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His mother was the Empress of the previous Emperor.
She was told that Elsius had a striking resemblance to Empress Rayson, but only her eyes were different because Elsius was not born into a royal family.

It was because of Empress Rayson that Princess Elsius became close to Kaiden.

His mother, Empress Rayson, was the Empress, then the Empress

died because of Isabella Abelard.
The Dowager Empress, who bullied and framed the mother of Princess Elsius until she got shunned by the Emperor and eventually committed suicide.

Her mother, who was naive, was abandoned for believing in the Emperor’s love.
In the end, she threw herself from the top of the western tower in shock of being abandoned.
On the seventh birthday of Elsius.

Therefore, it was natural for Princess Elsius to hate the Dowager Empress.
Because it was the Dowager Empress who killed her mother.
That’s why she grew up as a helper, following Kaiden, without believing in the Emperor’s affection.

It wasn’t much different from Kaiden.
Because his life as he grew up was even harsher.
However, the reason why Kaiden always looked after Elsius was because of the camaraderie between them.
When there was no one else, they at least had each other.

At least Elsius was as polite as she was now even in the days of the weak Empress, who had no doubt as to when she would die.

“Sister, you have to be careful of what you say and do with Her Majesty the Dowager Empress.”

“Can you elaborate on what you’re talking about?”

Kaiden was in a bad mood because she interrupted his plan to dine with Evelina.
He came running with the intention of having lunch with Evelina, but it seemed that Elsius had intercepted it.
She was just waiting outside the door.

“Oh, my God.
My sister-in-law was so comfortable that I made a fuss.”

Elsius remained there in the Emperor’s bedroom to help Evelina prepare.

Evelina looked over the mirror at Elsius, who skillfully beckoned her servants behind her and picked out dresses and accessories.

If there was anything that didn’t suit the Emperor’s bedroom, it was this dressing table where Evelina was sitting.
And she thought there was a bookcase here when she first came here.

She was confused whether her memory was wrong or if there was originally something like that, but she thought it was not an illusion when she saw that only this didn’t look good in this room.

Above all, Kaiden’s bedroom was mainly black, which was associated with psychopaths.
Things that were gray or white here and there.
The room was a picture-like room with little color and only light and shade like a silent movie.
Except for the dressing table.

The dressing table she was sitting on was pink.
The dressing table chair was a combination of silver and bright pink.
All the furniture in this room was angular and hard, most of which were made of mahogany wood.
Even the bookshelf was painted black.

Which doesn’t go well with this pink dressing table and the peonies in the bedroom that Kaiden brought.
Evelina looked in the round mirror of the dressing table and its colorful exterior and saw her face.

“Let’s wear something that matches the necklace.”

“Yes, that’s great.”

She couldn’t figure out why he was bringing so many peonies every time.
But she just didn’t say much because it looked good.

“Forget what I said earlier, sister-in-law.”

Evelina had no intention of thinking about it anyway so she dismissed Princess Elsius.

“I will.”

“But it would be better for you to be careful, right?”

“That would be better.”

Elsius was smiling, recalling that Evelina was a tricker person than her though.

“Her mother died of a memory loss disease.”

“Oh, my God.”

“That’s why he does that often.
Forgetting what you said and getting angry first.
I heard that’s the initial symptom of the disease.”

Evelina looked back at her as if she were shocked by what Elsius said.
Then Elsius smiled satisfactorily and patted Evelina on the shoulder and looked over the mirror at her.
Evelina naturally looked at the purple eyes of the Princess Elsius next to her head, with her eyes naturally on the mirror.

“It must be hard for him, too.
Since his mother died… Oh, my God.”


“Well, forget about that because it’s a real mistake.”

Evelina thought Elsius might be a step ahead of Dowager Empress.
Unlike Dowager Empress Isabella, who only got angry at her and attacked her, Elsius was talking about pretending to be making a mistake with an innocent face.
The employees in the bedroom were dogs who would be loyal to the Princess even if a knife were pointed at their necks.

Above all, she was dismissing the person who killed Kaiden’s mother, thinking that Evelina might not know because she was young.
It was the Marquis of Logias who killed her himself, and the Dowager Empress who drove the Empress to that death.

“Then I’ll forget it.
I don’t want the Princess to be in trouble.”

When Evelina spoke with an innocent expression, Princess Elsius recalled that it was never only beauty and wealth that really dominated society in the past.
The Abelard Empire did not want the ladies to keep their eyes out on society.

Originally, other empires would have established social circles around the order of the royal ladies, but not here.
As soon as they became famous in society, they were sold as a wedding prospect, and the higher their name rose, the higher the value, the more they were used as a diplomatic tool for other countries.

Rather, ladies entered the social world regardless of what they did not know, and as if they were sold immediately after a price was set, they were given to other countries as a reward and to those who returned after accumulating military training.

Ladies whose names were not known at all were able to avoid the marriage business by cultivating love with the person they wanted.

“Oh, my sister-in-law.
I think we really get along well.”

“That’s right.”

“So, you’re the only one who knows.”

Evelina smiled as she watched Elsius choose the as if she was trying to show off to the Dowager Empress.

“My brother.
There’s a woman he’s been seeing.”

“… I see.”

“So go ahead and have a baby.
That way, my brother’s heart will return.”

Elsius said so as if he felt sorry for her, and then patted Evelina’s hair again.


Then he whispered in her ear.

“Give birth to a son who will succeed the throne, sister-in-law.”

Evelina, who had been suffering for a long time since she finished dressing up, wanted to pretend to faint again, but she couldn’t.


“Let’s take the medicine before we leave.”

“If it’s sister’s medicine, I checked it.
Don’t worry, brother.”

Evelina laughed at herself, recalling the red pill he had given her before putting on makeup.
Seeing the Emperor pay this much attention, it seemed like poison.

It was more terrible to slowly get sick and die with poison than to be killed with a knife at once.
She did think it didn’t suit her in his way.
But there was no way not to use it as an inappropriate way for someone who wanted revenge on them.


“Yes, Kaiden.”

“There’s no dress that doesn’t look good on Lina.”

Evelina saw Kaiden’s eyes soften as she looked at the ivory dress chosen by Elsius.
She looked him in the eye and tried to make a similar expression and laughed.

“Same for Kaiden.”

“Oh… yes.”

She saw that he turned his head the moment he made eye contact with her, and she walked forward, too.
Then Princess Elsius clung to her side.

“Elsius, by the way.”

“Yes, brother.”

“What did you talk to the Empress about? Tell me what preparations took you so long.”

As Kaiden spoke coldly, Elsius smiled and said,

“Oh, look at my sister-in-law.
Wouldn’t it take a long time to prepare like this?”

“I see.”

He glanced at Evelina as if he was checking if she was hungry.
Evelina decided to take advantage of it.


“Yes, Lina.
Shall we walk slowly? Does your foot hurt?”

“No, I’m just… I wanted to do this.”

Evelina gently grabbed him by the arm.
Then, as she leaned back in his arms, he stood there and soon turned his head again.

“You don’t have to get permission.”

“Thank you.”

She walked quietly, laughing at him walking stiffly again with displeasure.


When they arrived at Lake Heliben behind the palace, quite a few people were waiting.
There were three boats in all.


“I see the Empire’s Moon.”

“I’m here, Grandma.”

“I see you again, Dowager Empress.”

When Evelina tried to say hello by loosening her arms, Kaiden stopped her and nodded.


“I wasn’t going to come, but Lina said she was coming.”

The Dowager Empress laughed, convinced that she had really won the Emperor’s favor when she saw hanging around Evelina’s neck.

“My granddaughter-in-law greeted me beautifully.
It’s nice to see you coming, too.”

“I’m here too, Dowager Empress.”

Elsius, who emphasized that she ignored her on purpose, looked at Kaiden as if he would appeal for her.
Then Kaiden narrowed his brows as if he was bored.

“There are three ships, so Lina and I can ride the rest on our own.”

We can’t do that.”

The Dowager Empress laughed and said with a benevolent expression.

“I, the Empress, and Kaiden will ride one, and Elsius, the princess, can ride something else.”

“Oh, I’m disappointed.
I came all the way here for my brother, but I have to take a separate boat.”

“Why do you discriminate against Elsius, grandmother?”

“It’s not discrimination, it’s because I think it’ll be uncomfortable.
I heard that the Princess made a mistake with the new girl.”

The Dowager Empress said to Kaiden, flapping her fan gracefully.
However, Kaiden answered with a cold look, alternating between Dowager Empress and Elsius.

“Lina is scared of the story.
Be careful.”

There were more than one or two mistakes Elsius made, but Kaiden said so as if she remembered that Evelina fainted at the wedding hall because of the maid.

“I will.”

“I’m sorry, brother.”

Perhaps because they both recognized the value of Evelina, their attitude completely changed with a soft look.

“Then I’ll do as I say.
You two ride on your own.
I will ride with the Empress.”

How many days left for this grandmother to live, to ride separately like this.”

“Older brother.
Let’s listen to sister-in-law’s opinion.”

All eyes were on Evelina at Elsius’ words.

It’s as if they were asking her to choose them.


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