“Euros’ undiluted solution is transparent.”

“No, I mean…!”

The Imperial Palace maid looked at Evelina in a panic.

“And when you mix it with animal feed, it becomes red.
By the way, is there any reason for me to bring Euros to the Imperial Palace?”

“T, to keep it hidden…!”

“And Euros changes color as soon as you open the cap.”


“You said what you saw was red, didn’t you? But the color of the Euros after opening the cap is black.
Not red.”

“No, I mean…”

Evelina looked at the Dowager Empress, questioning the embarrassed maid.

“You don’t even know the original color of Euros.
However, is there any credibility in what you say?”

“Well, I said as I saw it… De…!”

“Can the medicine I was taking be red? The animal feed ought to be mixed with it to make it red.
Rather, should it be black?”

When Queen Evelina calmly questioned, the maid became pale and shut up.

“A mistake! How afraid were you to make such a mistake!”


“Mistake? You saw the black one, right?”

When the Dowager Empress questioned the maid in embarrassment, the maid closed her mouth and nodded her head vigorously.

“Look! Isn’t that a mistake?”

The biggest mistake of the Dowager Empress was that she did not come alone.
She brought the Princess and the ministers.

The Dowager Empress attracted the ministers because she thought it would not be enough to kill her alone.
However, the ministers were not on the side of the Dowager Empress, as they were entirely the Emperor’s people.

Then they were not on anyone’s side.

Evelina checked the faces of the ministers who had already begun to lean toward neutrality.
20 people in total.

None of them were her father.

Evelina said as she saw those who were trusted by the emperor exchanging their eyes as if they were already cold-hearted about this, calculating the situation that the Dowager Empress picked and brought back.
And lastly, whether Kaiden would wake up later.

“It’s not a mistake.”

“How many times do the others make mistakes? If you were so scared, you would have made a mistake!”

Evelina laughed at the Queen’s words.

“Tell me the truth.
Then I’ll pretend what you said today didn’t happen.”


“Otherwise, you will be executed for perjury.
And Your Majesty.
All these documents you gave me are full of useless things.”

Evelina gestured to David’s calm expression again.
Then David handed over the paper he received from the Dowager Empress and said.

“Her Majesty bought the island of Maineber because it was entirely approved by His Majesty.
And transactions there are also made up of reliable top stocks.”

Evelina was looking coldly at the contemplating maid looking at her.

“If it’s a document with a jade seal on it, we don’t have it, so it’s hard to prove it now.”

David looked at Evelina and said casually.

“The data we have alone can prove your approval.
And when His Majesty wakes up, he will be able to authenticate through the Emperor’s palace aide as much as he can.”

Evelina didn’t know that the Dowager Empress would be so sloppy.
At the same time, when she thought of the slander she had done so far, she remembered humiliating her by insulting her rather than attacking her with her head.

This was not her way.
Then, the Dowager Empress must have borrowed someone else’s trick as if she were wearing clothes that did not fit.

“I, In fact, Her Majesty the Dowager Empress made me…!”


The maid of the Imperial Palace changed her words and clung to Evelina’s skirt.

“Help me, Your Majesty! I’m just saying that because Her Majesty won’t let me go if I don’t say what I’m told! Please save my family!”

“Oh, my God.”

“I don’t want to die! Please!”

Evelina felt sorry for the maid who cried and begged.
Although it was true that she tried to frame her, what power could the maid have to refuse the Dowager Empress?

“I’ll pretend it didn’t happen as I promised.”

She said so and raised the maid’s hand.

“These two girls planned to frame me! Get the papers! Bring me proof!”

At the Dowager Empress’ words, David tightened his face to avoid frowning at her.
Moreover, the Dowager Empress seemed to believe that the documents she handed over to Evelina were perfect.
So she seemed puzzled by the flimsy paperwork.

“If you’re in such a hurry, the finance minister should help you.”

The Dowager Empress looked at the Minister of Finance at that moment.

“I don’t check all the documents.
However, I have made a copy of all the expenditure permission statements that His Majesty has stamped.”

“As expected.”

“Yes, I’ll probably be able to get it right away if I look for it.”

Looking at the pale Dowager Empress, Evelina looked at Princess Elsius to hit the decisive blow.

“Why did you come here?”

“Oh my.
I came here.
After all, I was worried because I heard it was about my sister.”

“Don’t lie.
Why is the ring of Princess Elsius in Her Majesty’s hand?”

Evelina said as she saw the Dowager Empress wearing the heirloom ring given by the mother of Princess Elsius in her hand like a token.

“Oh, that’s…”

Princess Elsius was amused when she saw the expression of the Dowager Empress looking at her and asking for help.

She originally would have thought of helping.

However, Queen Evelina had her old crush, Ianathas.
She saw Evelina’s childhood friend standing behind Queen Evelina, who still seemed concerned about her.

Pity that Queen Evelina would never see him as a man.

That’s why Princess Elsius was able to believe in Queen Evelina’s power.
That stupid guy would marry her as she ordered.

The game has already tilted there.
Princess Elsius looked at the ministers with a fine thought.
They were already turning a deaf ear to the Dowager Empress.

She can’t believe the document that Dowager Empress was so confident in the first place was wrong.


The Dowager Empress is the main culprit of my mother’s suicide.

She had been waiting for revenge one day.
Because now could be the time.

Princess Elsius didn’t like this, but she decided not to let go of her chance.

“You took it from me by force.”

“What! Didn’t you give it as an alliance token?”

“No way.”

When the Dowager Empress’ face, which had turned pale, soon turned red, she smiled unconsciously.
She was so happy to see the face of the Dowager Empress for the first time in her life.

‘Your mother was an imperial courtesan.
That’s what an Empress is.’

Princess Elsius recalled the insult of the Dowager Empress, which was deeply embedded in her heart.

“You! Did you conspire with the Queen to fool me?”

‘The pig-like Empress Rayson, who can only give birth to children, died because of you.
She had a daughter.
Your mother died because you weren’t born a man.’

“I’m not on anyone’s side, Dowager Empress.
I’m just telling the truth.”

Elsius clenched his fist unconsciously.

‘Why don’t you burn the courtesan’s body? You can’t bury such a lowly girl in an imperial cemetery!’

Then she said without realizing it.

“We will make sure to burn Your Majesty’s body.
Because an ungodly body cannot be buried in a cemetery of the imperial family.”

“How dare you…!”

When the Dowager Empress reached out in anger, Ianathas blocked the hand.

“Let go!”

Ianathas made eye contact with Princess Elsius.
Princess Elsius smiled at him, and she remembered the moment he avoided her eyes.

‘I brought it because I thought I should give it to you.’

When she was very young, after her mother died, she burned everything.

What Ianathas Peran brought was Queen Rason’s ring.
As soon as she saw it, she knew it was her mother’s ring.
It was a ring that my mother wore every day and touched like a habit.

“Even for you, it’s a great sin, Dowager Empress.”

“Elsius! How dare you! You’ve got me off my guard and you’re trying to do this!”

“Oh, my God, I did something.”

The moment Princess Elsius looked as if laughing at her, the Dowager Empress glared at her with bloodshot eyes and said.

“How dare you do this to me when you’re the daughter of a courtesan? I will catch you and throw you naked to the knights!”

“You’re vulgar.”

Princess Elsius smiled coldly and stared at Dowager Empress Isabella.

“You’ll regret this!”

The Dowager Empress stared at her and then saw Queen Evelina.
Evelina also looked at the Dowager Empress with a cold look on her face and said.

“Take her to the dungeon.”

At Evelina’s words, the Empress and everyone else became quiet.

“How dare you…! Are you going to lock me, a member of the royal family, in the basement?”

“Just not being beheaded right away is enough to be polite.”

“Let go of me!”

“Drag her and go.”

When Evelina’s words left, the ministers stepped aside, and soon the knights grabbed the Dowager Empress and dragged her away.

The emperor was now at a crossroads.
However, the words of the Dowager Empress were ineffective, and the queen, who shared the Emperor’s bedroom, not only attracted the Princess to her side, but she was someone who might have harbored the emperor’s seed.

The ministers also saw in person how much the emperor cared for her.
Beyond that, the ministers believed that the emperor, who led the revolution, could not die because of this.

“I’m sorry something unpleasant happened, sister.”

Evelina forced a smile at the words.

She had intended to deal with Princess Elsius if that was her original purpose.
However, it wasn’t the time yet.
It should be a little later, and that was all.

“That’s what I mean.
It’s upsetting.”

She decided to call it a day.


Late at night, Evelina had to leave the Imperial Palace bedroom because of work with the Minister of Finance.

And after she went out.

“As you said, I prepared everything and solved it well.”

Evelina’s chief aide, David Charlene, was reporting to Kaiden on his knees.

“Are you finished preparing the paperwork?”

“Yes, the Minister of Finance has already handed over the documents.
There will be no disgrace to Her Majesty in this matter.”

Kaiden sighed as he heard it.
Then David looked at him suspiciously and said,

“Why didn’t you come forward and help?”

Then Kaiden said, recalling the body temperature of Evelina, which remained at the fingertips.

“So everyone is afraid of Lina.”


Kaiden smiled at David’s voice and said.

“They should be afraid of Evelina rather than afraid of me so that they won’t harm the Queen.”

At that moment, David realized that the Emperor had not only meticulously orchestrated all of this to help Queen Evelina, but also encouraged Princess Elsius and even planned Dowager Empress Isabella.

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