My Favorite Food is Fried Rice (1)

I roughly wiped off the liquid that stuck on my fingers with a tissue.
The slimy liquid wouldn’t come off no matter how hard I rubbed it.
It’s the worst.

It was common sense that omega’s ass would get wet, and I somewhat noticed that my underwear got dirty when I’m on heat. 

But so far, it was something I could overlook.
I just thought that my underwear was a bit dirty, and had never been that much conscious about it.

But it was completely different now.

I never thought I could feel the moment when it was clearly wet like this… It was just like I had wet myself.
Heat overflowed from the pit of my stomach, and I felt my butt slowly become wet on its own.

I had never felt anything like this before.

“There must be… something wrong with me.”

I never thought that I’d become like this just from those words.

I never imagined that my body would go through this much change.

I looked at the screen of my phone.
The screen still displayed the words sent by that virtual alpha.

[Screw you, idiot.]

I sent a short reply so I could get those texts out of my screen even for a little bit.

I closed the chatting app just like that.
I also put my phone screen on sleep mode and dropped it on the cushion by my bedside as if throwing it away.

“My butt feels so gross…”

I’m done wiping my fingers, but my butt was still wet.
The discomfort was awful. 

I took a lot of tissue and slipped my hand through the gap of my sweatpants.
As I slid the tissue into the cleavage of my butt, I could feel the slimy sensation through the tissue.

Ugh… What is this?

It was so wet that it surprised me.

So this is what they call the preparation to receive an alpha? What a joke.

I kind of felt like crying at the fact that it happened regardless of my intention.
But I didn’t want to cry over something like this.

While still biting my lips tightly I wiped my butt a couple of times, and the slimy sensation slowly disappeared.

I threw away the tissue stained with my bodily fluids, hiding it in the depths of the trash can.
I never even threw away the tissue stained with sperm that way.

But, I was in no condition to face that reality right now.


I lay face down on the bed and just plopped my face down to bury myself.
I pressed my face against it until I couldn’t breathe.
I tried to cool my head somehow.

That kind of line was just a predetermined text.
It was just a predetermined text to respond to my words.

They were just words that were chosen from a list of fixed responses.
It wasn’t someone’s will or feelings.

It wasn’t something someone had said to me.
It was just an automated reply.

“…Why am I so upset?”

I spitted that out.

I’m really such an idiot for taking that AI’s words so seriously.

I finally managed to calm down a bit.
The area around my chest still ached, but I could ignore this much.

I rolled over onto my back.
My breath was still hot as I exhaled into the ceiling, but that was because of my heat.
There was no other reason.

Feeling the weight of my body sinking down, I stared blankly at the familiar ceiling.


Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep.
The next thing I knew, it was dark outside my window.

The reason I was feeling abnormally sleepy was because of the suppressant.

The suppressant I’m taking suited my body and worked really well, but it also made me feel very sleepy.
It’s the side effect.

Sometimes I get so sleepy that I can’t fight it no matter what I do.

But according to the information on the internet, many people got nausea or headaches from the side effects of the suppressant.
I think I’m on the better side to only get sleepiness.

I couldn’t go outside during heat no matter how well the medicine worked, anyway.
I didn’t have anything to do that I could even spend the whole day sleeping in bed.

I could continue to sleep just like this.
But my medicine would wear off soon.

It didn’t feel like I would go into heat now, but it would come back as soon as the medicine wore off.

I have to avoid that at the very least.

There was one time when I missed a dose of the medicine.

It wasn’t really my mistake though.
When I remembered the horrible experience of that time, I couldn’t have told myself to wait for just a bit more.

I got myself up.

“…Guess I’ll go eat something.
Anyway, what time is it now?”

I had no appetite, though.
The suppressant still could be taken even before a meal, but it still did a certain amount of damage to the stomach.

Wanting to know what time it was, I unconsciously picked up my phone that was lying near my pillow.
I gasped seeing the log of the messages that I received.

“—Virtual Alpha.”

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