Marcus came out of the house a moment later with his bag pack in one hand and dressed in his working boots and coat.

Jackson and Lucien were already waiting by Jack pick up truck in the front lawn, dressed in similar warm outfits and waiting for their brothers signal so they could all head out.

Marcus gave them a single nod as he walked by them and settled into the passenger seat of Edwins van. He quickly strapped himself with the seatbelt before looking up to face him.

”Let go Eddy ”

Edwin tipped his hat at him in acknowledgement before turning on the ignition of the car and horned at Jack a few times before they went on their way.

Marcus relaxed against the head rest before allowing his eyes clenched shut for a moment and took in a deep breath to calm his racing heart.

He couldn understand any of it but his mind hasn stop reeling over the thought of Laura ever since he set his eyes on her picture. There was something about Laura Shane that he just can seem to shake off even if he tried.

The thought of something bad happening to her even though she is but a total stranger frighten him to absolutely no end. So much so that he could feel some beads of sweat gathered across his forehead.

Something tells him Laura Shane isn just an ordinary stranger as he would love to believe at that point. She was his mate and even worst, she is a **ing human with a high percentage of also being in danger.

Unstrapping his seat belt, he quickly reach over and took hold of Laura piece of clothing lying at the back seat and held it to his nose and took a long deep sniff of it and almost moaned out loud at the sweetness of her scent.

It was so sweet and alluring that, it made his cock twitched hungrily in his pant at the very thought of his mate. At that moment, Marcus could more than understand all he has been told about having a mate and often times, he had always laughed about it but now, he knows exactly what it feels like and nothing could have prepared him for this moment.

His heart was pounding in his ears and it was not from fear but one of excitement. Something thrilling surging through his veins, igniting feelings he thought he had buried when he lost his family.

The feeling in his heart was beyond intoxicating. It was causing every single gene in his body to hum in excitement at the discovery not to mention the constant whimpering of his wolf in his head that was purring in excitement.

Absolutely nothing would have prepared him for this very moment in his life. Just absolutely nothing.

Marcus realized he has to pull his shit together before Edwin would realize he was going crazy in his pant and start to wonder what could be going on with him. Even the older man wouldn understand any of it even if he told him Laura was his bonded mate.

Especially not in this case where he was yet to make any physical contact with the said mate. Only her picture has gotten his pant all reeled up.

Only his brothers would have believed him but he is not ready to break the news to them just yet, He still has a lot to do but first thing first, he has to at least ensure the safety of his mate before revealing the truth to his brothers.

Marcus quickly place the piece of clothing right back where he took it but not before making up his mind to get Laura back, safe and secure even if it was the last thing he do. He was going to get her back home alive and unharmed.

They continued to drive in silent the rest of the way before they stopped at the foot at the path where she was last seem and its crazy to realize the path was leading into the woods.

”This is where she was seen last before she disappeared far ” Edwin had told Marcus who readily agreed with a nod.

”I will take it up from here on, or have you forgotten who I am? ” Marcus had asked Edwin with a raised brow and he replied with a chuckle.

”How can I forget my boy ” The older man had replied with a chuckle of his own.

”Good, now hand me the map and I will take it from here ”

Even though the weather was not very favorable at the moment, with mountain of snows covering the whole place and making it hard to see a couple of distance up ahead, Marcus knew he could still sniff her out in no time as long as she is well and very much alive.

”Best of luck. Oh, I just want you to know, you and your brothers are very much appreciated for everything you do for me and the council. Even though, you boys don get the kind of recognition you deserve, just know, i appreciate you from the bottom of my heart ” Edwin told Marcus with a tap to his shoulder.

Even without him saying anything, he and his brothers knew Edwin was a good man and has always had their back and thats more than enough for them.

Marcus gave a curt nod and said , ”we know Eddy, its no big deal. We are glad to help anytime ”

”Thank you ”

”Ill track her down. So relax. Im pretty certain she only strayed from the path a little and ended up missing her way back ” Marcus assured him before grabbing his back pack and got down from the van, one foot at a time.

He paused then turned around and added, ”Ill reach out to you as soon as i have a lead. ”

Edwin gave a single nod in understanding and Marcus turned and followed in the path that lies ahead of him.

Marcus wolf instinct was on full alert at the point as he began to follow the trail she left behind, her intoxicating scent still fresh in his memory.

Marcus continued further into the harsh cold weather, his hands were coiled into a fist by his side in a bit to keep the cold out and listen to any heartbeat from the nearby distance.

Other than the reality of his mate being lost in these freezing mountains, Lin MacArthur is also back which was worst.

That damn vampire had been the most frustrating part of him and his brothers reality for a really really long time now and no matter how many times they have tried to track him down and beat him at his own game, he always seem to get out unharmed and leaving them right where they started.

And now that he is back, Marcus only hopes his sudden appearance also has absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of his mate Laura Shane.

He really hopes not because that would be the beginning of the end, not for him but for Lin MacArthur even if its the last thing he does.

Hed track his ass down even in hell and drive a silver stalk through his heart.

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