”She is your daughter? ” Jackson had expressed in shock while Marcus only arched a brow.

”Come on, Eddy. Last time we checked, you only have two sons. Where did this one come from? ”

”Look, her birth is a long story. Right now, whats more important is finding her and finding her fast ”

Edwin sounded desperate and Marcus could see it in his demeanor.

”How old? ” Marcus had asked with a sigh.

”Twenty. Her name is Laura. She is a pre school teacher. Here is a photo of her ” He gave Jackson a little photo which he stared at briefly before passing it to his brother Marcus who held it a little longer.

A slight frown spreading across his face pretty quickly as he continued to stare at the steel blue eyes, blonde lady with short curly bangs smiling so brightly in his hand.

She looked younger than twenty and very beautiful too but Marcus didn comment on it out loud. But at the back of his mind, he knew right there and then, that, there was something peculiar about just looking at her that excited his wolf and that fact alone was enough to get him to ask more question about Laura.

”How long has she been missing for? ”

”Since forty eight hours ”

Fucking hell.

Forty eight hours is already a lot of time. Thats enough time for her to get killed and even buried without a **ing trace. The weather itself has been extremely cold lately and the previous day wasn any better. It was just as bad.

Marcus could only imagine how Laura was surviving out there under that harsh weather if give or take, she wandered and got missing without thick warm coats and some dry logs to burn some fires to keep warm but if not, shed be death one way or the other.

The chance of finding her alive is really slim but he hate to voice out his opinion right now, Edwin was counting on them and he hates to crush his hope without even trying first.

”I hope she was dressed for the weather? ”. Lucien had blurted out from the other end.

For a moment there, he totally forgot he is not the only one thinking about all the pros and con at the moment. His brothers are also weird to think the same way as him.

”Those who saw her last, mentioned she was putting on a red coat. Let hope for it to be thick enough to keep her warm ”

Marcus released a breath he didn know he was holding in at Edwins word. He doesn know why but his wolf was becoming extremely restless from the very moment he laid eyes on her picture.

It further annoys him to think that, someone as frail looking as the one in the picture could actually wander out in the cold without a back up plan unless on a suicide mission.

Was she on a suicide mission? He wanted to ask but decided against it.

Its not like its any of his business what she choose to do with her life and time but a little precaution during this time could save everyone a great deal of trouble.

Its just happened that, things turned out this way and now its up to he and his brothers to help save her if at all she is even alive.

Edwin Roland has a look in his eyes that suggested he knew something else that, they were not aware of.

”What is it Eddy? ” Jack had beaten him to ask before he could.

”There is more to this missing thing isn it? ” he pushed even further.

”Lin is back. ”


That name is an abomination.

The last thing they needed at that point was the sound of that damn name. Lin MacArthur.

That damn vampire has caused the people of that town more death than they can actually count and the only people strong enough to chase him out was Marcus and his brothers but it came at a great lost.

They lost half of their packs including their parent and most of their warrior wolves went rogue in search of their own peace, leaving them down to a pack of just three men and ever since, they have been on the low, tending to their cattle in the farm and blending in with the humans but looks like the absolute bane of their lives is back and its worst than they thought.

Lin MacArthur is more vicious than a snake. He kills at will and no single living breathing thing with blood has ever being spared once its unfortunate to get caught in his fangs.

Lin MacArthur was the biggest menace the whole of Humbery Town has been cursed with. He hasn been seen since five years ago and now he is back to cause more havoc.

Jackson and Lucien groaned almost at the same time before turning to look back at their brother who had the same look of worry plastered on his face.

”This isn good ” Luc complained and Jack simply nodded.

”You just spoke my mind mate ” Jack even went ahead to add.

Marcus on the other hand hasn said a word since.

His body might be there with everyone else but his mind was already out tracking down the missing girl because he was certain beyond doubt at that point that, if Lin was to get the news of her missing then he won hesitate to track her down and have her kill before they find her.

Edwin continued, ”Lin coming back to town is already an issue and thats why i would rather we track her down now before he get a wind of any of these. I and some of the men already selected by the council would be out searching too but we all know we are not as half good as any of you so we have to move fast if we want to find her alive and even more, before Lin does ”

”That **ing piece of sucker ” Jackson growled under his breath, the sound deep into his throat.

”I have a piece of her clothes in the van. It will help track her faster ”

Marcus was the first to spring back on his feet, his eyes narrowing in on his brothers.

”Im going with Eddy to cover the Western region, you two cover the North. That way, we can cover enough ground before it get dark and hopes to find her soon enough ”

He shut his eyes for a couple of moments. ”Let hope to God she is still alive and safe ”

”We will get her scent and get rolling. ” Jackson said with the nod of the head and began to walk out with Lucien trailing him from behind.

”Ill be right out. I just need to grab my things ” Marcus quickly called after them before going out the back door and into the workshop to get his bag pack ready to head out.

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