“Looking at this, this could be called a carbohydrate addiction.”

Still, Grace was relieved that the sound of her stomach growling was less after eating the salad.
She drank some cold water and asked, 

“Did the tailor say they were coming today?”

“Yes, they’re scheduled to arrive before lunch.”

Grace looked at her empty plate with disappointment and stood up from her seat. 

‘I should adapt.
Because the more you eat, the more your appetite increases.’

“I guess I should prepare to greet them.”

“Shall I prepare some refreshments?”


Grace hesitated for a moment at the butler’s question. 

As a guest, she should offer them a cup of tea, but did she really need to offer cookies as well?

After grazing on grass like a herbivore for the past few days, Grace’s thoughts had become somewhat muddled. 

Of course, the vegetarian dishes were also delicious.
Even though the chef in charge of Grace’s cooking belonged to the annex, this was still Duke Felton’s place.

But no matter how delicious it was, it was still just plants.

‘I haven’t really been eating many carbohydrates lately.’

Grace had been minimizing her intake of salt, sugar, and flour… collectively known as the “powder of happiness.” As a result, she was feeling less happy.

‘No, but I think I’ve lost a little weight because of it.’

As a general rule, the more overweight you are, the quicker you see the effects of a diet.

More accurately, the bloating had gone down.
But ultimately, bloating was a terrifying thing that could turn into fat over time.

Grace pinched her jawline.
There was less fat to grab onto than before. 

‘Usually, the first place you lose weight is in your face, right?’

Of course, this could also be due to her mood.
As Grace was poking at her own face with her fingers, the maid Sally spoke up.

“Your complexion has been looking better lately, madam.”

Grace responded with a blush to Sally’s words. 

“Really? I’ve been drinking a lot of water, maybe that’s why.”

“Does drinking water really make your skin better?”

“That’s what people say.
When you’re tired, drink water.
When your skin is dry, drink water.
They say to drink water for everything.”

“Really? Who says that?”

“I don’t know, I’ve just heard it from people here and there.”

“Even though I don’t have many acquaintances around here.”

Moreover, Grace wasn’t sure if she could see results in such a short period of time. 

“Should we prepare some refreshments?”

They’re working hard, so it’s nice to treat them.”

In fact, Grace was the one who paid for the staff, so there was no need to bring out tea. 

But there were manners and etiquette to consider when dealing with people.
On the other hand, Grace had no shame. 

“I’m going to drink tea anyway, so I should at least offer them something.
Otherwise, I’ll feel bad.” 

And if the Felton estate didn’t offer any snacks, rumors would start to spread.
Grace was a lazy and incompetent hostess who didn’t manage the estate’s affairs, but she couldn’t be careless when it came to entertaining guests.

“Plus, he’s a tailor.”

The person who makes dresses deals with numerous noblewomen and young ladies. 

The Felton estate wouldn’t just call any mediocre tailor.
Even among prominent families, they might be highly regarded.
If she only served tea without any refreshments, it would add to the already negative rumors about Grace.

‘A fat, ugly, lazy, and incompetent woman who can’t even entertain guests.’

For some reason, Grace thought that there wasn’t a single good adjective that could be attached to “Grace Felton.” And as far as she knew, it was true.

‘Well, I’m not that ugly, and I’m not lazy either.’

She wasn’t sure about being incompetent, but she didn’t know much about entertaining guests since no one ever visited!

At this point, Grace wondered if someone had spread all these rumors maliciously.

‘…but that’s probably not the case.’

Grace let out a deep sigh.

“Prepare everything so that there are no shortcomings.”

“Yes, madam.”

“I won’t be eating anything, so keep that in mind.”

“Yes, madam.”

Grace’s stomach growled.


Her face turned red at the thought that people around her might have heard her stomach growling.

She decided to drink plenty of water before the tailor arrived.


“I am here to see the Duchess.”

“Please come in.”

The tailor arrived at the reception room in the annex and greeted Grace politely.

Grace silently appreciated their courteous behavior toward her.

‘Is it normal?’

But isn’t it a common cliche for people to blatantly ignore someone regardless of their status? Grace thought she would be ignored right away because of her bad reputation.

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