Wen Li quickly jumped onto the bed and lifted the blanket, crawling inside.

Song Yan watched as a section of the blanket puffed up, patiently waiting for her awkwardness to pass.

After a few minutes, a small corner of the blanket quietly revealed a tiny pointed lotus bud.

She asked in a low voice, “Aren't you still filming? Have you finished shooting?”

“No, I took a leave,” Song Yan said.

Wen Li rolled her eyes, “Oh.”

Song Yan flicked the edge of a piece of paper with his hand and said, “It seems like the contract hasn't expired yet.”

Wen Li lowered her gaze and responded, “Hmm, well, then…”

Since it hadn't expired yet, would you mind accompanying me to participate in a variety show? And help me vent some frustration?

In her dream, she had already prepared a script, but now, in front of Song Yan, she felt unable to bring it up.

There was no emotion in the man's deep eyes as he slowly spoke, “Did the production team of [In This World with You] contact you?”

Wen Li was slightly stunned but nodded, “They did.”

Song Yan made a sound of agreement, his tone resembling that of a headmaster asking a question, “How much are they offering you? What did they say about the endorsement from a top brand and the subsequent public relations and marketing?”

Wen Li gave a rough explanation, but she trembled at the thought of revealing her salary.

Are web variety shows really this lucrative now? They're even more generous than prime-time variety shows.

Song Yan affirmed, “They are very sincere.”

Wen Li asked him again, “What did they tell you?”

“Something similar,” Song Yan added, “I'm quite tempted.”

Wen Li looked at him, and her complex expression became even more unpredictable.

Originally, she wasn't planning to take on the show.
Having a script would be fine, but the problem was that this variety show didn't actually have a script.
At most, they provided some guidelines to create a variety show atmosphere, and the rest relied solely on the guests' improvisation.

When Wen Li was still struggling to make it to the A-list, she appeared on several variety shows and had some unpleasant experiences.
Now that she had finally established herself in the industry – unless it was for publicity that couldn't be avoided or an excessively generous offer – she rarely appeared on variety shows.

Moreover, she and Song Yan don't even spend the New Year holidays together.
What could they spontaneously create? They were actors, not scriptwriters.

Ever since [In This World with You] opened the voting channel, she and Song Yan had brought a lot of attention to the show.
That was one thing.
But if she and Song Yan didn't go, the show's popularity would be wasted on their counterparts, Lu Ming and Zheng Xue.

Wen Li was still pondering, not even noticing when Song Yan stood up from the sofa and walked over to sit by the bed.

As the blanket was pulled away, Wen Li realized belatedly and exclaimed in a startled tone, “What are you doing?”

Song Yan leaned in, directly pinching her chin and kissing her.

The refreshing scent of cold spruce on the man entered Wen Li's nostrils.
It was the new fragrance launched this year by the brand he endorsed, specifically named after his nickname to exploit his fans.

[Midsummer Moonlight].

—In the scorching heat of midsummer, only the moonlight brings a cool breeze, like you gliding gently through my heart.

Although Song Yan usually appeared cold, he was actually quite domineering when kissing.

He used his finger to wipe off the grape-flavored lip gloss from Wen Li's lips, which was too greasy, and casually commented, “Not bad taste.”

Wen Li successfully shifted her focus, saying, “Oh, the new lip gloss from the brand I endorse for the next quarter hasn't been released yet—”

He smiled and bit her lower lip.

Wen Li remembered Song Yan's nickname.

White Moonlight, Beauty Song.

They gave a strong sense of distance and aloofness.

Faintly and hazily, Wen Li thought that if the show were filmed in bed, they really wouldn't need a script.

Alas, it would never pass the television censorship.


The man lay on the bed in a daze for more than ten minutes, then reached out to tuck the corner of the blanket for Wen Li, who was hiding in the corner with her back to him, before getting up to take a shower.

Wrapped in the blanket, Wen Li entered a state of empty meditation.

Although they were a contractual couple, there was no provision in the agreement stating “no physical intimacy”.

At the time, she never even thought about it.
Both of them were busy with work, and they rarely had the opportunity to meet each other a few times a year.
Song Yan also never mentioned it.
She naively believed that he was not the kind of person who would take advantage of the agreement loopholes.
She let her guard down.

Ah, it's hard to resist temptation.
She blamed her lack of self-control.

But if it were anyone else lying on this bed, and anyone else being pressed down by Song Yan, she didn't believe that they could resist.

Wen Li justified herself in her mind.

The sound of rushing water came from the master bathroom.
Wen Li really didn't want to get up, so she lay there and played with her phone.

First, she browsed through her own fan community.
Wen Li was very cautious in this regard and always used an alternate account to lurk.

Then she clicked into her and Song Yan's official Weibo fan community.

In the few years since her debut, due to work relationships, she had been rumored with many male celebrities, including her former friend, Lu Ming.

On the contrary, when her relationship with Song Yan was made public in a hasty manner without any preparation, it caused quite a stir.
Weibo crashed, and both sides received heavy criticism from fans.

However, what the management team didn't anticipate was that over the course of two years, a large number of CP fans filled the void left by those disappointed fans, and there were even many who returned to support them.

The reason was simple: they had good looks, so good that CP fans didn't need real sugar, just their faces were enough, and they could imagine the loving moments between them.

At first, the two of them had no interaction.
The popularity of the “Salt Grain” couple began on the night of a certain awards ceremony.
At that time, Song Yan's pen ran out of ink while standing in front of the signing board.
He waited for a while as the staff hurriedly went to find a pen.
It happened that Wen Li had just finished walking the red carpet and looked at Song Yan, who hadn't entered yet, with a hint of confusion.

In an unexpected encounter, the two of them – one in a long black chiffon gown and the other in a custom-made silver-gray suit – stood together.
The combination of the noble white moonlight and the charming black swan, the intense chemistry between them exploded in the paparazzi photos taken that night.

That feeling of seeming together but distant, the unfamiliar aura between the two, the tension in the atmosphere was even greater than the impact of them hugging each other in public.

Later, when the two of them openly announced their relationship, they only dared to show affection within a confined circle and never sought attention from their CP fans.
But in an instant, the CP fans who had been ignored before suddenly rose up and gained immense popularity.

Their respective loyal fans publicly emphasized their focus on personal projects and rejected the bundling of their CP resources.

Married for two years, one of those years saw Song Yan studying abroad for a master's degree in business.
In their second year, their schedules were packed with various announcements, and they only met at major media award ceremonies.

Wen Li, feeling bored, flipped through the highlighted posts in the CP fandom, only to discover a new video that had been highlighted.

It was uploaded on a video-sharing website, and the reposts on Weibo had already surpassed nine thousand, making it a small sensation.

These CP fans were quite creative in entertaining themselves.
Their imaginative ideas were worth writing novels about.

「[Salt Grain Couple] Sinister and Cold Emperor x Willful and Proudly Obstinate Empress」

Editor: Beautiful Grass Sanli

BGM: Startling Beauty

Video Sources: [Emperor Chengzu], [Great Emperor's Ambition], [How Could She Resist the Urgent Wind], [Thousand Gold Memories].

Video Description: Confession of the Salt Grain Couple!!! Your divine editing master is back with a new video, hahaha! This time, the story is about a cold and sinister prince who, after enduring countless hardships, finally ascends to the throne.
Ruthless and indifferent to killing, he marries the daughter of the Prime Minister to secure his position as the Emperor.
On their wedding night, he tries to assert his dominance over the Empress, but unexpectedly, she kneels down three times and kowtows nine times, thanking him for his mercy.
The Emperor is left dumbfounded.
In short, it's a story of a married couple falling in love after marriage, with a happy ending.
Watch it without worries, and if you like it, don't forget to like, comment, and share!

The video was flooded with various barrage comments right from the beginning.

「Expressing love for Beauty1! Expressing love for Sanli2!」

「UP Master, your name is wild!」

「Thank you, Miss, for finally posting a new video.
I've been craving them and almost starved!」

「Who are these immortals addicted to the Salt Grain Couple? Wuu wuu wuu.」

Song Yan's two ancient costume films obviously had a higher production quality than Wen Li's puppetry dramas.
However, Wen Li's dramas excelled in their refreshing and exquisite costumes and makeup.
The divine editor added a layer of filter to the video, seamlessly integrating scenes from different TV dramas and films into a complete short story.

At the beginning of the video, the cold and sinister Emperor showed disdain for the sickly Empress.
He disapproved of her being pampered in the boudoir since childhood, resulting in her spoiled and capricious behavior.
After their marriage, he never set foot in the Empress' palace again.

The sickly Empress enjoyed her freedom every day, riding in a sedan chair to admire flowers and visiting the lake in the palace.
She liked to dress up in a charming and beautiful manner, feeling delighted in her own appearance.
After all, her monthly stipend will not be reduced, and the supply of jewelry and hairpins will not be interrupted.
Whether the Emperor favored her or not, she didn't care.

“The sickly Empress who gasps after taking three steps only knows how to play with superficial things.
This esteemed Empress of mine is truly useless.”

“I only hope that person never comes to my palace.
With his physique, wouldn't he crush me if he really consummates the marriage?”

Song Yan's young Emperor is gloomy and cold, displaying arrogance with every glance and gesture.
Wen Li's sickly Empress, on the other hand, is willful and capricious, appearing delicate and charming even in a frown.
Even when she is three parts sick, her beauty rivals that of Xi Shi.

He finds her too delicate, and she finds him too cold.
They disliked each other at first sight.

Both of them, with their exquisitely beautiful appearances reminiscent of oil paintings, look stunning in their ancient costumes.
They not only bear the weight of precious jewels and crowns but also the embroidered long sleeves adorned with countless golden threads.

「Real fragrance warning.」

「The couple with such exquisite looks is killing me, damn.」

「First marriage, then love.
It's amazing!」

「Wuwuwu, I can't handle this beauty.」

「I admit that I'm a passerby.
I really love this first marriage, then love storyline.」

In the middle of the video, the Emperor unintentionally saw a scene where the Empress, clad in red fox fur, stood gracefully in the snow, extending her hand to touch the snowflakes.
It captivated him, and later, he dreamed of the Empress lying naked on his bed, delicate and enchanting, as if the image could be shattered with a touch.

After that, whenever the Empress coughed, the Emperor felt extreme pain.
Whenever her brows furrowed even slightly, the Emperor would become irritated for days.

The cold Emperor's heart was ultimately stolen away by the sickly Empress.

She only loved jewelry and luxury, greedy for wealth and indulgence.
So he deliberately ordered a deduction of stipend from the Empress' chamber, forcing her to come and submit to him obediently.

「Tsk tsk, such a cunning pig trotter.」

「Damn, your mother.
It's so sweet.」

「We're shipping so hard, so hard.」

「I love the love-struck Emperor.」

For the sake of jewelry and silver, the Empress could only endure.
The Emperor wanted her to knead his shoulders, she did it.
The Emperor wanted her to grind ink, she did it.
The Emperor wanted her to attend to his needs in bed, she could only “endure humiliation and bear burdens”.

Because they weren't filmed together, the dialogues in this scene were added by the uploader, along with the flickering candles and the swaying bed curtains.

The barrage is filled with yellow and pink colors.

「Amazing! Amazing! The uploader is so talented, ahh!」

「Automatically turning into a fan.」

「Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!」

「Why am I turning yellow?」

「Where's the scene? Do I lack that bit of popularity?」

After finishing the video, Wen Li went to check the comments.

「Some people, while watching the video, ended up opening the incognito tab.」

「I got into this CP during high school and now I'm in university, and yet, Salt Grain hasn't had any collaborations in film and television.
It's all thanks to the support of the fans.

「Even after they got married, we still have to rely on the CP fans to satisfy our sugar cravings.
Only we, the Salt Grains, are here.」

「Are there any similar ancient novels with a marriage-before-love theme? Sobbing, I've decided to substitute Salt Grain into them.」

「A bottom-tier writer dares to ask the CP fans if they can get permission to write a story based on this script.」

Beautiful Grass Sanli replied: 「Permission!!! Gkd3!!! Once you're done writing, remember to share the link!!」

Layer-by-Layer responded, 「I'll give you my pen!! Write it quickly for me!!」

Wen Li felt that her and Song Yan's faces had become the ultimate key.
They could fit into any story.
Despite the main characters not being actively involved, the popularity of this CP relied entirely on the unwavering support of their CP fans.

Filled with immense gratitude, Wen Li certainly wouldn't hesitate to give them likes and leave a comment.

But this CP fan would never know that not only did one of their beloved main characters watch her video, but she also generously gave it a like and left a comment.

“What are you looking at?” Song Yan's voice suddenly rang in Wen Li's ears.

Wen Li was startled and almost dropped her phone.

Song Yan took advantage of her momentary distraction and calmly took her phone.

“Ah, don't look!!!” Wen Li exclaimed.

She quickly got up and tried to snatch it back.

Song Yan pressed her head, letting her struggle while he casually scrolled down to read the comments she had just come across.

Being caught watching a fan-edited video of their CP was truly embarrassing.

Regardless of what he might think, Wen Li rushed to explain, “I just clicked on it casually!”

Song Yan responded nonchalantly, “En, I see.”

He was focused on reading the comments.

「Wow, even without visuals, I can already imagine the Emperor and the Empress on their bed.
The gentle touch of their cold jade-like skin, warm with a rub, and the scene of the mighty sun gradually approaching.

The replies to this comment were quite enthusiastic.

「Here's the pen! I command you to finish writing it! 」

「Where can I buy your work?」

「Sister, you should write a story, please!」

「The literary world needs talents like you, sister!!」

Wen Li saw Song Yan suddenly burst into laughter, but she didn't know what comment he had come across.

Now she felt that every subtle expression on Song Yan's face was mockery and insult directed at her.

She became a bit agitated, “What are you laughing at?”

Song Yan stared at her, his gaze showing a mix of annoyance and still mesmerized by her beautiful face.
After a while, he returned her phone and considerately pointed out the specific comment.

A professional actor could instantly get into character.
In a graceful and composed manner, he asked her, “Was the Empress satisfied with this Emperor's performance?”

The “Empress” immediately conjured up an impressive Potala Palace with her toes on the bed.

To all the CP fans, please refrain from editing videos with such suggestive content in the future, okay? Your main characters would be so embarrassed that they'd want to die on the spot if they saw them.

That's what Wen Li thought.

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