Evelina was confident in arguing and socializing.
However, this was her first time doing something like this, so she didn’t know how to react.

Had she known it would be like this, she would have attended not only the young ladies’ meeting but also the older ladies’ meeting, she regretted it.
If so, she would have heard about their stories after their marriages.

She could feel Kayden’s hard chest touching her palm very clearly.
His body temperature was hot, and her palms caressed his pectoral muscles, sliding down the pectoralis minor and serratus anterior muscles.

It was embarrassing to raise her head, perhaps because her cheeks were burning.

“Kaiden breathes loudly.”

“I guess it’s because I’m nervous.”

When he had said that, he took Evelina’s hand and kissed her on the palm of her hand.
She was dazed by that tickling sensation for a while, but she thought that she couldn’t just stay like this.
She thought he would notice that she was acting if she stayed still.

“Can I touch your belly?”

“Of course.”

She said that because she couldn’t possibly touch his chest.

The abs were also perfect.
The shadows were so dark that if water ran down the grooves of his abs, it would flow perfectly in one direction only.
Evelina sighed, and she put her hand on his abs.

She was firm, as if she were trying to press down on a windy rubber boat.
She raised her fingernails and clawed at his abs as she shrank every time she touched his abs and then went back.
He frowned, but waited patiently.

She saw with her own eyes that he seemed to be holding back, then went up to his chest and scratched it with her fingernails.
Then, a long red mark overlapped with a wound near his heart, staining his skin.


I will stop.”

“No, more… I’d like you to do more.”

He crumpled his face as if he was forcing her to do something she didn’t like, but Evelina scratched his chest by putting up her nails again and applying strength, wondering when she would do this.

And he seemed to react more than when she scratched his abs.
Evelina felt the threat of her situation when he bit his lip and tried to remove her hand.
But she couldn’t move as he grabbed her hand.

“Hey, shall we go wash up now?”

“I didn’t take off my pants.”

“Oh, yes.

He held her hand until he let go.

When he let go, Evelina had to sit on the floor.
That way, she thought, she could take off his pants.
She loosened his belt slowly.
His little finger touched his abs and thighs, each time he trembled with displeasure.

Evelina managed to unfasten his belt and looked up at him.



“Could you really wash it?”

He asked as if he doubted her performance, so she said with a shy smile.


But no matter how nervous she was, she couldn’t hide her trembling.
The problem was that the voice came out like a goat.
She struggled to cover it up, putting her hands on his pants and involuntarily pulling them down.


She opened her eyes wide in surprise that something had slapped her on the cheek.

“I’ll take off my pants.”

She ran her hand through the goo on her cheek, the rest of her body heat.
He was already turned around, and a gooey, clear liquid clung to her hand.

Perhaps because of the tingling on her cheeks, she felt the hairs all over her body stand on end.

“Oh that… I’ll go to the bathroom first!”

She involuntarily got up and ran into the large bathroom to forget what she had seen for a moment.

He only used a small bathroom.
Taking advantage of this time, she passed through the inner hallway and headed for the large bathroom.
He wouldn’t come there, and she could just say she didn’t know.
Perhaps because of her heart beating with fear, Evelina’s hands and feet were numb.

She ran up to her and tried to stand with her back to the door, which she closed.

“ah… .”

However, her shock was so great that her legs gave way.
It was more shocking now than the last time she saw his naked back.
At the time, she still couldn’t see properly because of the steam.
But now it was different.
The room was very bright, and what she saw.


Evelina screamed involuntarily and tried to forget it by covering her eyes with her hands.
But it couldn’t be forgotten.



Kaiden called her name and opened her door, so she jumped back.

Of all things.


She fell between his legs.
He saw her surprised and wrapped a towel around his waist.


“Oh, I can’t open my eyes! I had my eyes closed! I didn’t see anything!”

When she said it, he smiled and stepped back from her.
Then he took her hand, Evelina, and lifted her up.

“I think it would be difficult to attend a bath dressed like that.”

“Yes? Ah…”

Evelina finally came to her senses and gently opened her eyes.
Her eyes involuntarily turned to the ilium, and he was tightly wrapped in a towel, so she let out her breath in relief.

“I will take it off too.
Not all…”

“I’ll take it off.”

She tried to take it off herself, but her lips didn’t move as he was already touching her clothes.
Involuntarily, she bit her lip and was barely breathing.
Evelina found it difficult to stand.
So she winced and stood with her back against the wall.
Then he smiled and said.

“There is a hook on your back, Lina.”

“Ah, yes.
Oh yeah.”

When she heard that, she quickly turned behind to him.
Then he began to unhook the hooks on her back one by one.
She thought it was a relief that her clothes were thick.
The hooks on her back loosened one by one, but perhaps because his hands were thick, she didn’t feel embarrassed or tickled when taking off her coat.

When her outerwear was removed, she was now wearing only a corset over a negligee.
Before she knew it, he untied the laces of her corset.
Her breath caught in the sound of the strings rubbing against each other.

She felt as if the rustling of the threads and the tightness he loosened gradually brought her breath back.
Her body swayed to and fro as her strings tightened and loosened.
Evelina seemed to grow more sensitive to the touch of his warm palm on her back.


As the corset’s strings were all undone, the amount of breath she could breathe suddenly increased.
When she responded with an involuntary sigh, he reached out in front of her and tugged at her corset.
Evelina touched his upper chest with her fingers, and then they fell off, causing her back to hunch.

“Let’s just wear your negligee.”

Evelina turned when he grabbed her by the shoulder.
She was embarrassed because she was wearing a negligee, but she tried to pretend to be okay.
In her view, the negligee opacity wasn’t enough to reveal inside.

She looked at him, thinking he was wearing a thin pajama shirt.

“Let’s go wash up now.”

He said so and led her hand.

Evelina was confused because she couldn’t tell if she was doing well right now.
Most of all, he was originally a small bathroom user, but why he came to the big bathroom, she wasn’t sure.
The reason why he used the small bathroom is because of her father.

Because of the enemy’s daughter, he was able to enter the place where he was morbidly reluctant to enter.
She thought he was a real danger.
Then, as he added to her concern that he might kill her by twisting her neck after hugging her, she became more and more pale.

“Are you cold?”

“What? Oh, no.
I’m happy, but I’m nervous.”

She tried to force herself to laugh when she said so.
But she didn’t seem to smile even if she laughed because of the tension.

“Sit down, Kaiden.
I’ll bring the soap.”

Evelina smiled and said, and he sat quietly in the bathroom chair.
Sitting in a shiny ivory chair, he was unrealistically beautiful, like a statue in a temple or a ball.
She wasn’t afraid to look at the center where he was covering it with his hand.

Just as she reacted to the touch of someone she didn’t love, so did he.
She tried to think so dryly and looked for a cleanser.

The soap was surprisingly not far away.
She felt as if Kaiden had prepared this bathroom in advance.
The hot water was already full in the bath, and the washing tools were laid in layers on a neat tray as if they had been deliberately arranged.

She approached him with soap and a sponge.
Then she took the sponge and said.

“It didn’t work very well.”

She wanted to ask him what nonsense he was talking about, but Evelina felt like he was quite intimidating now, so she was going to do as she was told.

The warm water was full of water, so the inside was filled with a lot of steam.

His body glistened with light water.
It was difficult to continue her thoughts due to the scarier chest muscles and sculptural right-angled shoulders and thick arms than she saw in the room earlier.

“It’s amazing how Lina looks like that.”

“Like what?”


He smiled playfully and took the soap from her hand and squeezed it into Evelina’s hand.
She was awakened by the cold touch of the transparent soap that fell on her hands.
She rubbed her hand against his neck, keeping in mind that he was testing her.


He trembled for a moment in surprise at the coldness, and then looked at Evelina.
She feared her eyes only in her hands to keep her eyes from meeting him.
But his red eyes were chasing her so intensely that she could feel him following her even if she didn’t look.

She moved on to a subject he would hate.

“Hwa, the work inside the imperial family was a little difficult.”

When Evelina said so, he smiled and said.

“I find Lina much more difficult.”

For a moment she had to turn her head not to see it spring into view.

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