Long ago, a kingdom ran supreme. Ruled with an iron fist and unfair measures, the kingdom was not the favorite home of many. The king was selfish, always taking from the people and hoarding his riches. He treated those who served under him unfairly and treated them poorly. Even his advisor who had stuck by him through thick and thin received the short end of every deal.

The advisor, a young man by the name of Henry Richardson served the king without question. With weak self-esteem and confidence, he made it a point to serve the king in anything he asked, even if it put his life in danger. Never looked to for direction as an advisor, he was more of an unhealthy, loyal servant to the king. He received nothing that benefited him; just pain and misery, till one day, his life changed forever.

An old man with a graying beard and a balding head, dressed in robes approached the gates of the kingdom requesting to see the king. With him, he held an ornate, cherry wood box adorned with etched designs. The king at first tried to turn him away, telling the old man he was not welcome there-that was till he revealed what was in the box. Opening it, it displayed three vials and he stated plainly what was in them.

One vial contained potent poison that could kill a man in mere seconds if consumed. The next contained a potion that would change whoever drank it into a strange creature. The last contained a power beyond the comprehension of any human being.

The old man wanted to test the king, skeptical of his power and wished to humble him. The king laughed at him, c

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