“Someone wants to receive the remains of the Marquis of Logias and the Prince Ashes.”

“Who is that?”

“It’s Serena Verdeen.”


Although Kaiden spent almost all his time in the Emperor’s Palace’s bedroom, he often had to come out to work.
According to the doctors, even if you looked unconscious, you were still awake and could hear things.

He was in the office dealing with business matters that Evelina wouldn’t want to hear.
The sitting room was so far away that returning to the bedroom took him a while.

“She’s shameless.”

“She’s still in the basement.
How do we deal with this?”

“Execute her, and bury them together as she wishes.”

Kaiden couldn’t even pretend to be as lovely as before because Evelina was asleep.
It was something he had barely done before.
Now that she was sleeping, he didn’t have to be seen well by anyone.

“What shall I do with Marquis Ianathas Peran?”

“Did he recover?”

“They say it can happen now.”

Ianathas Peran was a sight to behold.
But he was a man who fled to the Imperial Army before the rebellion.

“Take away his Minister of Military Affairs position and return him to his territory.
Ten years prohibited from entering the capital.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Even so, it was confirmed that his attitude toward Evelina was suspicious.

“Oh, ask before you send him.
Serena Verdeen will be put to death.
However, I might let her live if he returns his title.”


But Ianathas Peran did not return the title.
Just like he wished Serena would die.

Time has passed.


The children were now 25 months old.

Kaiden opened his eyes indifferently as he watched the nannies look after the children.

“Give His Majesty a hug.”

“I must have told you not to talk to them first.
Did you forget that subject again?”

“…I beg your pardon.”

The nannies wondered if Kaiden had at least a little bit of a heart to care for the children since he at least did the bare minimum for them.

But he didn’t love children very much.
If Evelina didn’t wake up like this, he didn’t have had the confidence not to blame the children.
He couldn’t possibly love them.

On top of that, they somehow both had different genders but looked just like him.
They had black hair and bright red eyes as if they were only the children of Kaiden.

It was far from Evelina’s gentle and brilliant beauty.
Both twins were fierce-looking, didn’t cry often, and had violent personalities.
Just like him.

That’s why Kaiden couldn’t love the children.
He wished the children had one thing that was similar to Evelina.

“Your Majesty? Where are you going?”


He came out of the room with the children.
Then he went straight to the room where Evelina was.

He spent time there nursing Evelina as usual.


“I’m not married, but I have a daughter, and now I have two grandchildren.”

Ruskun Weimar said that and hugged his grandchildren.
He looked at the children indifferently and said,

“You care.”

“Why do you keep making me anxious?”

Ruskun Weimar beckoned the nannies around him.
After that, it was just the four of them, the children and Kaiden, in a room.



Ruskun, who held the children in his arms and moved his body, opened his mouth.

“If you’re thinking something bad, don’t do it.
You have children.”

“Now that I have children, I can’t stop thinking bad thoughts anymore.
I can’t live without Lina, but Lina isn’t waking up.”

A medical book he read said it was difficult to wake up if the state of being a vegetative human without consciousness was prolonged.

He seemed to be able to throw his life away without hesitation if Evelina’s life was cut short.

“Your Majesty! The children are listening!”


Kaiden thought it was none of his business whether the children heard or not.

“You look good in parenting, ball.”

So he went back to the room to avoid the children.


Evelina was dreaming.

“I’ll be happy to be a family with you, Kaiden.”

It was a day when she was ten years old and when Kaiden was fourteen years old.

“Just now… did you propose?”

When Evelina casually told Kaiden that she wanted to be a family, Kaiden asked, embarrassed.

“If you don’t like it, never mind.”

“No, I like it.
Too… I like it too.
It’s really great… Ah, I’m going crazy.”

Kaiden held the girl’s hand and put it on his forehead.
Evelina could see his face well even though he was bowing.
In the first place, she usually couldn’t see how tall the boy was at all at 14.

“Let’s have ten children.”

“…I’ll work hard.”

“Yes, okay.”

The girl said so and waited for the boy to lower his hand.
The boy held the girl’s hand and laughed for a long time.

The girl, relieved by the boy’s expression, was also smiling.

After a while, the incident at Secreto pier disappeared, and the surroundings changed.
The surroundings changed as if the paint was removed and then reconstituted.


Evelina exhaled as she tilted the green bottle from which the rum she had drunk had been kept.

“Why is this so…”

“You don’t like it?”

“It tastes like toothpaste.”

She wasn’t a drinker, but it was terrific that alcohol tasted like this, but it tasted good, so she kept drinking like that.

“You know, Kaiden.”

“Yes, I’m here.”

The two were sitting on a strange statue.
Even though it was a hard stone, it didn’t bother them because we sat together.

“They say that if you kiss for the first time at Secreto Pier, you will never be separated.”

At the words, she raised her toes and kissed Kaiden’s lips.
When her mouth touched and fell with the sound of a “jok,” Kaiden opened his eyes and stiffened.

“You will continue to meet me again from now on.
So we can’t break up.”

He didn’t answer and stiffened like that, and Evelina didn’t know that he was like that because he liked her, so she just laughed.

“Idiot, Kaiden.”

As he held her tight for a long time, he leaned his head on her shoulder as if to fall on her shoulder.

“I’ll take responsibility.”

“Yes, you should.”

Evelina started it, but Kaiden seemed determined after saying he would take responsibility.

That’s how time passed.

This time it was a dream she didn’t know.

Unlike Evelina, who had let her consciousness flow, she was now clear about everything, but she could move at will.
It was like a lucid dream, gradually returning to consciousness.

“I don’t want the Queen to wake up like this.”

Evelina was in a bedroom.
Serena, who was completely naked in the bedroom.

“That’s good, too.
It wouldn’t be bad for us to have a new child at this point.”

“Oh, well…”

Serena climbed onto Kaiden and patted him on the head.
It was a dream, so the surroundings were blurry, and the voice was ultimately the same so that Evelina couldn’t confuse the two.

“Your Majesty is always huge.”

“You must be small.”

“Yes, that’s right, yes.”

Serena’s disturbed breath, and movements like a lover.

“I’ll definitely give birth to a Prince, Your Majesty.
So all the children that Queen Evelina gave birth to… I’ll care for.
I will.”

“I look forward to it.
Don’t forget to adopt them.”

Kaiden was touching Serena as if she had been friendly to Evelina.
Soon Serena hugged his body as if she had lost her strength.


Evelina stretched out her hand.

It happened in a flash, and she opened her eyes.
When she opened her eyes, she saw the pattern of the imperial family embroidered with black canopy and gold.

“Heuk, uk…”


When she opened her eyes, she heard a sobbing voice.

“Lina! Are you coming to your senses? Lina! You know me, eut…”

– peok peok!*

*TN: A word imitating the sound made when one suddenly falls down backward or falls flat on one’s face.

As soon as Evelina got up, she slapped Kaiden on the shoulder and cried.

“How could you, with another woman…!”


Evelina calmed down a little when she saw that the bed from where she got up and that Kaiden’s face was all wet.

“Oh… Was it a dream…?”

She felt refreshed as if she had slept all day.

“Heuk, Evelina…”

Kaiden sobbed upon seeing her expression and then held her tightly.

“Lina, my Lina.
I thought I had lost you.”

Evelina felt strange when she felt Kaiden crying and shaking.

“I had a strange dream.”

“euk, heu…”

Kaiden kept sobbing, so Evelina said it, hugging his wing bone.

“A dream where you hugged another woman.”

“How can you be so mean? How dirty can I be to hold another woman!”

“I don’t know if it’s dirty, but I was angry.”

Evelina was surprised to see Kaiden cry like that for the first time.
She wanted to see his crying face, so she tried to pull herself away, but he hugged her tighter like a flytrap and couldn’t escape.

“But why is it dirty to hug another woman? The Emperor needs an Empress…”

“It’s dirty.
I don’t like other women.”

“Are you saying that while crying? Can you show me your face?”

At Evelina’s words, he finally relaxed his arms.

“That’s too much.
How can you be so handsome even when you cry?”

She felt terrible seeing that he was handsome, even when he cried.
She said as she tugged at his cheek.

“Is the child a boy or a girl?”

“… It is both.”

“Is that so? Did I sleep all day?”


Kaiden had a lot to say, but he couldn’t stop talking, perhaps because he was emotional.

“I can’t do it twice.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t need any more children.
All I need is Lina.”

As he wept and hugged her again, Evelina patted the back of his head and hugged him, wondering why he was doing this.

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