Chapter One: Prologue – Heal!

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T/N: I thought it would be fun to try out translating a LN.
Can’t speak or read Japanese so me and Google-san have taken some liberties with phrasing.
I’m still pleased with how this turned out.
Hopefully other people are interested too?

Author’s Note: [I Will Parry Everything to Become the Greatest Adventurer!] was very interesting, so I wrote my own homage to it!

I was more scared to die than anyone else.
After all, I’d died once before.

When I was younger, a swarm of monsters appeared near my village.
We tried to call an adventurer to get rid of them, but a monster that he failed to defeat rushed into the village.

At the end of the main street, I collapsed, covered in blood.
Since the adults were busy dealing with monsters, no one came to help.
I was an orphan, so I didn’t have any family to worry about me either.

I was so bloody I dyed the dirt around me red.
I was unable to move, my consciousness drifting away, the feeling of coldness rushing in.
My body, mind, and emotions all frozen…

Is this death? No… I don’t wanna die… I don’t wanna die… My consciousness flickered, waning in that cold light.

Then, warm words echoed like divine blessing.


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When I opened my eyes, the adventurer’s older sister was crouched down beside me, holding her shining hand over me.
The gentle warmth sank into my cold heart.

But casting it once wasn’t enough, and she chanted the spell many times.
She then cast an even higher level healing spell, her waist-length blue hair fluttering around her.
With starry eyes, I stared up at her.

The sister’s face was as beautiful as an angel’s.

Soon, I was able to move again.

While looking at my blood-stained body, she muttered, “alive…”.

The older sister was laughing happily saying, “He’s okay.
I’m glad… I was honestly thinking, ‘Oh, this is hopeless.’” Tears were still shining on the edge of her eyes, so I knew she had been really worried.
Kindness truly is the greatest virtue!

Naturally, I said, “Thank you, sister.
Thank you.”

“It’s okay, it’s my job.
I only cast the spell so I could say ‘look, even if it didn’t help, I still used my healing magic’.
In the past I’ve not gotten paid because I would say, ‘It’s no use’.
I was surprised that you recovered, since… Anyways, I’m really glad I cast the spell.”

She laughed and talked about the situation as if it were a joke, but her true intentions were clear to me as she wiped away her tears and rubbed her nose.

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I’m glad you cast the spell too, and that the words were so heartfelt.

“I’m happy.
Thank you, sister.”

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