When Evelina looked at him with a seductive smile, Kaiden’s expression hardened.

Evelina liked it when his face was hardened like this.
Even if the body burned with lust if the object of lust was the enemy’s daughter.
That would never be a happy thing.

So did she.
Perhaps because of his fine appearance and caring friendly hands, the sensation she felt rose whenever he touched her.

However, just because her body was feeling pleasure, her mind didn’t feel the same.
She was ashamed of her body heating up and hated it getting excited every time he touched her.

At the same time, she thought it was a relief.
Even if it’s because of her body’s reaction, he wouldn’t be able to doubt her mind.
Because she would look like an immature, stupid young lady who was hung up on her young love rather than just her family name.

But what about him?

He didn’t need to be careful, just the daughter of the enemy who killed his mother. 

The psychological discomfort would be much worse than the pleasure he gave her.


Evelina looked up at him gently and was surprised when he inserted his arm between her armpits.
Soon she sounded like a cat and then was raised on his thigh.


“Please don’t look at me and close your eyes for a moment.”


“I think you’ll be scared again if you see it now.”

His voice sounded like an order, but his voice was still sweet.
Evelina closed her eyes because she thought resisting was not a good choice.
Soon after, holding her body, he buried his nose in Evelina’s shoulder and began to exhale roughly.

She was trying not to provoke him by raising her hand.
She guessed she bothered him too much.
It must be painful for him to beat her spirit with physical pleasure.

He wanted something from her.
She was sure he wanted to have her heart.
Maybe he’s trying to put up with lust ahead of it?

“Don’t you want me to touch it?”

She asked a question that she would be in trouble with.
That way, she would know how much he could endure and how much she could provoke him.

“No way.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“I don’t want my first time with Lina to be this shabby place.”

“Why is this place shabby? Our first kiss here… No, it was the first time at the wedding hall.”

Evelina’s cheeks were hot when she recalled the memory.

Then he smiled with his breath and dug further into her arms.
Evelina hugged him tightly because she didn’t want to see his expression now either.
Then, he patted her on the back as if to calm down.

“Are you not afraid of me now?”


She was less afraid because she didn’t see his eyes.
She was in a strange sense of triumph, as he trembled as if he were rather afraid.

“The four of us should have dinner together tonight.”

Evelina said deliberately when he was most off guard.

“What four?”

“Kaiden, me, Princess Elsius, and the Dowager Empress.”

“…you’ll have an upset stomach.”

She gently removed herself and checked his expression, wondering if he meant it.
Then he made eye contact with a slightly embarrassed face.

“You weren’t kidding, were you?”

“Did you hear it as a joke?”

Evelina smiled at his words.

Will it be difficult?”

“No, it’s not difficult.”

Like that, Evelina was steadily turning the emperor’s eyes from her father to her.


“Sir Usher.”

Evelina called her escort.
The two were now walking around the lake, as Ianathas did, leaving other servants far away.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

This is what Evelina’s plan was.
She planned to divert her adoptive parents to Tenesi.
Tenesi was a very far country in the north, and it was a country that came with this delegation.
Therefore, she was going to send her adoptive parents there pretending it was an invitation from the envoys, and then go to them once their titles were conferred.

As long as they didn’t commit any crimes, as long as they didn’t voluntarily come to the Abelard Empire, they wouldn’t be caught and there wouldn’t be any problems.
In addition, Evelina had a huge amount of money that Kaiden allowed in the name of maintaining her dignity.

The last thing she needed was.

“You’re from the Kingdom of Tenesi, aren’t you?”

At Evelina’s words, Usher Fronen looked at her.

“Isn’t Sir Usher’s mother Princess Rosetta of Tenesi?”

Princess Rosetta was the one who died after being deported.
Evelina knew Usher roughly because she had seen the original.

His mother was kicked out for getting her chastity taken before marriage.
Princess Rosetta, who embraced him and headed for the Baron of Fronen, died while giving birth to a child.

However, Baron Fronen’s desire to introduce him as an out-of-wedlock child was put to an end because he was afraid of losing the Kingdom of Tenesi’s trade.

Fortunately, Baron Fronen loved the princess, so he no longer had another woman, and he even handed over the title to Usher, who was an illegitimate child.
He was, on his part, a resentful but unrepentant father.

His blood was kept strictly secret.

“You’re a spy from the Tenesi kingdom, right?”

Evelina knew that he was being ordered by the King of Tenesi to return to the Kingdom of Tenesi.
She read it all in the original.

Usher’s uncle, King Tenesi, didn’t hate Usher very much.
But he didn’t even love him.
However, he only said he would return to his original status if he proved his usefulness.

From Usher’s point of view, it was better to return to the Kingdom of Tenesi as a royal and to return to a place where he would receive more than a count than to live in the Abelard Empire as a baron.
To do that, he had to make merit.

“…do you have any proof?”

“The child born by Princess Rosetta has a butterfly-shaped burn on their back.
And in Tenesi, the royals all have unique thumb shapes.
Like Sir Usher.”


“There’s one more.”

Evelina said, looking straight at Usher.

“Sir Usher has a different eye color from when he was young.
That’s a characteristic of the Tenesi royal family.
The color of your eyes changes as you grow up.”

“…what do you wish for?”

Evelina said, looking straight at Usher.

“My parents are going to Tenesi.
Help me with that.
Then I’ll help you return to Tenesi as a royal.”


“I’ll take care of that.”

Evelina checked Usher’s eyes.
He was confused when his eyes met hers.

“Who told you that?”

“I found out by chance.”

“The Marquis of Logias….”

“They don’t know.
I’m the only one who knows.
I’m constantly blocked from talking to my parents.”

Evelina said, looking at Usher.
To make sure he was helping the emperor.
But Usher didn’t seem to be helping the emperor.
Even though he acted like a hyena just to make his mark, he looked like a graceful beast on the outside.

“On the way back after the envoy’s banquet in a week, my parents will return with the Tenesi royal family.”


“Then go with my parents.
And make sure the Prince of Tenesi keeps his word, then come back.”

Because Evelina wasn’t a person who only believed in promises.
She needed to make sure that the King and Crown Prince of Tenesi kept their promise to her.

“Then please take good care of me.”

As Evelina reached out, Usher grabbed her hand as if embarrassed.
She shook it like a handshake and smiled pleasantly.


“You have to eat it before your meal.”

Evelina came to the dining room first.
Then the water came out to her first, and there came the medicine that Hans, a doctor, delivered to the servant.

She took the red pill prescribed by Kaiden’s doctor and also took other drugs prescribed by Hans.

“What kind of medicine is that?”

Then Kaiden, who was a little late, sat next to her with a smile.

It was polite for Kaiden to sit on the top seat, Evelina to his left, and Dowager Empress and Elsius to sit on his right.

“This is folic acid.”

“What’s that?”

“If you eat this, you’ll get pregnant easily.
Hans prescribed it for me.”

Evelina said nothing more and put the folic acid into her mouth.
Then she drank a lot of water at once.
The fishy and nauseating taste made her vomit, but she was trying to manage her expression.

“Does the doctor prescribe such a thing?”

Evelina swallowed the medicine and looked at Kaiden.
His ears were red as if he could act with his ears.

“I asked for it.
I heard it’s good to eat it a few months in advance.”


She found it funny how he blushed with a troubled look.
Like cognitive dissonance, his cheeks and ears seemed to be red because he hated it so much in his head, but only had the instinct to act.

“Are we allowed to have as many as 10 children?”

Evelina laughed at his question.

“When I’m ready for it.
Then, whether it’s 10 or 20 children, I have to have them.
I would be very happy to be a child who looks like Kaiden.”

She said with a smile, pretending to be innocent.
Then she gently touched his gloved hand with her finger.
Then he pulled out his hand and took off his gloves.
She found what he was doing funny and looked at him as he took her hand.

“Twenty is too many.
I heard that having children is not easy.”

Evelina was a little nervous when he spoke in a serious tone.
Because she thought he would feel like a human being, not a beast that hated her, because of the temperature delivered by the caught hand.

“Will you love the child I gave birth to?”


She couldn’t figure out why he asked that question, but she recalled that he was acting as if she answered him without a second of hesitation.


His eyes were fixed on her call.

“What would you do if I didn’t love you?”

It was an impulsive question, but she didn’t regret it.
Because it was also the best word to ask him.

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