nt as he came to a stop and continued to sniff the area more before following up the one he was beyond certain that will lead him to her without a doubt.

Anyone will certainly run away from him if he was to go to them in his wolf form and even worst carrying his bag pack between his canine. It was a horrid sight he was aware of.

Aside from that fact, Marcus was picking up movement a couple of distance from their location and from their conversation, he could tell they were the men Edwin told him about and not less than twelve of them and mostly headed his brothers direction.


A cold chill went down his spine as he thought about his brothers running into those humans unknowingly and getting hit with bullets. Even though Edwin was with the group, he still wouldn want his brothers to be in harm ways for any reason in the world.

He decided to warn them just as quickly as he quickly mind linked them and it turns out they were planning to warn him as they had noticed them too and stayed out of their tracks already.

One of the thing Marcus loved about his brothers, they were not just family. They were team mates and always have each other backs even if they are not together. Since their parent passed, it has always been like that.

With his nose still sniffing her scent, he continued following her. Mostly up the way her trail ended , from all indication. This was the place where shed wandered into an unknown area.

But Why? From what Edwin had said, she couldn have entered the woods just like that then why the hell did she wander off this far without a second thought unless she was running away from snakes to bears or **ing vampires.

Fucking Hell, Vampires.

Her smell was mostly blended in with trees and shrubs surrounding him which could also mean, she might have lost track of her path looking for something or maybe someone or whatever the case might have been that led her away and further into the unknown.

A few miles ahead, Marcus came to an abrupt halt when he sniffed a strange smell in the air.


It was exactly as he had feared.

Lin MacArthur has also been hot on her trail as well. He wondered if that jerk has had his way with her already and he was already too late.

Marcus was really going out of his mind at this point just thinking the very worst of the situation.

Without wasting another second, he continued to race along with adrenaline rushing through every fiber of him. He rather think her to still be alive than dead but then again if she was to be truly alive then he ought to find out why Lin had spared her and exactly what he could be up to.

Lin MacArthur is not known to spare anyone especially if she was all alone in the middle of the woods. Thats the kind of vulnerability he mostly pried on.

But then again, if the moon goddess has destined them to be mate then he can only hope for things to be in his favor not his.

What gave him more hope was in the fact that, there was no sign of blood or struggle anywhere further leading him to believe that Laura was still alive. All he needed was to get to her soon enough.

Her scent was scattered all over the place as he got closer but she was nowhere in sight still.

Where could she be.

Another thought crossed his mind and he came to an abrupt stop.

Maybe Lin was using her as bait and playing a sick game with him all along knowing that hed come for her as soon as he realizes her to be his mate.


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