What are the optional items of this app? (1)

The reference book that Yuugo recommended to me was a real godsend.

I could even finish my homework in about three hours, which I had been unable to make any progress even after staring at it for a whole day.

I couldn’t believe that just a single reference book could make such a difference.

[I finished my homework.]

English too?>

[English too! I mean, the reference book you told me about was really good.

Then, does that mean you’re feeling better? Are you okay now?>

I wonder if I could say that I’m okay now.

The sickness I had yesterday was completely gone now.
After doing that and releasing it twice yesterday, the fever had gone down surprisingly quickly.
My body returned to normal after resting for a bit, which was different from the fever from the heat.
If it was a fever from the heat, it won’t subside just from releasing it twice.

To think that my body became weird like that just from a scent, it made me think that I’m really an omega.
I was enticed and turned into a mess just from smelling alpha’s pheromones for a second.

When I touched a part of my body that has become wet, it felt like I was going to lose my mind from the pleasure.

I was just stroking the surface, but I felt a tingle deep inside my body.
I didn’t even want to think about which part of my body was that or what I wanted to be inserted there.

I was rocking my hips like crazy while sniffing the scent left on the reference book.

“Really… I wonder what I’m doing.”

That reference book. 

It was really good and easy to understand, but the problem was that every time I look at it, I’m reminded about that.
It didn’t have that alpha’s scent left on it anymore, but even just looking at the cover made my chest feel tight.

I didn’t know if I could call this state as me being “okay”.

[Ah, my bad.
I was just spacing out.]

[Will do that.]

As expected of a health management app …that’s not what I wanted to say.
But this guy really has that kind of side to him.

It was the same when I told him about the symptoms at that time.
It was much more accurate than searching it on the internet.
What’s more, it was more reassuring than anything to hear him say “it’s okay.”

As expected of an Alpha, as expected of an AI.
It must be because of that.

“Alpha… huh.”

I got up from the chair and dove straight into the bed.
I rolled over, looked up at the ceiling, and let out a big sigh.

What came up to my mind when I closed my eyes was the face of that alpha I met at the bookstore.

I could remember the look of surprise on his face when he looked at me, and the way he smiled at me with his eyes narrowed.
I could remember them clearly as if I had seen them just a moment ago.

—It’s an omega’s instinct to be attracted to a strong alpha.

—It’s a mechanism to preserve stronger genes.

I’ve always hated those kinds of words.

After I found out that I was an omega, I’ve become pretty sensitive to words like alpha and omega.
I even used to cover my ears to avoid hearing those words.

But no matter what I tried, those words kept popping into my ears.
Even though I’ve never been that conscious of them before, it felt so different once my situation had changed.

That was when I heard the words.

They were just words that I heard from the TV, but those words were still stuck in my ears even now.

I couldn’t believe I’d get attracted to someone because of my instinct.

Moreover, doing it just for the sake of preserving the genes— that was just disgusting.

I really hate the fact that my feelings were being ignored, it felt unbearable.
I should’ve thought that way, but in the end, I was one of those omegas too.

I was made aware of my gender as an omega, who would become like that just from scent.

“Ah… No good.
I need a change of mood.”

I looked around the room, trying to change my sinking feeling.

Suddenly, I found an unfamiliar paper bag in the corner of the room.
It was a small paper bag.

Did I buy anything? …No, the only thing I’ve bought recently was the reference book.
My wallet was almost empty, I couldn’t possibly afford to buy anything else.

“Ah! That’s right, it was that… the Virtual Alpha’s-“

Optional items.

Kazuki had given it to me along with a flyer for the app, and I had left it lying on the corner and forgotten about it.

It was because Yuugo left too much impression on me.

Come to think of it, I haven’t checked the contents inside even once.

“Guess I’ll take a look at it.”

It might be nice for a change of mood.

I raised my heavy body and picked up the small paper bag that I had left in the corner of the room.
I picked up the paper bag that was pretty heavy for its size and returned to the bed again.

“But, I wonder what’s the optional items from the app are.”

I couldn’t even imagine it.

As I opened the paper bag a little and looked inside it, there were two small boxes.
The rest was something that looked like a thin booklet.

I wondered if the boxes were the optional items, and the booklet was the manual for that.

“…Hmm, it’s in English.”

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