Are your hands okay?

    Shi Qingning didn’t understand at first, but when he realized it, he was really angry but at the same time found the situation a bit funny.

    Is the point your hands?

    “It’s not just your hand that’s going to be checked in the hospital.”

    Shi Qingning said.

    “Are you injured anywhere else?”

    Bai Yexi was silent, and seemed to think for a while before answering.

    “Don’t know.”


    So, was he just paying attention to his hands?

    Shi Qingning was choked for a moment, and then his expression became more complicated.

    He didn’t expect that his inadvertent praise would make the other party care about it so much.
Bai Yexi didn’t know how to protect himself at all.

    But he remembered Shi Qingning’s words in his heart.

    The flimsy descriptions in the story are no where near to the reality.
The Bai Yexi standing in front of Shi Qingning is not the same hard-hearted, all-round hero.

    He just suffered too much pain and mistreatment, so he doesn’t know how to respond to even a little bit of kindness…

    He is just a child who lacks love.

    Thinking that such a good child will be deceived so miserably in the future, Shi Qingning couldn’t help getting angry.

    “Go to the hospital for an examination first,” Shi Qingning said, “then sign a contract with me, you agree to be my piano partner, right?”

    The young master looked very serious, as he pursed his lips and pouted, and a blush to crept up his cheeks.

    He was wrapped very warmly, like a puffy snow dumpling, although his words were quite aggressive, but it made people feel weak at the tip of their hearts.

    Bai Yexi touched his silver chain subconsciously, only to realize that he had already tied the silver chain into his hair by himself.


    “It’s a deal then.”

    The tense look on the young man’s face finally eased.
As he smiled, his slightly curved eyes looked as if they were filled with long-brewed winter honey.

    “Thank you for agreeing to play the piano with me.”

    Bai Yexi lowered his eyes and did not speak.

    Shi Qingning was used to the other party’s reticence, so he was not surprised.

    But in the next second, he saw the other party take another half step back silently.


    Shi Qingning felt as if he had discovered a new world.

    So, that half a step back was not taken out of fear, but, shyness.

    Shi Qingning couldn’t help laughing, but considering the other party’s feelings, he held back, coughed lightly, and said, “Then let’s go to the doctor now…”

    But before he finished speaking, he heard a cold voice behind him.

    “Shi Qingning.”

    Eldest Young Master Shi was standing not far behind him, calling him by his full name expressionlessly.

    “It’s half past eight.”

    Sun Ming on the side gave a low cough and reminded him in a low voice.

    “Second Young Master, you have to rest at half past nine.”

    It takes almost about half an hour to get home from here.

    Second young master Shi was like a child who was enthusiastically discussing where to play with his friends, but was bitterly held back by his parents and stuffed into the car.

    The bodyguards split up to deal with the mess and then send Bai Yexi off.
Shi Qingning watched Bai Yexi get into another car going to the hospital through the car window, and was finally relieved a little.

    He also saw Shi Yi standing silently with arms folded not far away.

    The light shining from the lights around outlined the handsome and straight silhouette of the man.

    “Elder brother!”

    Shi Qingning yelled.
Shi Yi looked back at him, and walked over slowly.

    Shi Qingning was half lying on the car window, and because the coat was too big, his fingertips were fully covered by the sleeves.

    “I know that going to bed at 9:30 is the doctor’s suggestion,” he said, looking up at the person, “but, it’s not my curfew.”

     Adolescent children hate discipline the most, and chronically ill teenagers are even more emotionally sensitive.

    But from start to the end, the Shi family has never deliberately restrained their Young Master.

    They just want to see him grow up healthy and safe.

    “I’ll go home and rest.”

    Shi Qingning pursed his lips, giving rise to a shallow dimple on his lips.

    “Brother, you too should go back and catch up on sleep.”

    Shi Yi looked at him with an unclear expression.

    There was a slight noise from the side, the few hooligans who were woken up, struggled to escape the bodyguards’ hold, but they were quickly dealt with again, and no unnecessary noise was made.

    In this chaotic situation, Shi Yi immediately saw Jian Ren who was dragged away like a dead pig, and even in the dark, he could still see his bruised nose and swollen face.

    Shi Yi looked at it for a while, then turned around, and suddenly said something indifferently.

    “It’s the curfew I set for you.”

    Shi Qingning was slightly startled: “…Huh?”

    “This month, you are not allowed to go out after dark.
From now on, keep at least 500 meters of distance from Jian Ren.”

    After a pause Shi Yi continued as he said the most cruel words in the most calm and indifferent way.

    “Or else I’ll break Jian Ren’s leg.”

    After finishing speaking, Shi Yi raised his chin and said to the driver, “Drive, send him back home first.”

    He glanced at Shi Qingning again, although he didn’t say anything, but Shi Qingning always felt that the words “You are grounded ” were written on the indifferent and handsome face of his elder brother.

    Before he had time to say anything, Shi Qingning was hurriedly “escorted” back.

    However, Shi Qingning was really tired after such a busy day.
Both physical and mental exhaustion came at the same time, causing Shi Qingning to fall asleep before Mother Shi and Eldest Young Master even came back.

    Although he slept very lightly, even waking up a few times the middle, he feel asleep again after taking the medicine.
After all, Shi Qingning had just been discharged from the hospital, and coupled with the impact of his memory, it was already three days later that he fully recovered.

    During these days, Shi Qingning also sorted out his memory, contacted and explored the people and things around him, and systematically sorted out the information he had gained.

    All the information was mainly divided into two aspects, the first part naturally related to the protagonist Bai Yexi.

    Although Shi Qingning got the main story line of the novel when he met Bai Yexi for the first time that night, the specific details of the story were still blurred.
Afterwards, he spent some time sorting it out, because his memory was sometimes confused, this matter really took a lot of time and energy.

    Sometimes he even had the illusion that he was doing some kind of physical labour.

    In addition, Shi Qingning also suspected that he hadn’t read the entire novel, and it was likely that he had only read the story of the first male lead.
After piecing different pieces together, he finally completed the story of Bai Yexi and the first male lead.

    Bai Yexi was kidnapped and trafficked when he was a child, and after he finally managed to escape, he was adopted by a family named An.
But even after being adopted, Bai Yexi’s life did not improve.

    His status in An’s family was like a free servant.
In addition to helping with household chores, he also had to take care of An family’s son who was not much younger than him.

    And because An family’s son was weak and sick, he was often unable to go to school, causing Bai Yexi to also be delayed in his studies.
Even Bai Yexi’s favorite piano, was learned by eavesdropping outside the window when he accompanied An family’s son in tutoring.

    This difficult life continued until Bai Yexi was fifteen years old.
At the age of fifteen, Bai Yexi, who never gave up, finally found his biological family through various efforts.

    Originally, that should have been the beginning of his happiness.

    But his so-called biological father was just a complete liar.

    Not only did Bai Yexi fail to lead a stable and normal life, but he was also bullied and insulted by that person in various ways.
That person took a fancy to An’s family conditions and kept forcing Bai Yexi to ask An family for money.
If Bai Yexi didn’t obey, he will use his identity as Bai Yexi’s biological father to force him.

    Bai Yexi was under even more pressure than before.

    Later, the trafficker who abducted and sold Bai Yexi was arrested, and the identity of the liar who claimed to be Bai Yexi’s biological father was exposed.
Bai Yexi finally got rid of all the shackles, and began to live alone, working hard to earn money.
His life finally improved…

    There is no doubt about Bai Yexi’s talent and ability, if he was given a normal growth environment, he should have been the brightest star in the sky.

    Even in such a difficult situation in the past ten years, Bai Yexi’s talent was still not buried, showing his own unique brilliance.

    He played a random piece on the piano in the shopping mall on the way to work, and was noticed by a passing music teacher.
After several efforts, Bai Yexi was able to sign up for a piano competition, where he then surprised everyone with his skills and won the championship in one fell swoop .

    He was genius, a real gold whose brilliance couldn’t be hidden no matter what.

    In the end, Bai Yexi successfully held a solo piano recital.
He showed his talents in the first performance and received heaps of praises and awards.

    After this point in the story, only a bright future should have been awaiting him.

    But at this moment, someone came knocking on the door.

    It was the An family who had adopted Bai Yexi.

    An family’s son had been sickly since he was a child, and this time he was seriously ill.
Surgery was imminent and he needed massive blood transfusions.

    But he had an extremely rare blood type.

    The blood bank was in serious emergency and the operation could not be carried out, causing An family to find Bai Yexi again.

    As Bai Yexi was of the same rare blood type.

    In the end, An family’s son successfully completed the operation because of sufficient blood supply.

    However, Bai Yexi suffered from nervous spasms due to excessive blood loss, resulting in intermittent tremors in his hands, because of which he could no longer continue his music career.

    Such a perfect pair of hands were ruined like this.

    Facing such a plot, Shi Qingning couldn’t help but suspect that the sudden headaches that he would sometimes get might have something to do with being too much angry.

    The novel is narrated as a love story, emphatically depicting the life-and-death relationship between the son of the An family and the protagonist—although it seems that this relationship is only one-sided, and the protagonist was never treated as human being throughout the whole process.

    So when Shi Qingning finished going through it, he just wanted to hang the An family upside down.

    In the story, Bai Yexi was only seventeen years old at this time, not even an adult yet.

    Not to mention massive blood transfusions.

    Forcing minors to donate blood is simply illegal in itself!

    Shi Qingning has no intention of admiring those life and death touching emotions that the author might have wanted to convey, and just wants to call the police.

    Now the plot should not have developed to that point.
The Bai Yexi that he met two days ago was only fifteen or sixteen years old.
The information obtained from various insinuations showed that Bai Yexi is currently living alone and has no fixed residence.
The next plot should be of the piano competition.

    Then it should be the time when Bai Yexi had just left An’s house.

    He still has time.

    Because Shi Qingning had to rest after the operation, the pianist will come over starting from the next week.
Shi Qingning and Bai Yexi made an appointment to meet next week.
While sorting out the protagonist’s plot, Shi Qingning also sorted out his own information.

    Shi Qingning still couldn’t recall much about Young Master Shi.
There are no details written about him in the novel, only his identity as the youngest son of the Shi family who is a cannon fodder is given, nothing else about him is written.

    At present, Shi Qingning only knows that the young master has been staying at home because of his heart disease, and has very little contact with the outside world.
And because of Jian Ren’s matter, the young master and his family got into a stalemate, and his temper became even more explosive.
But the Shi family also doted on him more and more.
It seemed that no matter what he did, the family would indulge him.

    At least that’s how Shi Qingning feels these days.

    No matter what he wants to do, the family will let him do whatever he wants.

    And since Shi Qingning’s own memory was also affected, it could only be triggered passively, making him unable to recall things actively.

    For example, Shi Qingning knows that he likes mint, knows how patients with congenital heart disease should take medicine for rehabilitation, and remembers that he is more than fifteen years old.

    But he couldn’t remember exactly where he read this novel.

    So the postoperative rehabilitation plan virtually became rehabilitation for body as well as mind.

   And the young master after the operation also ushered in a celebration specially prepared for him.

    “Just this weekend, baby, what do you think?” Mother Shi asked, “When everyone heard that you were discharged from the hospital, they all wanted to come and congratulate you.”

    “But baby, don’t worry too much.
If you feel tired, you can go to rest at any time.”

    This is a good thing for Shi Qingning, he can also use this to get in touch with more people and see if he can trigger more memories.

    So he didn’t refuse.


    When his mother heard it, she was even happier.

    “Is there any gift you want, baby?”

    She listed them one by one, her heart and eyes filled with anticipation, wishing she could give all the good things in the world to her baby.

    “The sports car I prepared earlier can be given to you.
When you feel better, the driver will take you for a ride.
There are also some friends of your mother who want to give you a custom suits and shoes.
See if you like it.”

    “Oh, by the way, I was discussing with your my father some time ago, since baby likes astronomy, we are planning to buy a star and name it after you…”

    No matter which item is taken out, it alone is expensive enough to make people speechless.

    Even after all this, Mother Shi still felt that it was not enough.

    Shi Qingning listened for a while, then asked, “Can I ask for anything?”

    “Of course,” Mother Shi said, “as long as Mom and Dad can do it, we will definitely give it to you.”

    She even thought that even if her youngest son said that he wanted to be with the same sex person this time, they would agree with it through gritted teeth.

    As long as the baby is in good health, as long as the baby can be happy.

    But, she did not expect her son to say——

    “I want to go to school.”

    The boy’s complexion was still a little pale, he looked very weak, but there was a sparkle in his beautiful eyes.

    “At this age, shouldn’t I have been in high school?”

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