After waking up, Evelina was shocked by many things.

First of all, Kaiden, who had gotten well after pressing her intimately again, was visibly weary, perhaps because she had been asleep for two years.
Even so, there were traces of his efforts to maintain his beauty, which she liked, everywhere.
His extensive and toned body was still there.
However, from his expression, he seemed to have suffered for a long time.

Second, when she woke up, it was all over.
Princess Elsius and Dowager Empress Isabella were exiled to Lesis Island.
They captured and dealt with all the forces that led the rebellion.

“Why the Tenesi mine?”

That was the part that surprised Evelina the most.

The two were in the bedroom, so they were comfortably in comfortable clothes.
It was hard to lie whenever Evelina looked into his eyes, so she deliberately tried to look back at Kaiden, who was holding her from behind.
But the more she did, the tighter he held her waist and prevented her from turning.

“Ruskun Weimar talked too much about dying.
I just gave it to him because I was tired of it.”

“Isn’t it supposed to be mine?”

“It was Lina’s, but I appointed Ruskun as co-manager.
That way, when something happens, you pass on the responsibility.”

“Oh, my god… how vicious.”

Evelina deceptively said, but Kaiden took it lightly and said, burying his nose into her shoulder.

“I’m a little like that.
You may punish me.”

“No, but Tenesi itself as a vassal state… If you absorb it like this…”

“I left it as the regional name.
Tenesi, if not the kingdom.”

“Oh, my god…”

Evelina thought it was apparent that Kaiden was doing this to avoid looking her in the eye so they could talk like this.

“You became colder while I was asleep, didn’t you?”

“When spring doesn’t come, winter gets longer.
Longer winters are more severe than ever.”

She smirked at Kaiden’s words and touched his arm, holding her waist.
However, as if he had no intention of releasing her, his tightly pressed arms held her more tightly.

“Oh, come on.
Let go of me for a second.
I want to see your face.”

Then his arm loosened immediately.

Evelina thought that his behavior was cute.
Because she felt she should scold him.
She tried to talk about the fourth surprise.

“No matter how long I couldn’t wake up.
How can you leave the children unattended like that?”

“Weimar saw them.
I saw them too.”

“I heard everything.
Don’t talk like that.”

When Evelina spoke emphatically, Kaiden avoided her eyes and looked at her again.
Evelina stood on his thigh and looked down at him.
His heart was pounding and psychologically relieved, perhaps because of the security that she was looking at and touching him.

“Why do they only resemble me?”

“I said they were Kaiden’s children.
That’s why they resemble Kaiden.”

“Then shouldn’t there be a part that looks like Lina? They both look like me as if I were looking at my childhood.”

“Why? That’s why I like it.”

“I hate it.
I want to be the only one for Lina.
It’s like dividing me into three and sharing Lina’s love, so I’m upset.”

Evelina was taken aback by Kaiden’s words.
Because she never thought he’d feel that way.
Why was he so good at talking?

“Isn’t Kaiden’s love shared?”


“No… Shouldn’t that be the case? You have a child.”

“Then let’s increase the limit from 100 to 110.
Then I can love a child by 10.”

“There are two people.”

“Then 120.

“Oh, my gosh.”

Evelina was suddenly worried that his personality seemed to have worsened during the two years she was asleep.



He looked at her as if he had no intention of yielding.
And his eyes were getting wet.
Evelina was both amused and sad to see him so heartbroken.

“I can’t share my feelings about Kaiden with anyone.”


“Even when I didn’t know about him, I was attracted to him.
I ran away because I was afraid of that.”

Evelina said as if confessing.
She wanted to die as soon as possible when she thought he was using her.
Because she was afraid that she would really love him after more time, that’s why when she thought it was the last time, she said that she loved him so easily.

“My heart is also that if Kaiden is 100, the children will add up to 300.”

“The love for me is the same as the children.”

“It’s not the same.
It’s similar in quantity, but the method is different.”

She went on, embarrassed by the visibly sad-looking Kaiden.
But he still looked depressed.

“But I like darling the most.
It’s time for the kids to need me…”

“That’s cheap.
You only call me that at times like this.”

“Can you tell?”


Evelina deliberately called it so that he would like it.
His expression got better and better, perhaps because it worked.

“Then, when the children are all grown up, will you love me at 300?”

“Of course.”

“Well… all right.
I’ll put up with it for now.”

When he said so as if he was convinced, Evelina smiled involuntarily.

“I didn’t know our Kaiden had this side.”

“I didn’t know I’d be upset about this either.”

He said that she loved Kaiden so much that she hugged him.

“It’s been two years, so my legs don’t move well.
But we…”

– Uwah!

– Hehe! Daddyy!

It was a moment when Evelina was trying to set the tone.

In an instant, Kaiden’s expression turned very cold.

“Ignore it.
The nanny will go.”


“Ruskun will go.”

“Are you going to be like this?”

Evelina asked reproachfully when he told her to ignore the children.
Then he sighed.


“Let’s go like this then.”

He picked up Evelina, wearing a thick negligee and headed to the children’s room in the next room.


“Oh, my goodness.”

While Evelina was asleep for two years, it wasn’t that she couldn’t walk, thanks to Kaiden moving her legs hard and relaxing her muscles.
She just stumbled when she walked.
Then, as she barely stood and held her child, the child she was not holding began to cry loudly.


I said there was no resemblance.”

“Can you give me the Prince?”

She gave the princess she was holding to the nanny.
Then the Prince stopped crying this time.


The princess started to cry.

“No, these…”

She tried to listen to both of them.
Then Kaiden said, taking both away.

“Hearing things like this is a bad habit.”

The children didn’t cry when they hugged Kaiden.
However, they were hitting Kaiden’s chest as if they were uncomfortable.

“How can they look like their father so much?”

Evelina said that without realizing it, as she saw Kaiden holding the children.

“Because it’s my child.”

Kaiden hugged the children sourly and said so.



The children extended their arms toward Evelina, even in his arms, and Kaiden stepped back, hugging them as if impossible.

“Didn’t you say they don’t cry often?”

“I guess they recognize their mother.
They cry all the time these days.
They must have learned that Lina will come if they cry.”

When Kaiden said so, Evelina was confused because she couldn’t tell if this was a good or bad phenomenon.

“Put them on the floor.”

“Yes, Your Majesty the Empress.”

The children began to cry as soon as their feet touched the floor.


“Why, why are you crying? Shall I hug you again?”


“Mom! Me too!”

Kaiden appreciated Evelina’s flustered expression because it was so lovely.
He said, hugging the children again.

“Let’s do this from now on.
I’ll take care of the child.
But I’d like Lina to come here.”


Evelina accepted that if Kaiden continued parenting together with her, he would come to love the children too, so she agreed.

“Try to make 10 become 100, Kaiden.”

“I’ll try.”

He laughed at her words.


“It was mean not to name the children.
Both are over two years old.”

“I told Ruskun to do it.
But he kept putting it off.”

“Your Majesty! How dare I choose the names of the Imperial Highnesses at will!”

Evelina was in the office with Kaiden.
Ruskun was with them.
She smiled as she saw that the Emperor’s office was the same as before she fell asleep.

“Then shall we do this? Let’s choose two each, write them down on paper, and then let the children choose.”

“Let’s just go with the one Lina chose.
I think I might love them if Lina names the children.”

Ruskun nodded unknowingly at Kaiden’s words.

“I think it’s a wise way.”

Ruskun said so because he thought it would be better to get a name anyhow.

“Then how about Aiden for the Crown Prince and Chloe for the Crown Princess?”

“All right, that’s the best.”

“If it’s a name that Lina gave me, I’d love it.”

Thus, the prince became Aiden, and the princess became Chloe.


“Why are the children sleeping in our bedroom?”

“Because it’s hard to sleep together while you’re young.”

Kaiden continued to care about Evelina even though her body had fully recovered.
That’s why having Aiden and Chloe in their bedroom bothered him because he wanted to put Evelina first no matter what happened.



Chloe and Aiden were brought to Evelina as if they knew they were talking about them, and she patted the children and said.

“If you both sleep well, we’ll move you to the next room.
Is that all right?”


Kaiden was now slowly struggling with frustration.
He hadn’t slept with Evelina for over two years now.

“When the children sleep, I want to do whatever I can.
Can I do that?”


At this time, Evelina thought nothing of what he said, so she answered quickly.

With no idea how hungry he was.

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