Evelina came to her senses.
There were two days left after tonight.

She didn’t know why he was nice to her, but he seemed to follow her will.

“Lina? Why are you crying?”

“Ah… I’m so happy…”

Evelina was crying with anxiety but smiled happily.
Her shoulders moved up and down as she sobbed, and at that moment he gestured away the servants and held her shoulder.

Evelina hated his hot temperature.
It was so hot that she could feel his temperature through her clothes.

“Did I get Lina’s taste right?”

“Yes… I’ve dreamed of a bedroom like this since I was young.”

“Then I’ll change the Imperial Palace bedroom like this.
I’ll sprinkle new rose petals every day.”

“No, don’t do that.”

She gently loosened his arm and said.

“Special things are only done on special days.”

“Every day Lina is with me is special.
For me.”

As he spoke as if he meant it, Evelina tried to make her bitter smile into a joyful smile.

“But I only want to do that on special days.”

When she saw his face, she had the illusion that he was serious.
He said so intently.
Her heart was feeling stuffy without even realizing it.
She had to pretend not to know her feelings.
It seemed she couldn’t stand it otherwise.

“Then I’ll do that.”

She was tickled as he hugged her again and rubbed his hair against her shoulder.
His big body was so tall that he had to bend down a lot to hug her.

– Piipi!

“Oh, my God.”

For a moment, Evelina trembled at the sound of a bird.
He raised his head from her shoulder and their ears brushed, and she opened her eyes wide in surprise at the brushing.

“Oh, I have a present.”

He straightened the bird-sounding cloth.
There was a large cage underneath it.

“Is this… a hawk?”

The little hawk had its eyes fixed on her.

“Why are its eyes red?”

“It was sent to Lina as a gift from Viscount Delvia.
I got it before the hunting competition… But it got in the way.”

“Is this too young? Did they train it?”

Evelina approached the bird with pleasure.
Then Kaiden quickly opened the cage door.


The bird soon went straight out of the cage, circled the room, and sat on Evelina’s shoulder.

“Yes, it’s the only hawk in the world.”

“Its eyes look so… like Kaiden’s.”

“That’s why he gave it to me.”

The Viscount Delvia and his wife, who remembered Evelina’s interest in birds at the last tea party, immediately trained the falcon.

He came to the palace and trained it to stick to Evelina.

Hawk was trained with a knight in a platinum wig to respond to platinum and the peach-flowered perfume that Evelina often sprayed.
Of course it was more of her body scent than perfume.

Originally, most hawks had yellow eyes.
Therefore, when a unique hawk with red eyes was born, he was going to give it to the emperor immediately.
However, when they recalled the emperor’s behavior at the Tea Party and the way he looked at Evelina, Viscountess of Delvia devised a way to pass it on to the Queen through the Emperor.

If the Emperor cared about the Queen, he would train the falcon once more for her.
At the same time, the loyalty of Viscount Delvia was also proved.

“Please give it a name.”

Evelina instinctively knew that birds and small animals followed her well.
Maybe that’s why she stroked the hawk’s head with her finger, and it dug its head in her neck as if it was in a good mood.

“What would be good?”

She forgot the situation and laughed.
She somehow felt uncomfortable naming the bird.
She was going to die in two days, so she wondered if she could name the bird.

“It’ll like anything.”

At Kaiden’s words, she stared into his red eyes and said,

“How about Garnet?”

She said so, because his eyes were like red jewels.
Kaiden, who noticed her meaning, nodded with red ears.


– Beep.

The hawk spread its wings as if it were in a good mood, and soon rubbed its head against her cheek.
Evelina stroked the hawk’s wings without feeling strange because birds often behaved like this to her.



Evelina decided to fall asleep, feeling she couldn’t do it anymore.
Because she didn’t have any more stamina left.

“I can’t… I can’t….”

Yesterday was the first day she shared my body with him, but he was pushing her to the limit again.

“All right.”

That’s how Evelina made love to him in her room until she passed out.

He only did it once, but he did it too long.
She was exhausted and it made her fall asleep.


When Evelina woke up in the morning, she was surprised that he was still in her room, but she didn’t show it, and she moved into his arms.

“There is something I didn’t say yesterday.”

“Did you wait until I woke up?”


She didn’t understand his behavior.
He could leave a note, but the fact that he waited until midday when she woke up.
She wanted to see if the behavior of a person who has achieved his goal was right.

“I didn’t want you to wake up alone after making love.”


When she realized that the action was considerate, she felt strange.

“It’s about Marquis Logias.
I felt like I had to deliver it myself.”

At that moment, her eyes opened wide.
After checking her expression, Kaiden said with a wry smile.

She clenched his shoulders as she felt her heart sink at his laughter.
His shoulders were too stiff, perhaps because his whole body was muscular.

“I’m thinking of sending him to Tenesi.”


She stared at him, wondering if he was trying to question her.
But he was staring at Evelina as if it wasn’t the case.

“It is clear that the Marquis of Logias is involved in the affairs of Elsius.
I think it would be more dangerous to leave him here.”

“Oh… yes, I understand.”

“So I’m going to send him to the Kingdom of Tenesi.
However, he is not in the position of a criminal.”

Kaiden continued to make eye contact with her as if he were making excuses.

“Nominally, he will go as the envoy.
And then we’re going to issue an exile order.”


“The Prince of Tenesi has already said so.”

“Really? Is it possible to do that?”


His heart thumped as Evelina gloated and rejoiced.
It was so beautiful when she looked so happy.
Contrary to the heat that he saw last night, it seemed to have another meaning of beauty.

“Still, domestic assets will be attributed to the imperial family.
Nominally, it’s exile.”

“Ah yes.
It’s okay.”

“All property will belong to Lina.”

“Oh… yes.”

At his words, she remembered that she was also an imperial asset.
But what does it matter? Her parents would live.

“Didn’t the ministers object?”

Her words distressed him.
If he told her the truth, Evelina would be upset, and if he lied, she would not believe him.
This will get back to her anyway.
No matter how much he ordered silence.

“They objected.”

“I see…”

“But everyone decided to follow my opinion.”

Evelina thanked him for his kindness to her.
At the same time, she thought it was because of the medicine he gave her that her life was really two days away.
Because he took her, she thought his revenge had softened.

She also thought that maybe she, who warmed the bedroom, was quite satisfied with him.
That’s why he pushed her like that for two days in a row.

As if she was running away from him trying to read her expression, she hugged his chest.
It was a hard chest, but it was hot, and there was a strong beating.

She held her ear to his chest as if to listen to his heart.
She struggled to deny that the sound was mixed with the sound of hers.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Then he said, stroking her hair with his hand.

“Instead, there are conditions.”

“What… conditions?”

“I’m going to enter Lina as the daughter of Duke Ruskun.”

“Ah… yes, okay.”

Evelina gladly agreed.
Because of what kind of lingering will she feel in the last two days of her life?

She didn’t want him to change his mind, so she got back up anyway.
Her body was already in pieces, and there was no trace of him left anywhere on her body.
But she had to win his heart.
At least until her adoptive parents left.

“The Marquis of Logias has decided to leave tomorrow.”

“Are the envoys of Kingdom of Tenesi leaving tomorrow?””


Originally, it was right to stay much longer.
But Kaiden kept the incident a secret from Tenesi’s crown prince.
Instead, he offered the terms of the deal, saying he would support him to become king.

In addition, he promised to save the Marquis of Logias and naturalize him into the Kingdom of Tenesi, and to serve as Marquis.

“I’ll make the documents by the end of the night and share them with Lina.”

“Yes, I like it.”

She patted his cheek and loosened her arms.
Then she climbed onto Kaiden’s body, looked down at him, and smiled.

“It’s already late, go a little later.”

She said so, led her creaking body, and kissed him first.

He was so crushed again by her touch that he could not leave the room until sunset.
By the time the sheet was moistened with two people’s fluids, when he saw her asleep, he had to step up to get things done.


When he returned at night, Evelina saw the documents he had handed over.

It was so perfect.
That’s how she remembered she had one day left.
She seduced him so he could have his way with her.

Because it was a document stamped with the Emperor’s seal, she thought he would keep his promise to her.
Before she let go of herself like that, she gave him everything.

She didn’t think he would give her everything.

At this time, Evelina had no idea that she would not die.

“More… Heu, ha.
I want to do more, uh….”

She said so, hugging him tightly and holding his head, which breathed heavily.

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