Chapter 5: “My goal is you.”

Fu Cheng didn’t know why he felt a little nervous.

His back was tense, Shen Yi was standing next to him, and in front of him was his eldest brother who was looking over them, and the radar that helped herbivorous animals protect themselves by helping in detecting danger reminded him that the atmosphere was definitely out of the ordinary at the moment.

He was like a little white rabbit in the midst of jackals, tigers and leopards, looking back and forth, not daring to move, he swallowed, “I…am not going, alright?

Fu Yuhe stared at Shen Yi’s smiling face.

“Go in.” This sentence was addressed to Fu Cheng.

Shen Yi let go of his hand and said regretfully: “Okay, then I’ll go first, see you later, Brother Fu.”

Fu Yuhe sneered again, and laughed, scaring Fu Cheng.

Shen Yi turned and left, instead of going to the nearby supermarket, he went to the basketball court to play, and it didn’t take long before Fu Cheng came to find him.

“The parent-teacher meeting started?” Shen Yi dribbled the basketball, raised his hand and threw it, scoring a three-pointer.

Fu Cheng let out an “um”.
His brother took time his time in settling down, he also found out that  no one from Shen Yi’s family came to the parent-teacher meeting, but he didn’t mention that Shen Yi’s parents didn’t come at this time, and simply played ball with him.

Shen Yi could tell that the little sheep was afraid that he would feel sad and uncomfortable.
While he felt it was funny, he could feel the warmth between people getting along in his heart.

The feeling of being cared for, is both precious and delicate.

A system that has awakened their self-conscious would have their own personality, and for Shen Yi as a human being, every emotional fluctuation and feeling was precious – after all this was what people felt.

When Shen Yi and Fu Cheng were playing one-vs-one, another group of people came to the basketball court.
This basketball court was very large, there were two courts in total, Shen Yi and Fu Cheng occupied one side, their group was on the other side, river water does not interfere with well water1, when a ball from the opposite side suddenly smashed towards Fu Cheng and was caught by Shen Yi with his bare hands.

A few girls sat on benches on the side and were taking pictures with her mobile phone, and she let out a small exclamation when she saw the ball smashing towards them.

The ball fell from Shen Yi’s palm and hit the ground with a bang.

“I’m sorry!” A few people over there came over, “My hand slipped.”

If Shen Yi hadn’t caught it, the basketball would have smashed Fu Cheng’s face by now, and Shen Yi rolled his wrist to reduce the ache and saw a familiar “old friend” walking over.

Xu Fanchao and a few other tall students walked over, Xu Fanchao’s boss status was evident as he walked in front of them, his steps exuding arrogance with a smile on his face.
There were no signs of an apology in his tone.

“I didn’t manage to see clearly just now, it turned out to be you.”

Shen Yi glanced at him, his lips parted and he said: “Are you blind? You didn’t see clearly?”

Xu Fanchao’s face changed, he didn’t expect Shen Yi to be so unceremonious, he stepped forward and pushed Shen Yi’s shoulder, “You…”

Shen Yi grabbed his wrist and spoke softly: “I’m sorry, I don’t mean anything else.”

Xu Fanchao’s wrist was bubbling with pain, and his face alternating between white and red.

Their shadows elongated and overlapped with each other, the atmosphere tense.

“You guys over there! What are you doing”! A shout sounded.

Shen Yi looked sideways and realised it was the teaching director.

He let go of Xu Fanchao’s wrist, the teaching director was familiar with them, especially Xu Fanchao, a thorn who caused trouble right and left.

Xu Fanchao cursed under his breath, which happened to be heard by the teaching director and he ended up getting reprimanded.

“What the, your dad is here at the parent-teacher meeting today, why can’t you behave…”

After the teaching director reprimanded Xu Fanchao and warned them again before leaving, Shen Yi wasn’t in any mood to play anymore, since their last encounter, Xu Fanchao hasn’t sent him any messages, but looking at Xu Fanchao’s aggressive behaviour, he clearly had no intention of giving up.

When he turned to leave, he threw out the ball in his hand, which hit Xu Fanchao on the back  of his shoulder, Xu Fanchao staggered from hit, gritted his teeth and cursed.

Shen Yi said, “I’m sorry, my hand slipped.”

Xu Fanchao wanted to rush up, but he seemed to have some concerns, and in the end he just stared at him viciously: “You’d better not be caught by me outside the school.”

In the classroom of the senior three class of this high school, Fu Yuhe, who was sitting by the window, saw the whole farce with his eyes, thought he couldn’t hear anything from this distance, he could still vaguely see their figures.

He tapped the test paper on the table with his fingertips, and the words “Shen Yi” were written in the upper left corner of the test paper in a handwriting that was both vigorous and powerful.

This test paper was sandwiched in between Fu Cheng’s file a few minutes ago, and the results on the test paper were very good.

It could be easily concluded that there are quite a few gaps in the investigated data and the person himself.

Towards the end of the parent-teacher meeting, Shen Yi and Fu Cheng returned back to the teaching building.

There weren’t many students in their class, the arrangements of the seats were very loose2, and Shen Yi stood at the door of the classroom and saw the man sitting in the corner at a glance.

Among the parents, he was the most eye-catching, cold and fair-skinned, young and handsome, wearing a black suit that hugged his perfectly proportioned body, and his casual sitting posture is full of awe-inspiring temperament.
He seemed to be at ease in such an environment.

There are several girls in the corridor whispering one after another, Fu Yuhe’s type was very popupar among the girls of this age group, but liking it was just liking it.
He was the kind of person who can only be admired from afar and couldn’t be played with.
Not to mention that Fu Yuhe in reality possessed a strong sense of alienation.

This parent-teacher meeting was mainly held to let parents pay more attention to the mental health of students, who are already in their third year of high school and have reached the stage of sprinting for the college entrance examination.

“Fu Cheng, is that your brother?”

The girl on the side came over and asked.

Fu Cheng nodded.

“Your brother is so handsome.” The girl whispered.

Fu Cheng pursed his lips and smiled.

“Isn’t our Fu Cheng handsome?” Shen Yi answered with a smile.

The girl blushed when she looked at his smiling face, “I didn’t mean that.”

“Hey.” Fu Cheng bumped his elbow against Shen Yi’s abdomen, and his face blushed a little in the face of such a joke.

Not long after, the parent-teacher meeting ended, and the people inside came out of the door one after another.

There was no class today, students could make their own arrangement after the parent-teacher meeting ended.
Fu Yuhe glanced at the time and said he would take Fu Cheng to have dinner, and Fu Cheng simply dragged Shen Yi along.

They went down the stairs and while passing through the boulevard, they met a middle-aged man dressed in a suit, the other party seemed very strong, as the suit on his body looked like it was about to be torn apart by his muscles.

He came over with a smile and greeted: “President Fu.”

Though he was smiling religiously, but his face gave people a fierce feeling.

Fu Yuhe gave out a lukewarm response, “Mr.

“It’s such a coincidence.” Mr.
Xu said, “You came over to attend the parent-teacher meeting for your brother.
I don’t even know where the brat from my family has run off to.”

Fu Yuhe suddenly said: “I saw him playing just now.

He turned sideways and looked at the two teenagers behind him, “With you two.”

Shen Yi’s mind spun quickly, and he asked, “Xu Fanchao?”

“He’s Xu Fanchao’s father.” Fu Cheng whispered a reminder next to him.

“Oh… we were playing ball”.
Shen Yi suddenly realized, glanced at Fu Yuhe, who looked polite yet distant on his face, and took over the conversation, and casually commented, “He almost hit Fu Cheng with the ball.”

The smile on Mr.
Xu’s face froze, and he laughed: “This kid is too careless, I’ll talk to him when I go back.”

“It’s normal to get injured while playing, no need to take it to heart.” One couldn’t tell whether it was all is good tone or I’m being polite but am pissed tone from Fu Yuhe’s voice.

He chatted with Mr.
Xu for a bit longer.
Xu wanted to invite them to dinner, but Fu Yuhe declined on the pretext that he had something to do.

After that President Xu left, Fu Yuhe turned his head and glanced at Shen Yi, and both sides could see through what each other meant just now.

Fu Yuhe was frank, his face did not change one bit, Shen Yi held a smile in his eyes, only Fu Cheng blinked his eyes, looked to the left and then looked at the right, and scratched his head in confusion.

Did something happen? Why couldn’t he fit into the atmosphere between his eldest brother and Shen Yi.

Just as it was time for dinner, the restaurants near the school were overcrowded, so Fu Yuhe took them to a restaurant in the city centre.

As soon as the three of them entered the door, a waiter greeted them, called “President Fu”.
The restaurant reserved a private room, the waiter led them in front, when they arrived at the private room, the three of them took their seats, Fu Cheng sat in the middle of Shen Yi and Fu Yuhe, he took the menu and recommended the dishes to Shen Yi, indicating that he was a regular customer here.

Fu Yuhe took off his suit jacket and folded his sleeves.
The muscles of his forearm were smooth and not exaggerated.
The two teenagers next to him put their heads together, looking very intimate, he waited for a while and asked, “Have you chosen?”

“I’m bot picky.” Shen Yi said, “You guys can order.”

Fu Cheng handed the menu to Fu Yuhe: “Brother, you order.”

Two pairs of eyes fell on him.

Fu Yuhe: “…”

This synchronous tacit understanding made him very uncomfortable.

He asked, “Can you eat spicy food?”

Shen Yi knew that he was asking him this question, and replied, “No problem.”

Fu Yuhe ordered, and the waiter noted it down, and took the menu and went out, all the while closing the door was gently behind him.

Shen Yi and Fu Cheng started chatted again, and Fu Yuhe couldn’t help but wonder, if he spoke so much when he was younger?

But after Shen Yi appeared, Fu Cheng had become more cheerful than before.

“I’m going to the bathroom, where is the bathroom here?” Shen Yi asked.

Fu Cheng: “I’ll take…”

His words were interrupted as Fu Yuhe said in a calm voice: “I’ll take you.”

He squinted his eyes at Shen Yi: “Smoke a cigarette along the way.”

Shen Yi was stunned for a moment, and then readily agreed: “Okay, I’ll trouble you, Brother Fu.”

Fu Cheng could only sit down and wait obediently.

Shen Yi and Fu Yuhe went to the bathroom one after another.

“Go ahead.” Fu Yuhe stood at the door and raised his chin.

Shen Yi: “Brother Fu doesn’t want to use the bathroom?”

Fu Yuhe took out the cigarette case: “No.”

“Oh.” Shen Yi turned his head and went in.

The bathroom was very clean, the tiles on the floor were white, and there was only a faint smell of an air freshener in the air, Shen Yi quickly finished using the toilet, went out of the bathroom and washed his hands in the sink outside.

He looked up and saw Fu Yuhe standing at the door from the mirror, the man had a cigarette dangling from his mouth, the cigarette butt was scarlet, though the smoke he breathed out made his face hazy, Shen Yi somehow knew that he was looking at him.

He was also looking at Fu Yuhe, his gaze slipped from his face to his narrow waist, Fu Yuhe took off his suit jacket in the room, and at the moment he was only wearing a white shirt which was neatly tucked into his trousers.
The fitted fabric outlined his waistline, the two buttons at the top were undone, and there was a cigarette dangling between his lips.
He gave off a casually lazy and unbelievably sexy vibe.

The cold water slipped down his slender fingers, Shen Yi lowered his eyes, withdrew his gaze, dried the water on his hand, and said, “I’m done.”

Fu Yuhe didn’t move, “Hmm.”

After a while, he took the cigarette out of his mouth, extinguished the cigarette butt, threw it into the trash can, and walked to the sink to wash his hands.

He was indeed looking at Shen Yi just now, and he was a little fascinated, which made him a little irritated.

In the mirror, the sleeves of Shen Yi’s baseball jersey was pulled up to his forearm, and the youthful aura on his body was very clean, like a natural luminous object, making others unconsciously focus on him.

He straightened up after washing his hands and said quietly, “Let’s go.”

“We’re going back just like that?” Shen Yi behind him tilted his head and asked.

Fu Yuhe’s eyes looked at him through the mirror.

Shen Yi curved the corner of his mouth: “I thought that Brother Fu came with me because he had something to talk to me about alone.”

Fu Yuhe narrowed his eyes, he had found that although Shen Yi wasn’t a goody two shoes3, he loved to show off his smile, which looked pure but was filled with deception.
He was a bad boy that just hadn’t been caught, innocent on the outside while being corroded on the inside.

“Just like last time.” Shen Yi added slowly.

There was no need to say which time he was talking about, the twoof them, knew it well.

“Brother Fu, I keep my words.
I haven’t mentioned a word of this to Fu Cheng.” He was like a child asking for praise.

“If you did mention it, you wouldn’t be here now.” Fu Yuhe said.

Shen Yi asked: “So this time, what does Brother Fu want to say?

Fu Yuhe didn’t know if it was his illusion but he kept feeling that Shen Yi was actually looking forward to it.

He looked at Shen Yi in the mirror and asked slowly: “Shen Yi, did I give you the illusion that I am very easy to talk to?”

Shen Yi: “I…”

“Put away your little tricks.” Fu Yuhe’s eyes darkened and said, “Don’t make any strange moves towards Fu Cheng.”

“Strange moves…” Shen Yi whispered softly, “Brother Fu.”, you must have some misunderstanding about me.”

Fu Yuhe: “I hope it’s a misunderstanding.”

Shen Yi: “If the strange behavior you mentioned…”

He raised his hand, placed it on Fu Yuhe’s shoulder and said softly, “Is like this——”

Fu Yuhe felt a warm breath behind his ear, it wasn’t very clear, but it’s the ambiguity that was the most seductive.

“Then Brother Fu, you really misunderstood it.” Shen Yi said, “Is there anything wrong with good friends placing their arms around each other? Brother Fu, aren’t you protecting Fu Cheng a little bit too much? A brother who would prevent such simple physical contact is not likable.

Fu Yuhe frowned.

Shen Yi: “Besides, why don’t you think that my goal is you?”


River water does not interfere with well water1: Minding their own business

the seats were very loose2: There is a lot of distance between the seats.

Goody two shoes: One who follows the rules.

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