Shouldn't Touch?


In Ying Ruoyun's memory, Shu Jingzhi had always been an overly sophisticated guy who wanted to be fully clothed twenty-four hours a day, always looking perfect, handsome and radiant as if he was about to perform on stage in the next moment.

In the short time he had been with him, he hadn't slept naked, had he?

Ying Ruoyun vividly remembered that after each sexual encounter, no matter how late it was, he had to carry him to the bathroom to carefully clean him up, until both of them were clean and fragrant, and he had to button his pyjamas for him before he could sleep contentedly.

He really had changed so much in the two years since they had seen each other.

They were so close together that Ying Ruoyun could even hear the sound of his heart beating.

Shu Jingzhi's voice suddenly echoed in his ears, “Awake?”

Ying Ruoyun was so frightened that he immediately distanced himself from him, “Mm.”

“What were you doing?”



“I'm just a little curious, is this your new hobby these days?”


“Sleeping naked.”

“I don't sleep naked.”


“My shirt got soaked in the shower.”


“Can't sleep?”

“No, I'm just a little thirsty.”

Shu Jingzhi rubbed his hair, “I'll go and fetch water.”

A few moments later, Ying Ruoyun heard him call out for him.

“Ruoyun, come sit over here.”

His heart skipped a beat, it had been too long since he had called him that.

Fumbling in the dark, he moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

The scent of his body lingered in his nose, and despite his night blindness, he inexplicably felt at ease.

He could not see Shu Jingzhi, but Shu Jingzhi could see him.

Under the light of the moon, he looked unusually obedient.

Like a pet waiting to be fed by its owner, trusting and entrusting him with his whole being.

Gently lifting his chin, he pressed the glass of water against his lips.

A subtle swallowing sound seemed particularly captivating in the silence, and a few strands of water dripped onto the corners of his lips.
Unconsciously, Ying Ruoyun licked it and unintentionally touched his fingertips.

A certain erotic image came to Shu Jingzhi's mind: he had licked every inch of his fingertips, and his eyes were dense with water, just like this moment.

“Want more?” He once whispered in his ear.

“Want more?” He spoke the same words.

Ying Ruoyun shook his head, indicating that he had drunk enough.

Sleepiness hit him, and he fell asleep again as soon as he hit the pillow.


When he woke up the next day, Shu Jingzhi was nowhere to be seen.

Ying Ruoyun stepped onto the carpet with bare feet and walked to the living room to look for his phone.

The shards of the vase from last night had been cleaned up and there was a note on the table, left by Shu Jingzhi.



The shards of the vase have been cleaned up, but there are bound to be stray bits hidden in the carpet, so don't run around barefoot and remember to wear shoes.


Ying Ruoyun picked up the note and carefully admired Shu Jingzhi's handwriting.

To be honest, when he was a student, he loved to exchange notes with Shu Jingzhi.

Shu Jingzhi's handwriting was sharp and elegant, a style he greatly admired.

He folded the note carefully and stuck it in a book to the side, and as for what he had instructed, it had long gone in his left ear and out his right ear.

He liked the feeling of his bare feet on the carpet, just like he liked to get caught in the rain, liked to get lost, and liked to do rebellious and outlandish things, he didn't need Shu Jingzhi's supervision!

Ying Ruoyun was in a good mood when he powered up his phone, and when he saw the numbers 10:23 on the screen, his brain crashed for a moment.

Oh, it's twenty-three past ten.

Aah! It's already twenty-three past ten!

Is it too late to get to work?

Several messages popped up on his WeChat in quick succession, with several colleagues asking him if he was feeling unwell.

Tan Xiaoshi even sent him a profound message saying: [Ruoyun, Conductor Shu said you had a hard time last night because of personal matters, so he gave you a day off].

Ying Ruoyun: ……

However, at around 6 PM, he received a call from Shu Jingzhi.

“Conductor Shu?”

“I'm downstairs, let's go eat together.”

“I've already eaten.”

“Then eat again.”

“Can you be a little more reasonable?”

“It has to do with the orchestra performance, it's a work discussion.”

“Oh, sorry, I'll be right down.”

Arriving at the restaurant and meeting the person in charge of their party, Ying Ruoyun couldn't help but feel that the world was such a small place.

As soon as Luo Yunge saw the two of them, her eyes immediately shone brightly, “Ruoyun, Mr.
Shu, what a coincidence.”

When Ying Ruoyun was an undergraduate at A City University of Arts, Luo Yunge was a classmate.
His relationship with Shu Jingzhi had been a big deal back then, and Luo Yunge naturally knew about it.

When Ying Ruoyun looked at Luo Yunge's abnormal gaze, he knew that she must have misunderstood his relationship with Shu Jingzhi.

“It's been so long since we graduated, I never thought we would meet again,” Luo Yunge sighed, “You two have such a good relationship.”

Ying Ruoyun tried to explain, “Yunge, Shu and I…”

“There's no need to say more, I understand everything.” Luo Yunge refilled his drink, “I was especially supportive of you guys back then, I even voted for you two in the best couple list at A City University of Arts.
Shu has to drive, so I won't persuade you to drink.
Ruoyun, come on, have a drink, I'll toast to you.”

Ying Ruoyun was not a good drinker, but for some reason, he did not refuse.

Luo Yunge was a chatterbox and was almost incessantly reminiscing about the past: “Mr.
Shu, back then, you were simply a male god in our faculty, no, the word male god is too vulgar, it simply tarnished your artistic halo.
We all thought at the time that Ruoyun had put you in some kind of a trance and pulled you down from the altar.
Your doting and indulgent treatment of him back then simply spilled dog food all over the faculty.”

Shu Jingzhi didn't say anything.

“Back then, whenever the two of you stood together, no matter what you discussed, whether it was piano, violin or composition, it was as if a barrier was automatically created that kept strangers away, and the understanding and bond between you was so tacit that you couldn't stick even a pin in it.”

Ying Ruoyun drank all the wine in his glass, his throat burning with fire, and he poured himself another glass.

“Don't try to be a hero.” Shu Jingzhi grabbed his glass: “Don't drink it.”

However, Ying Ruoyun seemed to be fighting with him, picking up the bottle directly and drinking the whole thing.

Luo Yunge: ?

Ying Ruoyun looked at Shu Jingzhi with a calm expression, “I'm not trying to be a hero, I can do it.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a loud 'thud' and he fell into his seat.

Fortunately, Shu Jingzhi was quick to catch him and took him into his arms.

Luo Yunge: “Ruoyun is so cute, you two are so affectionate.”

On the way back, under the night breeze, Ying Ruoyun was dazed for a moment and then sober for a moment.

It was just like his own personality.

Someone once said about him: Ying Ruoyun is calm and decisive in big matters but confused in small ones.
His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness.
He is an idealist who loves the sea and the mountains, but the sea and mountains can also be flat.

At this moment, he opened his drunken eyes, saw Shu Jingzhi's profile and muttered, “Senior Shu, haven't we arrived yet?”

Shu Jingzhi was lost in thought for a moment: “We're almost there.”


“Senior,” Ying Ruoyun said, “I like you.”

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