”Fuck! ”

Marcus Vega, the eldest of the Vegas brothers cursed under his breath as he stood with a deep frown cresting his rather handsome face as he stared at the damage done to the young calf that lay mutilated on the ground.

It went missing from the farm the previous night and he had set out during the early hours of that morning only to find it in that horrible state.

His anger was evident as he bend over the dead animal at his feet. Its limp was ripped apart and fed on. He could see marks on its flesh as he continued to inspect the damage that has been caused to its young body.

Marcus knew it was no mere incident as tales of Vampires returning to town was resurfacing again pretty quickly.

What seems to bother him more was the fact that, they could dare make his livestock a target for their blood tasty fangs. Marcus needed to warn his brothers. They needs to know, its no longer safe out there or anywhere for that matter as long as those blood suckers were out there. It was best to stay in and keep safe.

He searched for dry leaves and covered the horrid sight before stepping away. A deep sigh escaping his mouth as he did so.

It was already mid morning when Marcus returned back to the farm again in his horse. He sighed in deeply when he noticed a familiar pick up van waiting by the front lawn of their house.

Nobody visited Marcus and his brothers aside from, Edwin Roland. He was their family friend and also the only one who knew about their secret and if he was there then it must be because he has some news about the recent killing in town and has probably come to warn them about it.

Edwin Roland is a human but a very reliable one too. Aside from being their friends, he is also part of the people keeping the peace in the town and so far, he and his brothers have been living as normal as normal can be.

Climbing down from his horse back, Marcus began to stride towards him.

”Good morning, Eddy. What brings you to our side of the world, let me guess, its too cold up north? ” Marcus had asked with a chuckle.

The older man only tipped his earthy colored cow skin rancher cap at Marcus with a smile of his own before replying.

”You bet it is Marcus and I have come to see what we can do to salvage the situation. Let talk inside ”

Marcus responded with a nod and gestured for him to follow him inside so they could talk further. From the tone of his voice, Marcus knew there was trouble and he was indeed, in need of their help.

His instinct has never been wrong especially when it comes to the people he cares about.

The two men walked into the living room and up the stairs leading to the patio without saying a single word to each other.

Edwin Roland walked in and leaned against the dull wooden railing, his brown hazel eyes casting a long gaze towards the vast piece of land with cattles grazing at a distance. From the look in his face, Marcus knew it was exactly as he had feared even without being told.

Edwin was afraid of something and with how much his brows were kneaded then it must be something bad.

Humbery Town has a history of fighting off living death many centuries ago and even though their existence is now hidden to the outside world, only a few are aware they still walk amon

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