Reunion (2)

The pheromone of omegas in heat induces the lust of people regardless of gender.
And it wasn’t only alphas, betas would be affected too.

Sex crimes caused by omega’s pheromone are not uncommon.
Even though it was omega who suffered because of it, it was also said that it was omega who was at fault.

It was always the omega’s fault for producing such a dangerous pheromone.
That’s what they always say.

My condition right now was exactly like that.

If I don’t hurry to find a place where I could flee to, there was no mistake that I’d be in trouble.

“…Do you smell a sweet scent?”

“Hm? You’re right.
There’s a sweet scent.”

Those words made me panic even more.

I found a small public toilet in the corner of the park and rushed into it.
I went into the only cubicle there, locked the door, and crouched down in it.

What to do? What to do?

My pheromones are coming out.
Judging from the conversation of those two people, there was no mistake that it was coming out.

I have to hurry and call Dr.
Kazuki and ask for help.

“….Huh? Where’s my phone….?”

I couldn’t find my phone that should have been in my hand just earlier.
I tried looking for it in my pocket and my bag, but I still couldn’t find it anywhere.
I also didn’t remember putting it in there.

Did I drop it? Was it at that place from earlier?

I couldn’t even call for help without it.
Even if I tried to take it back, those people might still be there.

When I thought of that possibility, I got too scared to move from this place.

“What- should I do?”

My body couldn’t stop shaking.
My tears also keep coming out.

In this situation where I didn’t know what would happen to me with the heat’s fever that kept rising, I can’t believe that I couldn’t even call for help.

I wonder if I would become like back then if I just let this be.
What if I could only think of my desire for any alpha, not caring who they are— Will I cling to someone I don’t know and ask them to “do it” with me?

If my nape was to get bitten at a time like this, if someone were to make me their pair as they like…

That would be something that can’t be undone for sure.

I took out a towel from inside my bag and wrapped it around my neck.
Even though I know there was no point in doing this, I couldn’t calm down unless I did so.

“Help me… Yuugo.”

I know it’s no use asking Yuugo for help, but I couldn’t help but call out his name.

As I curled down as much as possible in the corner of the cubicle, I called Yuugo’s name deliriously.

“…Yuugo, Yuugo.”

My consciousness was getting fainter and fainter.

It’s one thing if I just lose my consciousness, but if I were to lose my rationality— if I were to end up wandering out of here…

…I’m scared just thinking about it.

However, the heat’s fever was mercilessly chipping away at my reasoning.

Even if I heard the sound of water nearby, I couldn’t even be aware of what I was doing anymore.

I want to feel good.

I want to do something about my body that’s tingling with the fever.

That was all I could think about in my head.

“….uh, ngh….”

While slumped against the toilet’s wall, I pleasured the center part of my body.
My hands were stained with the white liquid that I had released.
But no matter how much I released it, the urge wouldn’t subside.

If anything, it only got even stronger.

The part of me down there that I keep rubbing with lust began to ache with every touch.
Still, I couldn’t stop my hands.

Even when I could hear the sound of footsteps coming inside the restroom, I couldn’t stop moving my hands or even keep my voice down anymore.

“….Yuugo, ….more.”

I kept calling Yuugo’s name.

All I could think about was “I want to do it with Yuugo”.
There was only Yuugo inside my head that had melted to the core.

A quiet knocking sound of the door reached my ears.

The knock was coming from the door of the cubicle I was in.

You’re there, right? Open the door.”

It was Yuugo’s voice.

It was Yuugo’s voice that I had been wanting to hear.  I could hear it from outside the door.

Even though I should’ve known that it couldn’t be true, I staggered closer to the door while clinging to the illusion.

I put my finger on the lock and slid it open.
Almost at the same time, the door was opened with great force.

I couldn’t make out the face of the person standing on the other side of the door.
It was because my arm was grabbed by the hand that stretched out from the gap of the door, and I was hugged tightly by those arms.

“—I’m glad I got here in time.”

The voice I heard by the side of my ear was the same as Yuugo’s.

I could feel the warmth coming from the place where he touched me.

I also smelled a really pleasant scent.

This scent that made my head feel numb inside, was alpha’s pheromone that I had been waiting for.

I didn’t feel scared at all.
Instead, I felt it in my instincts that this was the safest place for me.
My instincts are telling me that he was the person I had always been waiting for.

I relaxed the strength of my body and let my body fall into those arms.

Just like that, I let go of my consciousness.

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