Academy of the Principality of Liloney , attached to the western end of the empire.

Men in military uniforms of the Tales Empire arrived there, known as the so-called

“Take her who has the surname of Prelai!”

In an instant, they stormed into my lab at the top of the academy.

The sign on the door fell terribly and rolled on the floor.

My laboratory, which was filled with various experimental instruments, quickly became a mess.

I was in the middle of solving a formula, and I was caught without knowing why.
It was really embarrassing.

I immediately protested.

“What is it, you bastards! Do you have two lives? Why don’t you let me go right away before I hit you in the head one by one with all kinds of magic tools

What the hell is this all about?”

The Imperial Army, who had been tying my wrists, spoke bluntly.

“Seukali Prelai plotted against the empire.”


I was taken aback by those words and froze on the spot.

Grandfather’s name came out casually from the lips of the imperial army.

My grandfather, Duke Seukali Prelai, was a man of great power.
Although his father went missing a few months ago, his two older brothers were excelling in their respective fields.

Even my cousin, Melissa Prelai, who grew up with us, recently appeared in the newspaper for her extraordinary powers.

I was the only person in the family who had problems, so I was already far away.

But the Prelai family is treacherous?

“Return the sinner to the Empire! Hurry up, we can’t be late for the hanging date!”

“han- han- han- han- hanging?”

I opened my eyes wide in surprise.

“That- that,  let’s say that my grandfather plotted against the empire because he is senile.”

And the words poured out.

“But I haven’t been to the Empire for seven years! Stuck in this rural corner, doing nothing but magical engineering research!”

It was really unfair.

When I was 16 years old, I came to the Lilowney Principality Academy.
And from then until now, I hadn’t even stopped by the duke’s residence.

The Imperial Army’s answer to my logical refutation was simple.

“But anyway, you’re also a Prelai.”

He pointed to a sign that read [Professor of Magical Engineering – Kiana Eli Prelai].


In the end, I was helplessly dragged out by the imperial army.

* * *

The dean was standing in the hallway.

I looked at him as if I had met my savior.

My contributions to the academy so far have been enormous.
So I wondered if he would somehow save me.

“Principal ! I .”


The dean coughed and blocked me.
And without even looking at me, he politely asked the imperial soldiers.

“I will check one more time.
If Professor Kiana Prelai dies, according to the laws of the Principality of Lilowney, all patents in her name will belong to the Academy, right?”

For a moment, the world seemed to stop.

The dean who always cherished me as a paper printing machine…… What are you talking about?

The dean laughed servilely and demanded an answer from the imperial army again.

“For patents, you must follow the laws of the Principality of Liloney, not the laws of the Empire.
Because we cooperated on that condition.”

It was like getting hit in the head.

If it was the treachery of the Duke of Prelai, it was a big enough event to shake the entire continent.
But I didn’t know that fact until the imperial army was right in front of me.

Come to think of it, the newspapers were not delivered these days because the roads were a mess, but it seemed that the dean had taken care of all of this.

I was a genius magic engineer.
Magic engineering was a study that implemented magic tools based on mathematics and physics.

Of course, there are a lot of patents in my name.
The dean coveted it and decided to hand me over to the imperial army.

In an instant, tears welled up.

As I said with my own mouth, I jumped out of the great Prelai duchy on my feet and spent 7 years at the academy.
It’s been a long time since I thought of the dean as a real family member.

Because he praised me, saying that I was an unprecedented genius, and letted me skip grades over and over again, even making me a professor.

I expressed my sincerity with a feeling of vomiting blood.

“You beggar, you used me to your heart’s content and sold me for money, right? Even if I go to hell, I’ll jump out somehow and make your dreams a mess for the rest of your life! Even if I make a contract with any vicious devil, I will ruin you and your descendants forever!”

One day at the age of twenty-three, when she was working as a professor at an academy in a small principality in the corner of the continent.


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