people living in capitalist societies was always about making a living.
This world was not much different.
It’s just that the risk of being killed by giant insects or something like that had been added.

since I’ve been reborn, I shouldn’t stumble and turn this life into something similar to that of my previous one.

For now, finding a way to quickly adapt and live in this world was a priority.

Just then, a fast and powerful energy was detected nearby.

And a few seconds later…

“…it’s over there!”

A swarm of bees flying around a beautiful tree with only one beehive came into view.


The bees were huge.

Even at a considerable distance, their faces and sharp stingers were clearly visible.

Buzz! Buzz!

Their speed was also incredibly fast, to the extent that when being pursued by a swarm of bees, one might find it more tolerable to surrender to the situation and abandon hope for survival.

While Jin-woo was momentarily stunned by the sight he saw for the first time, the Roamers started preparing to raid the beehive, as if it were nothing new.

“I guess we’ll have to burn a lot of herbs for this?”

“Be generous with the amount of the herbs.”

Under Cliff’s direction, the Roamers filled a steel cylinder with a pungent-smelling herb and set it on fire before closing the lid.

“Is that a smoking machine?”

“Yes, we need to lure the bees out first.
Once they inhale the smoke, they’ll be too intoxicated to crawl out.”

The Roamers used long poles to attach a smoking device to it.
Once the smoke had risen enough, they cautiously approached the beehive and strategically placed the smoking machines around it before withdrawing.

The smoke gradually became denser and soon enveloped the entire beehive.

“We have to wait for the smoke to work.”

“Is it safe to do so?”

“For now, yes.
But we’ll have to eliminate any scout bees or guard bees that return.”

“That’s why everyone has their weapons out.”

“We can’t let our guard down.
But once we expose them to the smoke, their movements will slow down, making it easier for us to handle them.”

As Cliff spoke, he handed a “weapon” to Lee Jin-woo.
It was an excellent electric fly swatter.

“Don’t touch it lightly or take it as a joke.
The output is like an electric shocker.”

Lee Jin-woo nodded his head and then watched the large beehive enveloped in smoke.
The bees inside appeared to be disoriented and moved around clumsily, as though they were drugged, and gradually emerged one by one.
However, since it appeared to be a slow process, he decided to find a comfortable spot to wait.

Then, a familiar energy that he had not felt until just now pricked at his senses.


In any case, everyone’s attention was fixed on the beehive.
Jin-woo relied on his senses and cautiously searched through the bushes until he finally found what he was looking for.

I found it.

Feeling a thrilling sense of achievement, he picked up a randomly placed ore from the ground.

It had a translucent appearance with a faintly shining iridescence.
It wasn’t as powerful as the ones equipped on the Gaia Express, but he felt a strange sensation in his hand as he obtained the beautiful stone that was almost as long as a finger.

If he picked up a diamond on the street, would it feel like this?

After confirming the unique energy of the energy stone, Jin-woo quietly cheered himself on and put it in his pocket.

“Let’s get started!”

Now, watching the bee swarm was the first order of business.


It’s simpler than I thought.”

Jin-woo muttered to himself while observing the Roamer tearing apart the empty beehive.

“Are you disappointed because it’s too easy?”


“In fact, what’s important is what we’re going to do starting from now.
We have to finish the work before the smoke effect wears off.”

As he said, Cliff was calmly explaining with his mouth, but his hands were moving quickly as he worked.

Jin-woo, who was watching him cut the small pieces of honeycomb in half and pour honey into an empty bottle, soon realized that something was strange.

In a small bottle that could hold 100ml at most, there was a transparent honey that was colorless instead of golden.

If it was just a normal honeycomb, shouldn’t there be enough to fill at least a drum?

Cliff noticed Jin-woo’s suspicion and showed him the bottle when it was filled.

“This is Honeysuckle honey.
It has an amazing taste and aroma, and its medicinal effects are good, too.
We can sell this small bottle for about 1,200 Brings.”

Jin-woo couldn’t tell whether he should be surprised that such a small bottle was worth that much or that there were buyers who could afford it.

“Moreover, fortunately or unfortunately, these bees are sensitive to the environment and have dirty temperaments, so beekeeping is difficult.
Thanks to us roamers, it could be sold to the market and, in turn, we could eat and live.”

“How many bottles can you get from a honeycomb this size?”

“Haha, you’re interested, too? Well, it varies depending on the season…
Usually, we have to retreat within 20 minutes of working, so we can’t get a lot.
About one to three bottles?”

“It’s a short and quick job.”

“No matter how greedy you are, staying longer is dangerous.
The bees also come to their senses, and we’re not completely immune to smoke.
And above all…
if you’re unlucky, dangerous guys may smell the smoke and appear.”

At that moment, a breeze blew around them.
Jin-woo felt relieved because the weather was hot, but the expressions of Cliff and the roamers quickly turned dark.

“If the wind picks up, it’s a big problem.
Let’s hurry and finish!”

As Jin-woo watched the roamers rush, he spun his head at a chilling sensation.


Numerous bees emerged from various directions, producing a distinctly different buzz than when only one or two were in flight.

“Be careful!”

The people rushed towards the location of the smoke emitted by the smoke bomb; however, the situation worsened as the wind intensified and scattered the smoke.

“Damn it! Everyone, grab your weapons!”

At the desperate shout, the swarm of bees arrived.

The bees, who were angry about their homes being invaded by the robbers, charged at the humans.

Although some bees flew directly into the smoke, they subsequently needed time to return to their regular state, resulting in their flying with great intensity.

Zap! Snap!

The sounds of bees being hit with electric flyswatters and the smell of burning meat spread frantically.

Although he was somewhat prepared for the battle, Lee Jin-woo didn’t expect to find himself amid this chaotic battlefield, inhaling smoke and swinging a flyswatter.



Gilbert suddenly screamed and collapsed to his knees, clutching his bleeding arm where he had been stung by a bee.

As Lee Jin-woo witnessed Gilbert getting stung, a shiver went down his back, and he regained his composure.

He realized that he could be in the same situation.


Desperate to end the battle as quickly as possible, he quickly called upon his abilities.

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