cause he was an alpha.
When I’m conscious that the other person was an alpha, it simply made me don’t want to get close.
There was also that incident that happened the other day.

I’m still a bit afraid of alpha.

But, since he had just told me his name, I couldn’t just walk away without saying anything.

I gathered up my courage and took a step toward Narumi and the other person.

“Don’t come any closer than that.”


Even though I was still two meters away from them, Amagi said that to me in a cold voice.
I was surprised by that voice and stood still.

It wasn’t just me who was surprised, Narumi was too.
He blinked his eyes and looked at Amagi.

Amagi looked away from me unnaturally and frowned again just like earlier.

His face clearly showed his annoyance.

I wonder why.
Did I do something wrong?

“What’s wrong, Ten?”

“No… you-”


I’ll be waiting outside.”

“Huh, wait… Ten?”

Amagi said that and turned his back to us, then left.
It happened so fast that even Narumi didn’t have the time to stop him.

But, what’s going on all of a sudden? Was it because of me after all?

When he looked at me, he clearly made a displeased face.
For a moment, he seemed like he was about to say something to me, but then he stopped and even left.

He seemed to hate me a lot.

Narumi also looked puzzled as he watched him walk away.

“I wonder what’s wrong with him.”

“I’m sorry, maybe… I-“

“No, I don’t think it’s your fault… But, I really wonder why.
Did he get a stomachache?”

“…Are you sure you’re not going after him?”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.
It’s not like he asked me to come with him, anyway.
He said he’d be waiting so I’ll make him wait.
Besides, I haven’t finished the laundry yet.”

Now that he mention it, there were laundry baskets at Narumi’s feet.
Inside were the uniforms of all the circle members.

Laundry is the duty of the losing team.
A punishment game, so to speak.
Narumi’s team was the one that lose the most today, so he must have been put in charge of it.

“That’s right, Sou-chan.
Give me a hand.”


“I also want to talk about something with you.
Are you busy?”

“…I’m not really busy.”

He said he wanted to talk about something?

Could it be about Amagi?

I didn’t have anything to do even if I rushed to go home anyway.
I nodded a little.

“Then, take care of this.”

Narumi said that and pushed one of the laundry baskets at his feet toward me.

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