It was Kaiden who led the tea party with the intention to introduce new nobles to Evelina.
So the dress code was pink.
She didn’t know if it was because he kept giving her pale pink peonies.

Evelina was wearing a blue dress without a hint of light pink.

“Didn’t you hear that purple is the dress code?”

“Yes, I didn’t hear it.”

“Oh, my God.”

The Dowager Empress did not step forward.
Not even though she did something wrong to Evelina; as she never had an altercation with Kaiden.
Besides, she was punished every noon by standing in front of the Empress’ Palace.

“I said it changed from pink to purple.”


“You’re not even wearing pink.”

Evelina thought Kaiden wouldn’t come.
It would be an excuse to be 30 minutes late for talking to the ministers from the beginning.

So she thought it was a relief.
No matter what she did here, he’d just listen.

“Was it Countess Arianna?”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Countess Arianna covered her mouth with a black lace fan and laughed at Evelina.
Then Evelina looked at her and said,

“Who changed the dress code?”

“I heard you changed it.”

Why was Countess Arianna siding with the Dowager Empress?

Evelina was curious about that.
The Dowager Empress considered the lives of her people insignificant.
She had a cold-blooded personality that did not care whether the employees died or were sent to the frontier and suffered from forced labor.
On top of that, she had a strong identity as the great adult of the imperial family, so she was very proud as a member of the imperial family.

That’s why she didn’t care much about the nobles under the imperial family.
And if they had ever gotten close to each other personally, it would have been rumors.

Evelina smiled at her and saw Armen and four maids who had agreed to cooperate with her, next to the Dowager Empress.
They seemed perplexed that Evelina came in a blue dress, not a purple dress.
The maids pre-taught Evelina that it was a purple dress to cooperate.

“That’s what I ordered?”

“Yes, it is.
So everyone here matched it with purple.”

Evelina looked around and confirmed that there were more of these people who were really embarrassed.
Rather than being on the side of the Dowager Empress, they seemed to be people who were really caught up in this.

“You’re Baroness Orpence.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Baroness Orpence approached hurriedly and bowed her head, and Evelina looked at her and asked.

“Did Baroness Orpence hear that I ordered that?”

“What? Oh, yes…! Apparently, the invitation says the dress code has been changed to purple.”

“That invitation, can you show me?”


Evelina thought Baroness Orpence came here because her husband, Baron Orpence, was a second-hand aide to Kaiden.

If so, the aide who could meet the emperor in person would not have cooperated because he was afraid of the Dowager Empress.
Even though his position was a baron, Kaiden seemed to listen to his capable subordinates.
At first, Evelina thought he was a crazy psychopath and would kill everyone if they touched his temper.

But, as she knew while taking on the job of the empress, he was surprisingly competent and a person who took advantage of his aides and ministers.
Competent people don’t let go.
Use it till the end.

Baroness Orpence really was the victim of this.

She thought so and looked at the invitation she took out and showed her.

“Oh, really, that’s what I sent you?”

The invitation was sent under her name, and stated that the dress code had changed, so she asked her to wear purple.

“But I never sent anything like this.”

She laughed, returning the invitation to Baroness Orpence.
Baroness Orpence then spoke to her in contemplation.

“I didn’t know!”

“I,I didn’t even know!”

“I am just as written in the invitation… !”

Evelina looked at Countess Arianna as she saw that there were more victims than she thought.

“Then, do you mean that someone did it on purpose to frame you?”

The Dowager Empress continued as if she could no longer bear it.
Then, other ladies who said they didn’t know, as if they were innocent, closed their mouths.


When Evelina replied like that, the Dowager Empress clicked her tongue and stared at her.

“It’s just your level of paranoia! How dare you show me this kind of insolence at the place where you invited me?”


“You must have made this up to get Kaiden’s sympathy again!”

Evelina stared coldly at the Dowager Empress.

“Because of this personality, Kaiden hasn’t had his first night yet!”

“Why is that story coming out here?”

Evelina was momentarily ashamed and shouted without realizing it.
She tried to be cool, but the insult that Dowager Empress made was so strong that she was angry without realizing it.

“Do you think I don’t know? Kaiden came out early in the morning today.
What’s more, you didn’t hang up the sheets even though you shared a room!”

Evelina could not understand why she should hear this insult in front of the ladies.
In addition, the ladies began to see her favorably because of the way Kaiden pretended to be affectionate.
But she made it so unimaginable.

“I bet Kaiden freaked out because of your fake chest!”

“How can you insult me like that again?”

Evelina glared at her because she couldn’t understand the insult even after she had already confirmed that her chest wasn’t fake.

“Hmph! Isn’t that why you asked me for the ladies to teach you bedroom tricks? I just said it for you! That way, won’t the ladies here understand you?”

Evelina was more angry, but now she’s gone cold.

“It’s always like this for the Dowager Empress.”


“After insulting and upsetting the other person, you pretend to be worried and talk.”


The Dowager Empress’ face flushed with anger at Evelina’s words.
Then she huffed as she approached Evelina’s side.

“Say it again!”

Evelina found it funny that the Dowager Empress was genuinely angry.

“This tea party was opened for me by Kaiden.
But why would I change the dress code any way I want?”

“Huh! Then you didn’t even wear pink! Doesn’t this mean you don’t like the tea party held by the emperor? That’s true! ‘Cause you’d hate it if Kaiden left you in the bedroom!’

Evelina thought she’d rather face Princess Elsius.
In the case of an unmarried Princess Elsius, even though she urged her to have a child, this kind of insult was a little difficult.

However, the Dowager Empress was already old and married for a long time, so she was insulting Evelina as if she knew what she was embarrassed about and what she was ashamed of.

“I don’t hate Kaiden.
Quite the contrary.
Are you wondering why I am wearing a blue dress today? Huh! It’s obvious! That’s why I said it!”

As the Dowager Empress shouted, raising a blood vessel around her neck, Evelina looked around her coldly.
It seemed that no one was there to help her.

She laughed at the sight.
Because she knew very well that her strength came from the emperor’s pretending to show interest and love for her.
There was nothing to be desired.
It’s not like I didn’t expect it in the first place.

“The insult is too severe!”

Baroness Orpence shouted as Evelina was about to resign.

“No! What?”

“The Queen is just newly married! But how can you say that?”

Evelina was the one who was embarrassed.
Baroness Orpence had no reason to take her side.

“And go, what’s wrong with having a small chest? My husband said it was good that my chest wasn’t big!”


“Why are you insulting all the women here like that?”

Baroness Orpence’s words brought Evelina to her senses.

“That’s true, too.
The Dowager Empress was not just insulting me now, she is insulting all the ladies here.
How can you insult someone with their body structure?”

“Ha! Why did you start talking about clothes all of a sudden?”

The Dowager Empress ignored Evelina’s words and questioned her.
Although the ladies were angry, it was obvious that they could not argue more.
Because the Dowager Empress was powerful.

“It is true that pink was originally chosen as the dress code.”

Evelina decided to get back to business.

“But that’s your dress code.
I’ve decided to match His Majesty with blue.”

“What kind of nonsense…!”

Evelina thought the emperor would not come now, but she thought it would be possible to confirm whether he was wearing a blue cape now.
She was still worthy of use to the emperor.
So the cape would have been blue.

“If you don’t believe it, ask Kaiden directly.”

When Evelina said so, the Dowager Empress stepped back like a start.
Evelina looked at the Dowager Empress, wondering what was wrong with her, and soon looked back in surprise at her figure, who made a shadow with her shoulder.

“You have makeup on your shoulder, too.”

Kaiden put his lips on Evelina’s shoulder.
She was wearing a dress with a revealing collarbone, so his warm lips touched her bare skin.

“I’m sorry, Lina.”

Then, when his lips fell, makeup the color of her skin clung to his cheeks, wiping the makeup off her shoulders.

Red marks on his neck and shoulders.
The ladies and Dowager Empress also noticed the mark immediately after seeing it.
What it looked like.

And the black uniform that Kaiden is wearing.

“I set up a place for you to have a good time, but you are going through something unpleasant.
My Lina.”

Even the blue cape of the same color as the dress of Evelina.

His eyes were red, so they were reflected more intensely in contrast to the color of the cape.

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