“Ah, this is…”

At that, Elsius was startled and ran to them.

Evelina knew there wouldn’t be too much punishment for Mary anyway.
She was the lady-in-waiting of Elsius, and Elsius was a Princess who helped Kaiden become Emperor.

Mary, who was the maid of Elsius, would return to being Elsius’ maid after being scolded moderately.
And that was the usual punishment.
Even if she stole the royal family’s goods, if she had Elsius’ protection, she could be beaten up only a few times.

She looked at Mary, pale with that in mind.

“Cover the Empress’ eyes.”


Evelina was surprised by the cape of the knight, which suddenly hung over her by the voice of Kaiden, and her body stiffened.
Her vision was covered with cloth so that nothing could be seen, so she could only hear the sound.

“Oh, I feel wronged, Your Majesty! Please believe me! I’m the maid of Princess Elsius!”

Even before Mary finished speaking, the sound of something being cut off made Evelina tremble with instinctive fear.

“Ah! My arm!”

“It’s noisy.”

“Oh, my!”

Evelina couldn’t tell what she was hearing because of the covered cloth.
But the screams of the guests and the smell of blood could not be hidden.

“Clean it up.”

There was a plop, a dull noise, and the sound of the knights’ footsteps.
Kaiden’s cold voice gave her arm goosebumps.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Evelina couldn’t move as if she was caught on the floor.
She fainted as my legs relaxed.


Lastly, she heard a voice approaching her urgently.


Evelina felt very uncomfortable when she woke up again.
She couldn’t see well, but it seemed like a black cloth was covering her head.


When she came to her senses and tried to move herself, the cloth that had been covered over her head disappeared.
Perhaps because the veil remained, the view was still blurred.

“Are you awake, Evelina?”

“Uh… I…”

Kaiden’s sudden voice almost caused a fright.
She was inside a building that looked like a wedding hall.
However, it seemed to be a different room than the previous ceremony.
However, the stained glass on the ceiling revealed it to be still the wedding hall, seeing the same color.

“I was worried.”

He gently removed her veil and tried to check her face.

Evelina trembled with fear because of the sound and circumstances she heard before she fainted.
Because of Kaiden looking at her, she could see more clearly what her own condition was.
He was sitting on the sofa.
She was held by him like a child.

Evelina struggled to escape, but when he stared at her, she realized that the eyes were a warning, and soon gave up resisting and leaned in calmly again.
Her behavior made a smile appear on Kaiden’s lips.

“I didn’t expect you to faint.
I even covered your eyes.”

“… I’m sorry.”

Only then did Evelina try to hide her nervousness, realizing that the person she was going to marry was the psychopath crazy male lead of the original.

Her heart sank even more when she saw Kaiden laughing as if he was enjoying the sound of her heart.
The beating heart was beating mercilessly as if it had become a cornered herbivore.

“I am very sorry.
I should have cut her neck right away so that she wouldn’t make any unnecessary noise….”


He looked at Evelina with a genuinely sorry expression.
She had a hard time making eye contact with him, so she rested her head on his chest.
Then he patted her on the back and let out a windy laugh.

“Do you understand my heart, Evelina?”


Realizing that she couldn’t hide her fears from him, she decided to be obedient.
Then, as if satisfied with her attitude, he gently patted her on the back.

If it goes like this, Evelina thought that she might die tomorrow, no, today, let alone a month from the original.
Perhaps that’s why, in her terrified heart, she buried her face in his chest completely, and he stopped her hand from stroking her back and embraced her.

She had been in his arms for a while, so Evelina was able to get out of his arms when she calmed down a little.

“Let’s go back now.”

“Uh, where?”

“You were at the wedding, weren’t you, Lina?”

Suddenly Evelina was surprised when he called her by her nickname, but realized that she was not in a position to vomit, and she struggled to laugh.

Kaiden, who made eye contact with her, smiled softly, hugged her and headed for the ceremony.

So, their wedding went back to when it stopped, and Evelina was able to come down from Kaiden’s arms.

“Now you can put the ring on.”

Evelina safely put her ring on her Kaiden, and this time it was Kaiden’s turn to put it on her.

That was the moment.

“I object to this marriage!”

A loud voice came from the entrance to the wedding hall.
All eyes turned to the entrance.
Evelina turned around in surprise, and Ianathas Peran was standing there.

Evelina’s childhood friend and her original lover.

At the sound of a ‘squeeze’, Evelina realized that the ring Kaiden was holding had completely bent.

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