“What do you mean?”

Evelina laughed at the eyes of Princess Elsius.
The princess’ eyes contained the servant Ianathas had brought.

‘Get a brown-haired servant.
Sprinkle blood and bring them back.
Order them never to look up when they come in.’

‘Is that enough?’

‘No, tell him not to do anything but ask for his life.’

Evelina recalled what Ianathas said before leaving here.

As expected, not one employee was involved, as she expected, so Princess Elsius did not seem to remember them.
In other words, the servants who really participated in this would have died.

The employees who were not maids were mostly commoners.
It was almost certain that when this work was over, the corpses would come out in rows.

Evelina sighed and continued.

“The Dowager Empress blamed me for ruining the banquet, but she didn’t think I was the culprit.
What’s the reason?”

“It’s probably because it’s so incredible!”

“No, because common sense also gives you the answer, Princess.”

As Evelina spoke coldly, Kaiden looked at her.
Kaiden stood there, trying to read what she wanted.

“What will happen to me if I ruin this banquet?”

It was common sense.
A ferocious emperor and it is the Foundation Festival that the emperor was once humiliated at and then bullied for a lifetime.
And it was the queen who ruined the Foundation Festival that took place after he ascended to the throne.

Anyone can see that Queen Evelina would have died and her family was in danger of being exterminated.

But does the Queen need to do that?

“I don’t know! How do I know what will happen to someone crazy enough to get revenge?”

“If I had really sought revenge, would I use this method? I’m the Queen who sleeps in bed with His Majesty.”

Evelina was distressed to say the last word.
She was embarrassed, perhaps because the attention was focused on her.

“Wouldn’t it be better if I really wanted revenge? When His Majesty was asleep.”

She spouted out this time, not to stutter.

“You must have calculated that, too! Your new sister wants to humiliate your brother!”

“Right now, the words and actions that disgrace Kaiden the most are the princess’.”

Elsius was embarrassed that Evelina, who seemed to be noble, could speak so coldly.
No matter how much she looked at it, the bloody maid’s face was unfamiliar.
Her hair is a common brown and she can’t see her face properly, so she only assumed that she was one of the people who made her work.

She told me to get rid of them all without a hitch.

“Help me!”

The maid, who was lowering her head, suddenly shouted and fell on the floor.

“Princess, are you going to keep lying?”

“You’re lying to me, you’re lying! And do you have any proof of what I did?”

Evelina said with a smile at the words.

“I’ve never said that Princess Elsius was the culprit.
Oh, now that I see it, I think the princess is the culprit?”

“Oh, how dare you say that!”

Evelina looked at Princess Elsius with contempt.
Then, Princess Elsius looked at her brother as if she was innocent.

Kaiden was not cold.
He was looking at Evelina with a look of warmth that had never been seen before.

“Older brother! Are you going to keep listening to this? The Queen’s words that ruined the Foundation Festival?”


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

He said, frowning at Evelina when she didn’t call him by name.

“You don’t have to do this.”


He said so and gestured.
Then the knights standing behind him came straight into the banquet hall and surrounded it.

“Oh, brother?”

“Didn’t I tell the Queen to cooperate?”

Evelina looked at the half-dead bleeding employees brought by Kaiden’s knights.

“Since you’re the ones I’m trying to kill, it’s impossible not to know.”

“Ah, this, this, this, this, this….”

It seemed to be the servants who sprayed blood on the ritual tools that Princess Elsius was trying to kill.
They were brought in by the Emperor’s guards and shivering.

Evelina’s ears were hot in reaction to the fact that she didn’t have to make a fake servant.
At the same time, she couldn’t figure out why and how the emperor caught them, so she looked.
Then Kaiden stared at her and said,

“Say it.”

He said so commandingly and avoided Evelina’s gaze.
She kept looking at him, but he looked very cool, except that his ears were red from the light of the banquet hall.

“Her Highness the Princess tried to kill us!”

“She told me to sprinkle blood on the foundation…!”

“As soon as I came out, I was taken to the lake!”

“Others besideus were thrown into Lake Valdes after being decapitated! Whoo!!”

“Help me, Your Majesty! We just did what we were told!”

“Her Highness made me do it!”

At the words of the servants, Princess Elsius was pale.

“Hey, don’t lie! Yes, you lowlife! How dare you lie about where you were!”

When the princess screamed and shouted, the servants hit their heads on the ground and begged for their lives.

Kaiden looked at them with a woeful look and then looked at Evelina again.

“Brother! Trust me! This is a setup! The Queen framed me!”

Then his eyes went back to Princess Elsius.
He fell down in front of her and shook off the hand of Princess Elsius, who was holding his leg.

“I overestimated you.”

“Come on! Argh!”

He said, stamping on her hand.

“All the employees of the princess Palace…”

Because Evelina was watching with fearful eyes.

“Send them to the western frontier.

When Kaiden beckoned, the commander of the guard brought a blood-stained jar he found behind the foundation.
Then, at his beckoning, he poured it into the princess.


The blood of a red pig flowed down over the red dress.
The bright brown hair of Princess Elsius soon turned earthy, and the fishy smell began to vibrate around her, full of animal blood.

“I’m going to detain Princess Elsius in her room for 10 years.”

“Older brother!”

“Take her.”

“Come on, brother! It’s unfair! No! Brother!”

Princess Elsius was dragged out of the banquet hall with so much blood on her face.
The place where she was and the place where she was dragged out had pig blood in a pig’s blood.

“In the future, we will spray blood on foundations and ritual tools at the Foundation Festival.”

Evelina doubted that this was the reason why Kaiden came earlier than usual.
The emperor comes on time, performs a ritual, and goes to Lake Heliben.
If there is a prince, the prince holds an event in the lake instead, but there are no hands in the royal family now.

“And make sure to eliminate the ritual in Lake Heliben.”

Evelina stared at him, wondering if this had provoked his trauma.
Her parents will be in danger if she goes against his will.

With his reflexive attitude, he looked at Evelina again.
Evelina’s heart pounded as if his clear red eyes were reading her mind.

“Just the way the Queen did today.
In the future, we will proceed with the Foundation Festival.”


“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The ministers answered in unison.

“Those who have objections, come out.”

There could be no objection.
The ministers who followed Kaiden were those who would sacrifice their lives for him.

That’s how the ceremony began.
Evelina had to spend the morning with more nervousness at the international event, which went on casually as if there had been no incident caused by Princess Elsius.


“Thank you for making the place shine like this today.”

Evelina stood next to Kaiden and watched him as he gave the congratulatory speech at the foundation ball in the afternoon.

“Today is the auspicious day when the Abelard Empire was born.
It is a day as traditional as the history of this empire, which is made up of the sweat and blood of our ancestors.”

Evelina had never seen him prepare a congratulatory speech, so she realized that it was an impromptu remark.

“Even though my poor father created many dangers to ruin this empire.”

At his words, the ministers below laughed as if they were having fun, but soon after he opened his mouth, they became quiet in an instant.

“However, under the right emperor, the right ministers and the right people will lead this empire.
So on this blessed day, let’s have fun like the heroes who led the empire.”

– Wow!

Evelina knew well why the ministers followed Kaiden like this.

Most of these were those whom Kaiden met when he was expelled from the palace as a child.
They also helped Kaiden return to the palace, and later helped him go to war.

It was all with them that he established a solid position as a crown prince, became a hero, and played politics without mistakes.
Of course, it would have been impossible without Kaiden’s leadership and his genius.

Half of them were not even real aristocrats.
He was the one who made them aristocrats.
Because they were really the ones who shared life and death with Kaiden.

Even if the emperor acted like a madman, they waited.
The crazy-looking emperor was an infinitely generous monarch to his people.

Evelina looked at the ministers below, who shouted and clapped.
And in between, she met her father’s eyes looking at her helplessly.
She looked at her father with a smile, as if to be relieved by the situation.
Then the Marquis of Logias cried and laughed hard.

“Let’s go down now.”

“What? Oh, yes.”

Kaiden stared at Evelina and frowned when he realized that there was a Marquis of Logias at the end of her gaze.

“What were you looking at, Lina?”

“I was watching Kaiden…”

She realized that he was displeased when she found out that she saw her father.

“My heart was beating so fast that I looked elsewhere for a moment.”

Then his expression softened in an instant.

“I’ll kiss you out of the hallway.
If you don’t like it, come out later.”

When he loosened their arms and tried to go first, she hid her expression and smiled ecstatically and hugged Kaiden’s arm.
Then they headed for the hallway together.

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