“Wow…wow! This is amazing…”

Lee Se-hee, who had taken it from me like it was her heart, let out an exclamation when she saw it.

Was she, the overall leader of the Sacred Guild, impressed by it to this extent? Honestly, I was not sure.

I owed my ability to process demon hearts to a villain named Heartworker.
Heartworker, who was a skilled artisan, was able to earn astronomical sums of money through his processing skills.

The problem was that he supplied them to the villain’s organization.
Level 5 and above, demonic hearts were registered by the state.
When the villains used the items to commit crimes, Heartwalker’s identity surfaced.

As he was being hunted, he taught me his skills and asked for my protection.
I remembered him boasting that his skills were the best in the world until his death.

Anyway, judging by Lee Se-hee’s reaction, my skills seemed to be quite useful.

“Ha! I saw it well.
It’s a really amazing item.
Do you want to sell it to me?”

“It’s the urgent fee for the Sacred Hospital.”

“No! That won’t do! That’s just an additional cost.
You need to pay a proper price to receive something like this.
Greed can bring about trouble.”


“However, I can only tell that it’s an amazing item with my own eyes, and I cannot accurately determine its value.
I’ll contact you after determining the exact price.
Is that okay?”

“I don’t mind.”

Lee Se-hee offering to take care of it was just a small side income for me.
She frowned, as if she didn’t like my answer.

“That’s not how trading works.
There are so many scammers in the world.
If you’re careless, you’ll easily get caught by them…
Oh, wait–“

She stammered and glanced at my hand.

Did she think I was going to break the head of the person who would try to scam me? Maybe if I was crazy, but I was in my right mind now.


To be honest, I had never thought about being scammed.
I had never been scammed either.
Did that make me feel uncomfortable? I was not sure yet.

Regardless of my thoughts, I was able to reach an agreement through Lee Se-hee’s cool handling.

“And there’s one thing I want to ask.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t tell Miss Da-hyun that I came here.”

“…I wasn’t going to tell her in the first place.
It’s natural to keep customer information that benefits our company a secret, but…”

Lee Se-hee’s eyes narrowed at me.

“I’m a little jealous that you’re taking care of Da-hyun like this.
My head almost exploded.”

“But it didn’t.”

“That’s why I’m still breathing here.”

“I don’t do business with just anyone.
I only do business with people I can trust.”

“That’s quite a compliment.”

As if to say, “When did that happen?”, her expression suddenly relaxed.

Her ears seemed to turn a little red.
Then she looked at the clock on the wall and apologized.

“I’ll pay you back for dropping by unexpectedly.”

I’ll be in touch.”

 I nodded and left the Sacred Group headquarters, being escorted out by Lee Se-hee.

   It was a satisfying transaction.


After confirming that Choi Jun-ho had left, Lee Se-hee looked at the object in her hand.

After being processed into a crystal, the demonic heart was a work of art in itself.

I appreciate the treasure you gave me, but I still need to figure out where it came from.

Lee Se-hee contacted the research lab affiliated with the Sacred Guild.
Shortly after, a man in his early 50s with a plump physique arrived at the office.

“Welcome, Director.”

“Yes, Team Leader.
What can I do for you?”

“I have something I want the director to examine.”

The director was surprised at what Lee Se-hee presented to him.

“Where on earth did you get this?”

“The source is confidential.
How much do you think this item is worth?”

The processing method to achieve this form is remarkable.
It requires an overwhelming amount of control and finesse to completely suppress the Force in the heart.
The processing method is also a completely new technique.”

“As expected.”

Lee Se-hee nodded her head, already expecting such a reaction.
Choi Jun-ho was truly an incomprehensible person.

“Please identify which demon this heart belongs to.”

The director wanted more information, but after seeing Lee Se-hee’s calm demeanor, he gave up and bowed his head.

He was reminded that behind her stunning beauty lurked a deadly thorn.


“Then I’ll trust only you, Director.”

Lee Se-hee prepared for her next schedule.

Today was the day of recruitment for the new Hunters, who would be responsible for the future of the Sacred Guild


Choi Yoon-hee, who ranked first overall on the practical exam, felt like she was dreaming in her current situation.

The Sacred Guild was the place she had aimed for since she first began preparing to become a hunter.
She was confident in her skills, but suffered a defeat at the last hurdle.

She could have taken the easy way out, but every time she thought of her brother, who was always at home, she held back.
She thought she would end up the same way if she did.

Thanks to the help of her brother, whom she thought she would never emulate, she had reached her current position.
That’s why she’s very grateful.

The only thing left was the final interview.

When Choi Yoon-hee arrived at the interview location, she was surprised to see Lee Se-hee sitting haughtily.

There were many compliments about her beauty, such as walking goddess, jewel of the Sacred Group, and princess of the business world, but she was also outstanding as an awakened individual that couldn’t be overlooked.

If Jung Da-hyun was a realistic role model, Lee Se-hee was someone she admired, so Choi Yoon-hee sat down with a pounding heart.

“Welcome to the Sacred Guild.”

“T-Thank you.”

“Did I put too much pressure on you? Make yourself at ease, we’re all in the same family now, and although this is the final interview, it’s just a greeting for the future family member.”

But it’s not that easy.”

“Then let’s take our time to get to know each other.
First, let me explain about the Sacred Guild system.”

The Sacred Guild paid new hunters 300 million won a year for the first year, plus vouchers for all Sacred Group companies.
In addition, they would receive incentives based on their contributions to demon hunting and priority access to armor produced by the Sacred Guild.

   It’s these generous guarantees that made the Sacred Guild the first choice for Korea’s top Awakened.

   It’s not for nothing that people said that if you have one person in your family who was a member of the Sacred Guild, you would be able to live comfortably for the rest of your life.

   As she continued to explain, Lee Se-hee was surprised to see Choi Yun-hee’s achievements.

Yoon-hee got first place in every field of the practical exam on the 37th recruitment exam.
With this kind of score, there’s a lot to look forward to.
I’ll have to show better results so as not to embarrass myself before my talented junior.”

“No, no, you don’t have to,” said Choi Yoon-hee, feeling embarrassed and waving her hands.
Lee Se-hee smiled at her innocent reaction.

“You can be proud of yourself.
The Sacred Guild only accepts the best talents.”

“Yes! To be honest, I’m really proud of myself!”

The Sacred Guild was limited to 100 members, and was the place where the best talents in South Korea gathered.
To fill the few vacancies that happened, thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands, of people apply.

Choi Yoon-hee was the best talent who passed with the top score despite the competition.

“You’ve made a big improvement in a year.
Do you have any secrets?”

“I can’t really say it’s a secret.
Um, my older brother helped me with my training.”

“Your brother must be amazing.”

Lee Se-hee’s voice was oddly elongated as she spoke.

He’s a government hunter, but I think he’s amazing.”

“You have a great brother.”

“To be honest, he sometimes like an enemy at home, but I think he’s truly talented.”

“You have a good relationship with your brother.
I’m envious.”

After saying that, Lee Se-hee explained to Choi Yoon-hee about the parts she would be active in.

The guild’s hunting style was a team effort with a minimum of four people.
Each person takes on a monster according to their assigned role, and Choi Yoon-hee’s excellent sense of distance and unerring evasive skills gave her the ability to deal significant damage.

“I think it would be good to try using a longer weapon.
Is that okay with you?”

“I don’t mind.”

Then let’s try to find the optimal combination for Miss Yoon-hee, and I have one last question to ask.”


During the entire interview, Lee Se-hee had been straightforward, but now she showed hesitation.
What kind of embarrassing question was she going to ask?

“Suppose you encounter a villain on the street.
How would you handle it?”

“In the Sacred Guild, we mostly deal with demons, but I don’t think it’s right to just pass by when I see a villain.
I’ll contact the Villain Task Force first, and if I can handle it with my skills, I’ll subdue it.”

   “What level of subjugation?”

   “The line where you take away their weapons and they can’t resist.”

   It was a textbook answer, and it felt rather bland.

Choi Yoon-hee thought it was a pretty uninteresting response, but Lee Se-hee’s reaction on the other side was quite dramatic.

“…Thank goodness.”

“What? Why?”

“Miss Yoon-hee, you’re normal.
I’m really grateful.”

“Why, why is that?”

Why would she be grateful that she’s normal?

Choi Yoon-hee didn’t fully understand Lee Se-hee’s meaning.


With Lee Se-hee’s cooperation, Oh Jong-yeop’s brother was admitted to the hospital safely.
He said he was grateful and wanted to repay the favor, but I told him to get on with his life and stopped contacting me.

That was the end of our relationship.
With the younger brother’s hospital bill taken care of and no Big Ten to drag him into the villain’s path, he could live his own life.

Meanwhile, my parents were very happy to hear about Yoon-hee’s acceptance to the Sacred Guild.
I could feel their emotions even through the speakerphone and it made me happy too.

This was the first result of what I had wanted to do when I went back to the past – to make my parents and Yoon-hee happy.

I asked my parents if there was anything they needed, but they said they didn’t need anything, so I thought about visiting them when I had the time.
It felt like everything was falling into place.

However, I couldn’t let my guard down.
My goal was just beginning.

Even this small happiness could shatter if I lost control.
I had to be vigilant, as I didn’t know when an impulse might consume me.
The best thing I could do now was to desperately hold onto my sanity and remove any obstacles that could disrupt my peace of mind.

It was harder than I thought.

My family was happy, and I spent my days faithfully working as a member of the Villain Task Force, alternating between paperwork and patrols.

When Jung Da-hyun came out, her expression was very bright because the crime rate for the last quarter had been announced.

“It has dropped significantly.”

“Thanks to your hard work, Miss Da-hyun.”

“I’m sorry.
I’m the only one who received a commendation.”

A while ago, the Villain Task Force had been recognized for their role in reducing crime, and they had received commendations.
But I wasn’t included in those who were recognized.

By the way, I caught the most villains in the Villain Task Force.

“It’s okay.
I have no regrets.”


“I’m actually happy because I achieved my personal goal.”

The reason I didn’t receive a commendation was because of the Wang Ju-yeol arrest incident, for which I received criticism, and the excessive suppression incidents, which were about to reach 50 cases.

Somehow, every time I caught a villain, articles related to excessive suppression were posted in the media.

I couldn’t receive the reward because of public opinion, but I was satisfied with the results.

“Nobody died, so it’s okay.”

I became a government hunter for three whole months.

I arrested more than 200 villains without killing a single person.

I kept the promise I made to Jung Da-hyun.

“You did a good job.”

“Miss Da-hyun seems to have changed too.”

“I used to lack determination.
If you think about it, I gave up a lot of things when I left the Sacred Guild, but I couldn’t give up when I came here.
The important thing was not the promotion, but the capture of the villain.
But after meeting Mr.
Jun-ho, I realized the direction I should go and what the greatest strengths of a government hunter are.”

“It’s a good change.”

“Does Mr.
Jun-ho think so?”

“What people pursue ultimately differs, so different methods are needed.
If Miss Da-hyun’s goal is to arrest a large number of villains, then quick judgment and decisive action are absolutely necessary.”

Jung Da-hyun did not leave the Sacred Guild for power or fame as a public official.

“Just one more thing needs to be added here.”

“What is it?”

“The determination to give up hostages and villains’ lives if necessary.”

“That’s difficult.”

“Someday the moment of choice will come.”

Still, in my memories, there remains an image of Jung Da-hyun willingly sacrificing her life for justice.

The Jung Da-hyun I saw in this life was still just and righteous.
But if the previous life had a gentle flavor, then this life had become quite spicy.

That was why I was looking forward to Jung Da-hyun’s change.

Of course, I have to make an effort not to lose myself in order to see that sight.

“You’re the only one who says these kinds of things to me, Mr.
Thank you so much.”

“If you’re grateful, there is a way to repay me.”

“What is it?”

“My younger sister got accepted to the Sacred Guild this time.”

“Oh! I heard about it.”

“Did you know?”

“Yes! I even have her contact information.
I haven’t been able to talk to her much because my typing is slow, but she’s a really nice kid.
She must be busy adapting these days.”

Indeed, these days Yoon-hee’s face seemed pale.

“Since Miss Da-hyun is also a senior in the Sacred Guild, if you have time, I would like to ask for advice for Yoon-hee.”

“That’s a good idea.
I did leave there midway, but I think I can help in some way.
When is a good time?”

“Come to my house.
I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Can I look forward to the menu?”

“How about beef and soybean paste stew?”

“Soybean paste stew! Mr.
Junho, you’re good at cooking too!”

Jung Da-hyun’s eyes twinkled with anticipation.
It was a look that didn’t think for a moment that I couldn’t do it.

She had an eye for seeing things properly.

Even though it might not seem like it, my body has survived for over 20 years by cooking on my own.

“You can think of it as the most special soybean paste stew in the world.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

In order not to disappoint her, I had to do my best in a long time to protect my pride as a soybean paste stew enthusiast.

Come to think of it, Yoon-hee said she didn’t even want to look at soybean paste stew because of me.

But if Jung Da-hyun liked it, she would eat it, right?

After finishing the patrol and returning to the National Security Agency, the office inside was bustling.

“They said a new hunter is coming in today, and they say he’s really good.
His level is still low, but they say he has a special gift.”

“He’s talented.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to know who he is.”

Most of the awakened individuals who were called talents ended up joining a guild, so each one who didn’t was precious.

So this time, it was a big catch for the National Security Agency.

The moment I saw the identity of this ‘talented hunter’, surrounded by people, I doubted my eyes.
The guy who saw me grinned and came up to me, raising his hand.

“Hey, buddy.
Nice to see you again?”

“Oh Jong-yeop.”

“I came to the National Security Agency to meet my friend.”

The senior members who watched them were amazed at Oh Jong-yeop’s confident nonsense.

“Did you come to meet Mr.

“The friendship between friends is really cool!”

“Isn’t it the true friendship of this era?”

Oh Jong-yeop’s shoulders soared as the praise poured in from all around him.

By the way, how did this guy get here?

After taking care of his younger brother’s medical bills, I thought that the money-hungry guy would join a decent guild.

I thought that would be the end of our relationship, but it turned out that the bond between him and me was stronger than I thought.

In the meantime, the smiling fellow approached me, his anxiety gone, and a smirk on his face that I had only seen in my last life appeared.

“By the way, my friend is Grade 9, but I’m Grade 7.
Just so you know.


I stared at him and turned my head slightly.

Was he asking me to treat him nicely because he’s Grade 7?


“Yes! Officer! This is the new employee, Oh Jong-yeop!”

Jung Da-hyun, who was listening quietly, interrupted.

“Our National Security Agency generally doesn’t have a hierarchy, except for team leaders.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“If you want to be treated well, there is a way to compete with each other with skills.
But it often ends up as a battle of egos, and there are many cases where people get hurt.
It has been avoided since an accident happened after someone died.”

Jung Da-hyun stopped there and spoke carefully to Oh Jong-yeop.

“If your opponent is Mr.
Jun-ho, isn’t it dangerous?”

“I’ll ask you one thing, Officer.”


Oh Jong-yeop asked, swallowing his saliva.

“Do I look like I’m about to commit suicide?”


Jung Da-hyun answered with silence.


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