or stood a kind-looking guard in soft armor.
The second feature on his body was tightly covered by soft armor, and he said in a respectful tone.
“Dear Honorable human being, do you need to take a bath now?”

…Honorable human being?

What kind of weird name is this?

He Xile felt a little awkward.

He couldn't help but say: “My name is He Xile, you can just call me by my name.”

The guard paused.

He said: “Your Excellency He Xile, do you need to take a bath now?”

The name… sounded much more normal than the previous “human being”.

He no longer corrected, but looked at the time.

The planet he was on spins about the same as Earth, and the time system was also the same, twenty-five hours in a day, and it’s already ten o'clock in the evening, and it was indeed time to go to bed.

Nodding, He Xile said: “Thank you, I need it very much right now.”

The guard nodded: “Your Excellency, I’ll call you when the water is ready.”

“Okay.” He Xile said, “Please.”

The guard then exited the room and closed the door lightly.

Seeing this, He Xile turned around and wandered the room to familiarize himself with the area.

The separate cloakroom was also very large for He Xile.
He had a hard time opening the closet, and saw that it was full of clean clothes hanging up.
The shapes were strange, but very interesting.

“This is supposed to be a guest room, and the clothes here are all spare for the guests, so it is for me to live in temporarily.”

He Xile thought for a while, and tiptoed to take down a piece of clothing that most resembled pajamas.

The people in this interstellar looked like animal cubs when they were young, so they didn't need to wear clothes at all, and even if they did, the size didn't match He Xile's.
In short there were no clothes suitable for He Xile, and the suit on his body, although he didn't know what technique was used, was still well preserved, but it's dirty after all, so it's impossible to wear it all the time.

He Xile put the packed clothes into a bag, stepped on the soft carpet, and looked at the dressing table, study room, bathroom, etc.

It's like coming to the kingdom of giants, everything was very big to He Xile.

His eyes were full of novel colors, and he finds it fun to look at everything.

Ten minutes later.

The room door was knocked once again.

He Xile answered, and hurriedly went to get the bag with the change of clothes that he had prepared before, and turned his head, only to find a new guard came in.

The guard stared at He Xile as soon as he entered the door.
He had very obvious vertical pupils, his gaze was slightly cold, but his tone was gentle and respectful: “Your Excellency, the bath is ready, please follow me.”

He Xile: “Okay.”

Embarrassed to keep people waiting too long, he trotted over with the bag.

“…Your Excellency, do not need to rush.” When the guard saw this, his pupils contracted and quickly said, “Please be careful.”

He Xile didn't care.
“It's okay.”

Although the room was covered with very soft plush carpets, He Xile was very careful not to fall.

The guard secretly breathed a sigh of relief and led the way ahead.

The two walked side by side.

The guard beside him was like a small mountain.
When walking, He Xile even felt a tremor, but he was very calm inside, and did not have any fear emotions.

——After spending the whole day together, He Xile fully felt the kindness from the interstellar natives.

You know, the current He Xile, in the eyes of these interstellar people, was a treasure that has been dug out of the ground after being dead for an unknown number of years.

Originally it has been a peaceful exhibition for decades, but today, suddenly opened his eyes and came alive.

It's scary just thinking about it!

However, except at the very beginning, when He Xile scared away a group of people who came to visit the museum, as well as received strict defense from the escort, the rest of the moment, these non-human beings were very gentle to him.

Even after checking the body data, when he got off the platform of the instrument, the doctor was afraid that he would jump off and sprain his ankle, so he personally carried him down.

Although it was very embarrassing, He Xile was sympathetic and knew that these people were doing it for his own good.

“Here it is, Your Excellency, please come in.”

The shower room was actually not far from the guest room where He Xile lives, but He Xile was short, and the aborigines here could walk 20 steps, but He Xile has to walk 50 or 60 steps.

After thanking him he entered the door.

“How is it?” The first guard who entered He Xile's room came out from a corner not far away.

The guard with vertical pupils was excited and held his teammate's wrist tightly.
His face flushed slightly, and most of the cold breath dissipated from his body.
Under the gaze of his teammates, he held back for a long time, and finally choked out an adjective: “He's so cute!”

“Isn't it? I also think the same —ah, so this is a human being? It’s a pity that human beings are extinct…”

“He is so cute!!”

When the museum first took in this human, the ads were all over the place.
I’ve been to a museum and seen him, but at that time, I saw him through the display cabinet.
I didn’t feel anything at all, but now it’s completely different! And have you noticed that his voice is very nice? When I listen to him, I feel a sense of enlightenment…”

“Oooooo, he's really cute!!!”

“…You can't change the adjectives for your literacy?”

The two men talked for a while, and gradually their emotions subsided.

After about forty minutes, the bathroom door was pushed open.

The guard standing at the door instantly looked, and saw a head sticking out cautiously.
It seemed a little embarrassed, and quickly retracted.
After a long while, he finally opened the door and walked out.

Wearing baggy clothes that didn't fit at all He Xile stepped out.
His hair was slightly wet, and his body was covered with water vapor.
His exposed white neck was fragile and easy to break.
The long wide sleeves were gathered up, lining the wrists more and more slender.
The trousers were tied at the waist, and the fabric of the two long trouser legs was all piled up on the toes.
The whole person walked cautiously, as if he would trip if he was not paying attention.

The two guards paused, and then looked at each other, seeing the same fiery emotion in each other's eyes.

Ahhhh –

Human beings! Really!

Good! Can! Love!

The author has something to say: Later Wen Jiyu: Regret.

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