The Identity of That Person (1)

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar room.

It looked like a room in a luxurious hotel.
I’ve never been to that kind of place, though.
The bed I was lying on was also so large that it made me feel restless.

While still lying down, I stared at the ceiling in a daze.
My head felt heavy.

Even though I was lying down, the world seemed to be spinning around me.

I didn’t know why I slept in this place, I couldn’t grasp my current situation at all.

“…Where- is this?”

My throat was dry and my voice was very hoarse as well.

My whole body that was burning hot felt so sluggish just like the time I had a high fever.

But I felt too restless to keep on lying down, so I forced my heavy body to get up.
As I slipped out of the sheets, I finally noticed that the clothes I was wearing looked unfamiliar.


I was only wearing a slightly large shirt over my bare skin, and I didn’t wear anything down there.
It was hidden by the long hem of the shirt, but my lower half was bare.
The moment that part down there touched the sheets, I felt an unpleasant sensation run through my back.

The memories suddenly came back to me as I felt the tingling sensation that shook my body on its own.
As if I was having a flashback, the incident at the park rushed to me all at once.

About the time I suddenly got my heat on the bench, the time I heard the voice of two people, and when I panicked and rushed into the toilet.

…And then, someone came in there.

I thought that the voice I heard from the other side of the door belonged to Yuugo.

I believed in it even though it should be impossible, I opened the lock as I was told, and then— I sensed an alpha’s scent.

“—that couldn’t be true, right?”

The last thing I remember and my condition right now….
it made me imagine something unpleasant.

I fearfully reached my hand to the back of my neck.
But my fingertips couldn’t touch the nape of my neck directly.

“…Is this a neck guard?”

There was something on my neck.
That thing that wrapped around my neck, was something like a neck guard that was sold for omegas.
I knew things like this existed, but it was the first time I had actually worn one.

I have the one given to me by the government as soon as I found out I was an omega, but it was still stored in the back of my dresser drawer, and I’ve never taken it out from the wrapping.

It was because I felt uncomfortable wearing it.

Wearing that thing felt like I was wearing a name tag that said “I’m an omega” written on it.
I really couldn’t bear wearing something that made people could tell I’m an omega with just a glance.

But when I tried it on, I understood the importance of wearing it.

The nape is omega’s vital point.
Just having it protected like this made a huge difference in my sense of security.

“There’s… no scar?”

I tried pressing my nape from the top of the neck guard, but I didn’t feel any pain.
I tried checking other places too, and I still couldn’t find a single place that hurts.

When becoming a pair, alpha bit omega’s nape.

It needs to be bitten until blood comes out, so there was no way I wouldn’t feel pain if someone had bitten there.

…So I didn’t get bitten, right?

The proof wasn’t enough just from that, so I tried reaching my hand to my butt.

I didn’t really want to touch it, but I have to make sure.
I tried poking it with my finger, but it didn’t seem to feel any different.


I rubbed my chest in relief.

Maybe it was still too early to be relieved, but at least it looks like I didn’t get assaulted by anyone at the park.

Even so, my body still felt hot.
It was only natural since my heat has yet to subside.

While holding my head that felt dizzy with the fever, I tried thinking about my situation once again.
An unfamiliar room, my clothes that get changed….
and then this neck guard.

Could this be the room of the person that saved me?

But I couldn’t tell until how much of what happened at the park was real.
I’m pretty sure I ran to the toilet….
but I couldn’t clearly remember what happened after that.

“…Who was that person, I wonder.”

There was no way it was Yuugo who appeared in that place.

I thought I heard my name called from outside the toilet, but that was probably just my imagination.
There was no way someone who happened to be there knew my name, that would be too convenient.

Then, who had unlocked the door?

What about the scent that I smelled after someone hugged me back then? Was that all coming from my imagination too?

There was no mistake that someone had saved me there.

And then thanks to that someone, I’m still safe and sound now.


Suddenly I felt a shiver run through my body.
No, I think this was probably the heat’s fever that was starting to rage again.

Maybe it was because I remembered about alpha’s scent.

It was the same as that time at the bookstore.
Just remembering the scent made my body start to tingle.
The lower half of my body began to itch, and it soon made me couldn’t hold back anymore.

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