re returning to where she lay still and sleeping.

She was so still that she almost looked dead.

He squatted beside her. Her breath seemed shallow, her face completely relaxed in a deep sleep. He reached out a hand to her cheek then paused before returning it to her shoulder and shook her slightly

”Laura? ”

Waves of electric bolt jolted through his body at the bare contact. The decision to grab hold of her frail figure and back into his large arms made him shake all over and he quickly retrieved his hands back to his side with a groan.

Laura woke up slowly but jerked back when she realized the manly face peeking down at her

”Oh my god, ”

”oh my **ing god ”

she yelped and jumped back to her feet. A choking sound leaving her throat.

Laura eyes were as blue like the ocean as they were wide in shock as they continued to stared at the handsome hulk of a man standing in front of her. Where the heck did he come out from, she thought in panic before her eyes moved to look around her again just to be sure he has been teleported to another dimension.

”Its Okay Laura. Im not gonna hurt you. Im just here to help ” Marcus had told her, while holding up his hand in front of him for her to see he means no harm.

She arched a brow at him, ”How come you know my name? ”

”Im working with councillor Edwin Roland and we came looking for you as soon as we heard you went missing ”

Marcus saw her stance relaxed almost immediately at the mention of Edwins name. If only she knew, he would never hurt her even if he tried.

She smiled back at him, adorable dimples showing up on both her cheeks and making her even more beautiful.

He could feel her heart beating pretty loudly in her chest, the rush of blood as it flowed through her veins almost affected him.

”Am i right to think you are okay, well and unharmed? ”

”Yes Im fine but how were you able to find me. I mean, how do you know where I was going to be exactly ” Laura asked, her brow was still raised expectedly at him.

”Like I told you earlier, this is what my brothers and I do, we know every part of the forest like the back of our hand and can easily track and rescue someone if the need be ” he paused for a moment, his eyes narrowing back at her.

”But then again, Im really curious to know how you were able to get this far into the woods. How did you do it without a companion? ”

”A man I met at the foot of the forest suggested that i take a faster and shorter route. And I did without thinking and ended up loosing my way ”

Marcus gave a small nod, ”I see. Did you get this man name perhaps? ”

”No, he didn say what his name was but he looked kind of ancient and weird with that accent. Like someone from the old world even if he was so charming and sweet ”

From Laura description, Marcus couldn help but snort internally. He knew exactly who her charming and sweet was and its none other than Lin MacArthur.

He bet, if he was to tell her, he is a bloody vampire and a thousand years older than her own parent, shed think differently but now was not the time.

Now is just not the time for such outrageousness.

First thing first, he needed to get her away from there and back to where its completely safe.

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