and in addition to the deterrence of security guards, no one spoke again for a while.


  The boss walked away with his chin up, leaving everyone with an unfathomable back.


  The rest of the media came back to their senses after a while, and got together to discuss.


  ”Someone is covering the sea? What do you mean?”


  ”Is there something to do with the Maritime Safety Administration or the Navy? Can you put pressure on people to save people right away?


  ” Let's cook.”




  ”Damn, I've been framed! The surnamed Feng is still so smooth!”


  The media felt that they were simply fools, and they were caught in one sentence by the surnamed Feng, which was obviously a change of topic.


  What sea is covered by someone? Who is covering? The Dragon King of the South China Sea or the Guanyin of the South China Sea?


  Even if there really is a Dragon King and Guanyin in the South China Sea, why are they covering a little girl, is that little girl a dragon girl or a virgin who sits down with Guanyin! ?


  The media rushed to Batian Entertainment, hoping to dig out more explosions, but they came back in vain.


  Damn, Batian Entertainment is barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes.


  Whoever disrespects their media in the circle, the uncrowned king is not just a decoration.
If you offend the media, a single pen can kill a vote of people.


  Especially now in the Internet age, information spreads rapidly, and one or two articles are enough to quickly incite a group of people.
Even if the truth is finally figured out, the loss has been done.


  This is the so-called 'spreading rumors with one mouth, refuting rumors and breaking their legs'.


  Because of this, even if there are people in the circle who don't like the media, they are more patient.
Unless it is a real bigwig, other media people never have to consider the ideas of ordinary artists and companies.


  But Batian Entertainment is different, the company is about to go bankrupt.
There is nothing to lose, dare to challenge them, not afraid of offending them, and even violently use force.


  The media scoffed.
Under the strong suppression of the security guards and the lessons learned by the Durian Daily, they finally left in a daze.


  Forget it, it's better to talk when you stop.

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