Until now, they were only consciously hunting monsters.
However, fighting with an opponent who had rationality was a mutual killing.
There was always tension, like having a blade stuck in your throat.

“I, too, am stiff—I have no idea I’m being so hard—Until we get used to it, we must not do anything too strenuous…”

The moment Grace said that

Suddenly, the wall on the side collapsed.


Rubble flew into the passage in front of them, spreading smoke.
The lantern rolled over, and oil splattered.
The spreading fire lit up the passage, revealing a presence.

“Wh-who is this?!”

Grace took a step back.

It was a massive body, round and bloated, with a grayish complexion.
In its thick, short arms, it held a club made from a carved stone.
A small head sat atop a neck buried in layers of fat.
And yet, its eyes were large, roving over the two of them, looking down.

“A troll…”

Mitrof muttered in shock.

It was a creature that the man had told Mitrof about when he was young, teaching him how to wield a sword.

——An ugly, oversized form with short arms and legs and a small head with big eyes.
Armed with a weapon, stupid and will eat anything.

The troll swung something it held in its left arm and hurled it at them.

Mitrof and Grace dodged it reflexively.

What rolled down the passage like a bouncing ball was a kobold, half-eaten by the troll.

“Is it… preying on kobolds?!”

“Does a troll appear on the fourth floor?”

“I haven’t heard of that before!”

“Then maybe it got lost and wandered up here—there are some hidden routes in the labyrinth that only monsters know about.”

“Aren’t you calm?!”

While shouting in a panic, Grace observed the troll’s movements while preparing her bow.

As a hunter, she had learned what to do when confronted with dangerous creatures in the forest.
Running with her back turned would be the worst decision because most animals are faster than humans.
Once she became the prey, there was no escaping.

However, is it possible to survive without running away from this creature?

Grace looked up at the troll, which filled more than half of the ceiling.

She doubted how much of a threat her arrows would pose to its body.
It was very unsettling.

The troll neither shouted nor threatened.
It ran heavily, causing the ground to shake, and swung its club.

The target was Mitrof.

Despite the attack, Mitrof dodged the strike with a step.
The club slammed into the ground, scattering debris around.

Mitrof felt the fragments hitting his body and drew his rapier.

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