Evelina stroked her belly.

As he approached, she found it difficult for him to hug her.
At the same time, it was difficult to react as if the owner of her body was Kaiden.
It was also strange that he felt relieved to hug her.

“I don’t believe you anymore.”

Kaiden looked straight at Evelina and said.
But Evelina didn’t believe him.
He could not help but notice the redness of his eyes while speaking harshly.

She no longer believed in the original.
And she realized that all her prejudices were wrong.

There’s never been a time when Kaiden wasn’t honest with her.
He tried his best to keep her here every time.

She was the one who deceived him.

“I’m telling you.”

Evelina said, clenching her fist.
The man who looked at her in front of her eyes was scary.
Even so, she should not have trampled on his sincerity so brutally.
He may have been kind to her, but he was an Emperor whom everyone feared.

“Don’t speak nonsense.
Then why did you pretend to be dead?”

Evelina looked straight at Kaiden.
She couldn’t understand her feelings.
The relief she felt every time she shared her body with Kaiden and the sense of regret and guilt she felt every time he got hurt by her.

It was difficult for her to understand the feeling.

“My feelings were nothing to you.”

“Kaiden… It’s….”

“I’m glad you found my love funny.
I don’t love you anymore.”

Kaiden grabbed Evelina by the neck.
Then he pushed her straight to the bed.


“Say I love you.
Then I might not hold you today.”

Evelina closed her mouth and looked at him.
Then Kaiden smiled with a twisted mouth and pressed her down.


Evelina Evelina felt pain as he bit her neck with her teeth. 

“If you say I love you, I’ll stop.”

He hugged her mercilessly after saying so.

Evelina felt a frightening pleasure whenever his body temperature was felt all over her body, and soon she felt no pleasure but pain.

He moved her body as he dryly hugged her, as if the thoughtful care he had given her had disappeared entirely.
Her end was many times, and his end was once each time.
However, his one time was exceptionally long today.

She had to struggle not to faint with a double-minded desire that he would not let go of her even though he was scared.

How long she had been together, Evelina was suffocating, as if she would faint if she closed her eyes for a long time.

He never looked her in the eye during the action.
She hugged him like a dog but was afraid of facing him.

“Now…  can’t, do it…”

As Evelina sniffed, he pushed her further and said.

“If you want to stop, don’t you have something to say?”


Evelina would rather shut up.

Soon, as if fed up with her attitude, Kaiden finished first.
It was Evelina, who had already spent several times, so there was no physical regret that he would end and leave her.

When he tried to get away from her straight away, Evelina grabbed him by the sleeve.

She remembered that she was utterly naked then, but Kaiden was not like someone who wanted to leave right after.

“Let go.”

He spoke to Evelina as a warning.

“Don’t go.”

Evelina wanted to talk to him.
Even if she fainted now if he stayed with her, they could speak in the morning or during the day.

“That’s ridiculous.”

But he shook her hand and turned away.

“Kaiden… Heuck…”

Evelina said unknowingly, in the despair she felt when she saw his back.

“G, I love you.”

Then he turned around.

“I’m telling you.”

His red eyes, which opened big as if they were surprised, soon turned cold as if they hadn’t heard it.

Evelina lost her mind as if she had fainted because it was her limit anymore.

Kaiden considered himself stupid, thinking her words could not be sincere.


“His Majesty has partially lifted the detention order.”

It was when Evelina was dressing up and waiting for Kaiden as usual.
It was midday when she woke up.
There were maids around.

“How far can I go?”

“You can only go out to the rear of the Imperial Palace.”


When Evelina confessed her feelings to him, she couldn’t forget his expression.
She had felt this much pain from rejection before if she recalled him being rejected countless times by her.

At the same time, she was still afraid and resentful of him killing Usher and my servants.

She thought it was all her fault.
Because she thought all this happened because she trampled on Kaiden’s mind.

“Kaiden… where is he?”

The maid looked at the clock, checked the time, and said,

“He’s in the office at three.”

“I want to go to the office.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Make me pretty… Decorate me.
I beg you.”


Evelina looked so ugly when she saw herself emaciated in the mirror.
Moreover, as soon as she appeared in society, many young people rushed to her.
How many young people asked to meet her just once?

There was also a carriage line waiting in front of the mansion.
Too many men camped out at the same time as Evelina appeared at the debut ball to say they wanted to be the son-in-law of the Marquis of Logias.

She was noticed wherever she went, and many young people followed her even when he lived.

But now she didn’t remember what she was like then.

The corners of her eyes were wildly raised, and her eyes were swollen from how she cried.
The purple eyes that everyone praised were more like pale violets than jewels.

Her chest was so swollen that it hurt, and her stomach was lumped up.
The belly, which was so big that it was obvious that she was pregnant, was not pretty either.
Meanwhile, her arms and legs were skinny.

At that moment, she felt she knew why Kaiden didn’t love her.
Her disgusting personality must have been a part of it, but her appearance wasn’t as good as before.

“Why am I so ugly…?”


But the maid didn’t understand the words.
Evelina, reflected in the maid’s eyes, was like a fairy.
The platinum blonde, which was not dry even though she was pregnant, was smooth without perfume.
There seemed to be a reason why the knights would not look at it.
The swollen chest of pregnancy was so tempting.

She thought it was for that reason that the Emperor kept her in the bedroom.
The wet eyes were mysterious, and the lips were thick and red as if they were swollen every time.
And her fair skin and rabbit-like features.

“No, pretty… Please, it’s too… ugly, me.”

The maid stood beside her and couldn’t say anything.
But she disagreed with Evelina.


So Evelina was dressed up until she was satisfied.

It took quite a while.
She didn’t like her hair either, so she straightened, curled, changed it several times, tied it, and then untied it several times.
It is lowered as usual, but the end is bent a little.

The makeup was very thick and changed to light, but now all cosmetic except for the lips was light.
Maybe because of the red lips, she felt like her eyes were less focused on her chest.

Evelina was also devastated that she could not wear most of the clothes she wore at the palace.
She couldn’t wear it because she was pregnant, not because she had a problem.
But Evelina didn’t think so.
She felt she couldn’t wear it because she got ugly.

She was strolling, trying to hide her depressed expression.
It’s been so long since she came out of the bedroom that she couldn’t walk.

Very slowly, she headed to Kaiden’s office.

“I’ll help you, Your Majesty.”


When Evelina struggled to walk, the newly appointed escort knight tried to help.
But the other knights next to the escort knights were shaking their heads and giving him a look as if not to help her.

“You don’t have to.
Thank you.”

She remembered that Usher Fronen was her escort and thought she should keep her distance from the knights.

It was around the time when she arrived at the office after strolling for a long time.
Evelina was standing in front of the door, and the gatekeeper in front of her was about to open the door and go inside.

“Oh dear, Your Majesty.
Then how are you going to listen to me?”

Evelina realized that the coy voice belonged to a woman.
Soon after the gatekeeper opened the door, Evelina followed him in.

“There’s no reason to listen.”

“Really? Even like this?”

What Bellina saw was a woman sitting with her butt against the arm of Kaiden’s chair, hugging him.

“Oh, my.”


Evelina realized for a moment that the figure of a woman holding Kaiden’s shoulders and being coy was surprisingly similar to her.

Platinum-haired hair and purple eyes shone differently than hers, with fresh cheeks and a lively, beautiful face.

Unlike her, who looked strangely fierce with raised eyes, the woman had a gentle and kind-looking face.

“Lina, who said you could come in of your own will?”

Kaiden was frowning.

“Oh, are you the Queen?”

She said, hugging Kaiden more tightly as soon as Evelina showed herself.

“My name is Serena Verdeen.”

She was the heroine of the original novel.
Hated by Kaiden.

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