Laura shivered, her teeth chattering uncontrollably by the corner and causing her to wrap a shaky arms a little tightly around her petite figure.

The temperature was getting worst by each passing second even though the sun had risen to a certain level by now yet the weather was just as freezing as the previous night and the day before.

Laura was completely worn out as well as being famish. She couldn find a suitable spot to rest her head throughout the night and had to stay awake and shivering through the cold.

How long before someone finds her, She thought to herself with a frustrated groan. She wondered if anyone has realized she has even gone missing for the past forty eight hours already.

Shutting her eyes briefly, she slide down to the floor, her arms going to wrap around both her knees and as she continued to take deep breath.

”Think, Laura. Think of something ”

She tried to crack her brain yet again and found it totally blank like the few first times she had tried to think up a way out. It has been that way since she got lost and she has been unable to come up with any bright idea to get herself out of there.

Think of her brains going MIA on her now that she could use some of those brilliant ideas it has always given her. Thanks to her brain, she graduated top of her class and even got that job at pre school.

To think that same brain of hers can even add up one and two at the moment would be an understatement. It was totally alarming even to her.

Never in her twenty years of existence has she been this lost. The only thing she remembers is her name and a few details about her life and work. Other than that, she really can tell.

Without a doubt, she knew, she shouldn have wandered off all by herself and much less in that awful weather.

She sat in that position for another minute more, willing herself to remember more and then it struck her like a lighting storm as a gasp couldn help but escape her mouth as well.

She remembers it all now. Of course she does. Her eyes were nearly popping out of its socket as more realization continued to hit her.

Laura knew deep within herself that she never would have wandered so far away on her own unless triggered by something or rather someone.

Everything was in her favor when she left home that day until she ran into that man who appeared from nowhere and told her he saw one of her pupil heading off into the woods and even offered to show her the shortest route to get to them and she had blindly ran off without a second thought for anything else.

Laura was that easy to manipulate especially when it came to helping others. Shed jump in fire and high waters without a back up plan or if someone would come for her too.

If only she hadn listen to any of his talks, none of these would have happened but he looked so panicked, and all round charming with a really good convincing skill that she was certain he couldn be lying to her.

Earlier that morning, she had just returned from a camping trip with some of the children so it wasn hard to think one of them had gone missing but now that she realized how much she had run off without checking first made her realized just how stupid she had being for listening to a complete stranger.

That single act alone has caused her a great deal of trouble as she was now stucked in the middle of the woods with wild animals and what not, with absolutely no idea on how to get back home on her now.

Her only luck was the coat she was putting on and the two bars of chocolate left in the camping bag she had dragged along just in case she found her hungry with only a bottle of water that is now half empty.

Never in her life has she been this deep into the forest before. She was always one to be on the safe side and now, she doesn even feel safe anymore.

She couldn lit the remaining matches during the night, she had a feeling she might have to wait a little longer before she is found given how bad the weather is turning out. I mean, who would want to jump into a snow storm just to seek her out.

The person would have to be crazy or a **ing snow man to risk that much for her.

Laura couldn even call for help even if she wanted to, her phone battery had died the previous night while in camp with the kids and was hoping to plug it in as soon as she got home.

When she couldn endure it any more, she decided to rest against the bedding she had managed to secure for herself which consist of some fresh leaves while using her bag pack as pillow.

She felt completely drained and out of her element and hope to God with all her heart that someone finds her soon enough or she is totally done for and she doesn mean it literally but really really done for.


Lin MacArthur leaned against a nearby tree with a wide grin plastered on his very handsome face as he stared back at the sleeping blondie that was coiled into a ball on the cold floor.

It has been nearly a decade since he has seen or smelled anything as delicious as that woman who lay before his red crimson eyes.

He has walked the earth and around this very woods for almost 300 years now and not once has he ran into someone with such sweet alluring scent like Laura.

In his 300 years of existence, Lin has fed on a lot of species including the humans and especially the Native Americans and more so, the people of this naïve town but none has made his mouth water so much by just looking at them.

The thought of feeding on Laura sweet tasty blood excite Lin to no end as he continued to stare at her frail figure on the floor. Aside from the thought of feeding on her till her life slip right out of her body, Lin figured he might decide to keep her around much longer just for the absolute fun of it.

She looked like she could match up to his sexual needs with a little bit of mind control from his end of course even though she looks a little too young for his taste in woman.

The thought of taking a human mate has never once crossed his mind before, he always preferred the solitude and traveling alone as he couldn bring himself to trust anyone. Not even his kind could be trusted then much less a creature as cunning as a human.

He has ran into a few vampires over the years with their human mates but he never really understood how they could be with them night after night without killing them eventually. None of his kind actually posses the kind of self restraint they display. To him it was but a mere show of what they wish they have.

But then again, the possibility of him doing same at that point actually intrigues him enough to get a closer look at Laura again.

His hands shook by his side as he inches closer and then ran a light finger through her soft skin and even inhaled her scent deeply into his nostrils.

Lin knew, if he was to take a bite and have a taste of her sweet blood at that moment, Lin wondered if he would be able to stop himself from draining her out completely.

Laura stirred slightly in her sleep, causing him to retrieve his hand to fall back to his side with a gasp.

Lin had first gotten a sniff of her scent right when he had arrived back in town and found her struggling with a punctured tire and he knew right there that she was different.

Unlike other humans he had being fortunate to meet, Laura scent had practically called out to him in a different way. Hed followed her sweet, intoxicating smell to her house that night and watched her from the shadows every single damn night right after.

And one night, he overheard her phone call about taking up the kids for a camping trip in the woods and knew it was his chance to have a taste of that sweet juice of hers and since he couldn do it during the day time in front of all the kids unless he wanted a drinking fest with the kids included of course but that would be too much drama.

One that might have their authority following his trails even before he carries out the real plan he came back to Humbery Town for.

His initial plan was to lure her into the woods, ** her brains out and then suck her dry and leave her body for animal to pick on but as he got closer and closer to her, Lin realized something else he has been trying to avoid.

Her scent was like magnet that kept pulling him towards her. And the moment he sniffed and inhaled the air around her again for the second time, he knew he was doomed and wanted nothing more than just want to taste her like he does his sweet red wine at night.

What bothers him the most about his new found idea was if he could control and preserve her body to last for 100 years that is, if he was to keep her as his human mate. Maybe with the right amount of brain control and hypnosis, he could persuade her to consent and accept to be his mate.

His cock twitched hungrily at the idea and he licked his dry lips with a soft moan. His thought was pretty dilated with the need to slide his cock into her warm wet hole over and over again but he knew he had to wait and draw her further into the woods and away from any help possible.

Hed planned to take her during the evening when the sun was completely down and no longer a bother to his skin but, however he doesn know if he can feed on her without killing her as he never had any practice in that aspect. He has always left his victims without blood and dead so there is no guarantee he wouldn do same to Laura if he was to feed on her.

Maybe if he feed on other animals before coming to her, he might have some restraint but until then he hopes those damn nosy wolves won get to her first.

Those **ers had been a pain in his life for the past years now and keep getting their nose in this business but this time, he has other plans for them if they even think about getting in his way and what he wants.

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