Chapter 6: The Irritable Little Lion


Being called an old man, Fu Juncheng didn't mind and chuckled, “Are you happy?”


Having an enemy to be avenged on the same day, this temper was quite to his liking.


Gu Qingning remained silent, unintentionally meeting his perceptive and cold gaze, as if he could see through everything about her.


She tilted her head and avoided his gaze.


She politely said, “Thank you for the ride.”


She knew there were surveillance cameras around, and he should also know when she rode away.


Fu Juncheng raised an eyebrow and walked towards her.


Just as he approached, a faint smell of blood reached his nostrils.


His handsome eyebrows slightly furrowed, and he asked in a low voice, “Are you injured again?”


Gu Qingning secretly cursed that his nose was too sensitive.


In a calm tone, she replied, “It's someone else's.”


Upon hearing this, Fu Juncheng relaxed his brows and a faint smile appeared on his lips.


He curved his finger and lightly flicked her forehead, saying, “Motorcycles are dangerous.
Kids like you shouldn't ride them, you know?”


He emphasized “kids” with a hint of teasing in his tone.


Gu Qingning looked up.
After a sleepless night and being exposed to cold wind, her beautiful eyes were bloodshot.


Suppressing the dizziness, she retorted with a smile that didn't reach her eyes, “I don't know, old man.”




The man's icy gaze was sharp, and he noticed her discomfort.
His slender, jade-like fingers pinched her face.


The warmth from his fingertips was somewhat scalding.


The playful smile in his eyes faded as he said, “If the kid doesn't feel well, don't force yourself…”


Before he finished his teasing words, the young girl's soft and delicate body fell into his embrace.


Her forehead bumped against his refined collarbone, and a burning heat spread.
Fu Juncheng quickly supported her.


He looked down at the person in his arms, a trace of helplessness in his expression.


“Irritable little lion,” he sighed softly.
Carrying her horizontally, he turned and walked out of the garage.



The Gu residence.


Smooth violin music resonated in the living room, like a flowing stream, melodious and pleasant.


In a few days, there would be a violin competition, and Gu Wanwan had put in a lot of effort to prepare for it.


For a whole month, she woke up early every day to practice the violin, working tirelessly.


“Third Young Master.”


A servant's respectful voice sounded at the entrance.


The butler's voice followed, “Third Young Master, have you had breakfast? Shall I have the kitchen prepare something for you?”


Gu Zhaolin walked into the living room with large strides and said calmly, “No need.”


“Third Brother.” Surprised that Gu Zhaolin suddenly returned home, Gu Wanwan's face lit up.


She put the violin on the table and ran up to Gu Zhaolin, holding his arm affectionately.
She said in a sweet voice, “Third Brother, when did you come back? Why didn't you tell me? I could have picked you up at the airport.”


Gu Zhaolin shook off her hand and spoke with a neither cold nor warm tone, “Mind your own business.
I'll be leaving shortly.”


His cold attitude formed a barrier between them, preventing Gu Wanwan from getting close to him.


She bit her lip, feeling a bit aggrieved and embarrassed.


Regardless, they were half-siblings, sharing the same father but different mothers.
Why couldn't he show her a kind expression?


Suppressing her displeasure, she forced a sweet smile and softly said, “Third Brother, I have a violin competition coming up.
I've been practicing intensively these past few days.”


“How about I play a piece, and you give me some guidance? Would that be alright?”


She moved closer, but Gu Zhaolin calmly took a step back, creating distance between them.


He said, “I have something to attend to.
It would be better for you to seek guidance from your violin teacher.”


Gu Wanwan froze, and in her peripheral vision, she noticed the presence of the butler and the servants.
She couldn't help but feel embarrassed.


The butler, with his head bowed, was already accustomed to the discord between the siblings.


Gu Zhaolin looked around the living room but couldn't find Gu Qingning's figure.
He turned to the butler and asked, “Uncle Wan, where is Qingning?”


Uncle Wan's heart sank, feeling a chill run down his spine.


“Miss Qingning, she…


“Sister went out,” Gu Wanwan interrupted hastily.


Among the three brothers, Gu Zhaolin had the mildest temper, but that didn't mean he was easily fooled.


He glanced at Gu Wanwan and then looked back at Uncle Wan.
“Is that so? Qingning went out so early today?”


He had heard that apart from going to school, his sister rarely left the house.
How coincidental that she happened to be out when he returned.


Meeting his suspicious gaze, Uncle Wan felt the pressure mounting.
“Third Young Master, Miss Qingning…”


Gu Wanwan sensed the situation turning unfavorable and interjected, “Third Brother, today is the weekend.
Sister went out early in the morning.
She just arrived in A City, and it would be good for her to go out and explore, get familiar with the roads.”


As soon as she finished speaking, a sharp gaze shot towards her, and his voice turned cold.
“I was asking Uncle Wan, not you.”


Gu Wanwan's face turned pale, feeling an unprecedented sense of crisis.


He came back and immediately asked about Gu Qingning, and now he was scolding her for Gu Qingning's sake.


Gu Zhaolin looked at the butler again, his tone forceful.
“Uncle Wan, speak.”


Uncle Wan glanced at Gu Wanwan, knowing that the truth couldn't be concealed any longer.


Ignoring her warning gaze, he revealed the truth.
“Miss Qingning is missing.”


Gu Wanwan gritted her teeth inwardly, cursing the butler for being useless.


he had suspected that something was amiss, but she never expected Gu Qingning to actually be missing.


Gu Zhaolin's brows furrowed.
“What do you mean by 'missing'? Explain it clearly to me.”


“A few days ago, Miss Qingning's class organized an outing, but somehow, she went missing,” Uncle Wan explained.


Went missing?


Gu Zhaolin immediately sensed the falseness of the explanation.


“Out of the whole class going on an outing, only Qingning went missing.
And you kept this big matter hidden all along?” he reprimanded sharply.


It was the first time Gu Zhaolin had shown such anger, leaving Uncle Wan breathless.


He cautiously replied, “Third Young Master, we have already sent people to search for her.
We should have news soon.”


“Should have?”




Gu Zhaolin sneered, “How long has Qingning been missing?”


Uncle Wan hesitated to answer, “Two days.”

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