Before she knew it, Evelina burst into tears as Kaiden invaded and plundered her inside.

He really hugged her.
As if he didn’t even want to see her face, he pressed her chest against the bed.
With her knees on the bed, she had to lie down like a dog.

She felt uncomfortable with her stomach being pressed, but she still refused to resist.
She wanted to remember everything.

“If you don’t like it, let me know, and I’ll stop.”

He mocked, but Evelina shook her head.
She was afraid of him but didn’t want to avoid him.

Kaiden, who dug into her gap, was mercilessly coveting her inside.

“What did Lord Fronen do?”

“Uh… Kaiden, Kaiden…!”

“Was it more satisfying than me?”

Kaiden grabbed Evelina as if she were trying to run away and pressed her hand down.
Evelina felt as if she had become a prisoner who had been held captive.

“Strengthen your legs.”

As she kept trying to twist forward, Kaiden ordered in her ear.
Evelina’s heart rate seemed to beat in her ears because of Kaiden biting her earlobe.

His cold words sounded like an ice awl and seemed to stab the heart through the blood vessels.

“Face to face… Ah, I want to… Kaiden…!

She exclaimed in surprise as he went deeper as if he wouldn’t listen to her.
Kaiden overlapped with her and spent a very long time coveting Evelina like that.

“Isn’t it better not to see my face? Do you feel like you’re doing this with Sir Fronen?”

“Oh, no… hmm…”

She had a hard time with Kaiden, who soon moved more violently by biting her neck.
Her stomach rumbled, her forgotten pleasures enveloping her and making her unable to think.

“How long have you been with Sir Fronen?”

All she could hear was Kaiden’s cold voice, and the harsh sound and creaking of the bed spring every time he moved.
The rumbling bed was so intense that she could hear it mixed with the sound of the flesh touching and falling.

“What made you so happy?”


“Did he reach here?”

Evelina’s arms were loosened by him coming deep into her secret place and stirring inside.
As it rolled forward, he roughly took the pillow in front of her and placed it under her face.

She grabbed the pillows piled under her face and tried to catch him moving.

“If that’s not the case, what…”


“What was so good?”

Evelina turned around because his body fluid fell off the side of the sheet she held.
Then he said, pressing down on her head as if he was angry that he was caught crying.

“You must be sad because he’s dead now.”

He said scoffingly, but she burst into tears as she watched the tears that ran down the tip of his chin fall back on the back of his hand.

“What? Lina.”

Kaiden mockingly said, but Evelina didn’t hear it as a mockery.

But she found this situation difficult.
There was nothing she could do but to collapse in pleasure and hold her breath and bite her lips tightly.
A moan flowed from her lips as if a vital part had been pressed at the slightest gap, and it was difficult to get him to react by pushing her to the limit.

And yet the pleasure was too great.
She didn’t want what she felt to be noticed. 

“You said you wanted to hold my child, but with another seed.”

“Eut… Heup…”

So the night lasted a long time.
Evelina had to spend a very long time like that because of Kaiden, who wouldn’t let her go until she fainted.

She repeatedly tried to tell him the truth, but it was Kaiden who blocked her every time.
Kaiden was afraid of what she would say, so he stopped her mouth.


When she woke up, she was alone.

It was the first time that Evelina did not see Kaiden after making love.
He was the one who was always with her after they shared their bodies.
Her first was Kaiden.
Since then, Kaiden had been the only one.

So when she woke up after bed, she felt strange that he wasn’t there.
As if one side of the chest was empty.


She wanted to have a conversation now.
Dear Kaiden, what she said at the time was a mistake.

I’m telling you it’s your child.
But how could you kill Usher?

At the same time, she was afraid to think of Baroness Elias, who was shot in the head and collapsed in front of her eyes.
If he was really angry, she wondered if he would shoot her in front of his eyes at any time.

She wiped away her tears with her haggard face.
The sheets were soaked with fluid from him and me.

That was also unfamiliar.

Every time she woke up after sharing her body with him, she was dry.
Because of Kaiden, who wiped her fainted body.


Evelina could no longer deny that the memory she found was real.

Everything was confusing for her.
But the confusing memories were all true.
She didn’t doubt that she was used like an idiot, using her and making her forget about it.

It was Kaiden who reached out to her every time and was hurt and didn’t give up.

“Ugh, uh…”

She tried to hold her breath, but tears kept coming.
She hated herself so much that she hugged the sheet and cried for so long.


“What about the Dowager Empress?”

“She’s alive.”

When Kaiden spoke coldly, Duke Ruskun Weimar replied like that as if he were looking around.

“Send her to Lesis Island.
Right now.”


It was the Dowager Empress who was still being treated.
However, Duke Ruskun thought that it would be better to send her to Lesis Island than to leave her in the palace to survive.

“Take Elsius, too.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Kaiden casually said so and grabbed the document again.


It was almost the afternoon when Evelina got up and prepared.
But she knew she couldn’t go out of the room.

“Your Majesty has ordered you not to leave the room.”

She was ready and tried to go out.
But, standing in front of her door, a knight who looked more than ten stood in her way.

“Until when?”

She wanted to meet Ianathas.
She wanted to check the memory she found through Ianathas.
And she wanted to clear up her misunderstanding with Kaiden.

“We don’t know that either.”

“…Then will you tell Kaiden? I… I want to go there.
Let me go to the office.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

How long have they been waiting? As she opened the door and waited for quite a long time, more knights stood in front and said.

“His Majesty refused.
Your Majesty is not allowed out of the bedroom.”

That way she couldn’t get out of the room.

“What did you say was the reason?”

“He said it was because of your health.”

“Yes, I see.”

Evelina didn’t want to provoke him anymore.
It was because of her that he became like this.

So she had to stay in the room resignedly.


It was night again.

As soon as Kaiden came in, he approached Evelina, taking off his uncomfortable clothes.

“Kaiden, let’s have a conversation.”

At her words, he smiled and grabbed Evelina’s clothes.
Then she said, ripping off her fully dressed clothes on both sides.

“I don’t want to.
Open your legs.”

“Uh, now, hold on…!”

Evelina was laid to bed.
She didn’t want her back to touch his chest like last time, so she looked at him and looked into his eyes.

“Would it have been better if my eyes were gold?”

“What do you mean?”

Her words made him laugh.
It was then she remembered that Usher Fronen’s eyes were gold.

“You won’t like it because I have red eyes.
Lie face down like yesterday.”

“I don’t want to.”

“How come?”

She stared at him.
She knew what she had to say.
She had to say sorry to him.
However, her mouth didn’t open.
Apologizing didn’t seem to be appropriate.

“Don’t make me have expectations.
I know it’s a lie anyway.”


He said so and hugged Evelina again.
But he was a little gentler than yesterday.

Evelina tried not to faint because she truly wanted to look into the eyes and convey her feelings until the end of his act.
However, despite her efforts, she was exhausted from the relationship and fell asleep as she fainted.


Thus, the night of Kaiden’s embrace, the morning of waking up alone, and the day of lunch to spend alone continued.

It was hard for Evelina to wait for him in the Imperial Palace bedroom.
She couldn’t find Ianathas.

“Where did all my… maids go?”

“The ladies of Your Majesty….”

Evelina knew what had happened to Baroness Elias.
But she wondered what had become of Countess Elbain, Armen Lubbs who had followed her, and her friends.

“They’re all dead.”


“All of them were beheaded the day Your Majesty returned.”


“The same goes for the maids.
All of them were beheaded the day your Majesty returned.”

Evelina, who was looking at the dressing table mirror, was startled by those words and grabbed her arm and shuddered.

“Let me see Kaiden.

She wanted to talk to him before everything went wrong.

But he kept refusing to talk to her.
When she opened her mouth, he hugged her roughly, and when she closed her mouth to speak, he cried mockingly.
Even though he said it as if he was mocking himself, it made her feel weird that he was mocking himself and not her.

“Ask Kaiden.
For me to go to the office.

“…All right.”

But even if she waited, Kaiden wouldn’t allow it.

That’s how it became night again.

Evelina decided to stand at the door and wait because she couldn’t help it.

It was late at night when Kaiden returned.

– Snap

“Oh, Lina.”

Kaiden looked at Evelina with a still smile.
But she felt again that his smile wasn’t the same as before.

“Do you want to stand up today?”

He mocked Evelina’s behavior and said so.

“I made a mistake.”

“What do you mean?”

She cringed at his fingers touching my earlobe.

“It’s not Sir Fronen’s child.”

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