I Don’t Want to be There (2)

“By the way, Sou.”


Kazuki, who had been writing the chart quickly, placed down his pen and looked at me.

Judging by the way he closed the chart, he must want to talk about something other than the examination.
I got a bad feeling about this.

“About the app I told you the other day- ….Hmm?”

The moment Dr.
Kazuki said the word ‘app’, a quiet knocking sound could be heard coming from the door opposite the entrance of the examination room.

It was the door that was used by staff.

After Dr.
Kazuki answered, the one who came out of the door was Ms.
Shouko, who was always at the reception desk.

She looked at me and smiled, then quietly gestured to Dr.

“Sorry, I’ll be right back.”

“Ah, okay.”

To be honest, I didn’t want to wait.
I just want to leave right here and now.

After all, there was no mistake that he wanted to ask about virtual alpha just now, right?

I took a side-glance toward Dr.
Kazuki, then I sighed.

“….Ah, can you please make them wait in the waiting room?”

I could hear Dr.
Kazuki’s voice.

From what he said, it seems like there was a visitor coming.

It was unusual for someone to come after clinic hours.
Maybe it was just a patient?

But if that was the case, it’s a good thing for me.

“I’m fine now.
I just have to get the meds, anyway.”

“Ah, but, Sou.”

“Someone is coming, right? You can contact me through my sister if something happens.”

“I guess so.
Then, let’s do that.
I’ll give you the prescription, so can you wait in the waiting room for a while?”

“Mm, okay.”

Looks like I could get away with it smoothly.

I collected my things, stood up, and hurriedly left the examination room.
I had to go before he called and stopped me.

When I went to the waiting room, I found a man sitting alone on the sofa.

It was a good-looking person who was about the same age as Dr.

He didn’t look like he was sick, so maybe he wasn’t an emergency patient?

That person noticed my gaze and nodded to me.
I hurriedly nodded back and sat a bit further away from him.

Even so, we’re still pretty close since the waiting room wasn’t that spacious.

“…Are you Sou?”


I was surprised when he called my name.

I didn’t expect this person to know my name.

When I made a surprised face, he apologized to me in a small voice.

“I’ve seen you at Kazuki’s wedding ceremony.
Also, Kazuki always bragged about you as his cute little brother-in-law.
Sorry for calling your name out of the blue.”

“No, it’s fine… So that’s what it was.

“I’m Yanagi.
I’m a classmate of Kazuki and also your sister.”


True, my sister and Dr.
Kazuki were classmates.
Does that mean he was the former classmate of the two?

I wonder why.
I felt something strange in my mind when I heard the word “classmates”.
No, there shouldn’t be anything weird with it.

But it made me feel curious, and I tilted my head.
What was it?


After a while, the receptionist called my name.

Everyone at this clinic called me by my first name.
Usually, I didn’t really mind about it, but it felt a bit embarrassing to be called like that in front of a stranger.

“Umm, excuse me.”

“Mm, see you later.”

When I bowed and was about to leave, he said that and waved his hand to me.
Even though we probably won’t have the chance to meet again.

I responded to that word by bowing one more time.

As I was paying the bill, Dr.
Kazuki walked past behind me.
The reception area was right in between the examination room and the waiting room.

I saw that person didn’t get called to the examination room, it seems like that person wasn’t a patient after all.
Well, he said that he was a classmate, so I guess he was just a guest.

“Sorry for coming so suddenly.”

“No, it’s fine.
What’s up?”

I could hear their conversation.

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on their conversation, but I couldn’t help but hear them because they weren’t that far from me.

As I was about to leave the clinic after receiving my receipt and prescription, I overheard something that caught my attention.

 “—It’s about the Virtual Alpha-”

Now I know why the word “classmate” had bothered me earlier.

That person was probably the developer of the app.

I quickly left the clinic as if I were running away from them.
I didn’t want them to call and stop me.

I just wanted to get away from here as soon as possible, so I walked away from the clinic as fast as I could.

When I realized it, I was running.

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