The Identity of That Person (2)

“…, haa”

I plopped down on the bed once more and laid down my back, gripping the sheets tightly.
I moved my body that was getting hotter and rubbed my lower half against the bed.

I shouldn’t be doing this kind of thing at someone’s bed.

I knew that, but I just couldn’t stop myself.

I started to feel like I could really smell the scent that I remembered earlier.

“….ah, ah… gh, ngh”

No, it wasn’t just an illusion, I could really smell a scent coming from somewhere.

I tried moving my nose closer to the sheets in front of me, but the scent wasn’t coming from there.

While rubbing myself against the sheets, I looked for the source of the scent.
It wasn’t coming from the pillow… then, where?

Could it be—

“…This is it.”

The scent was coming from the shirt I was wearing.
It was very faint, but there was the scent of alpha’s pheromone coming from it.

I took the shirt off without any hesitation.

I crumpled the shirt that I had just taken off, then I nuzzled my face against it.

When I took a deep breath, I felt a numbness in my head.

…It’s this scent.

I couldn’t bear just smelling it, so I took the shirt into my mouth.
This behavior of wetting things with saliva was just like the act of marking in animals.

It’s not normal, it’s not right.
That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t stop.

I was happy that that person’s scent got mixed with mine.

I was also unbearably happy that my body got soaked with that person’s scent.

This is the scent of my alpha.

The scent of the person that I like so much.

While I was absorbed in rocking my hips, I let it out before I knew it.
It wasn’t that many that came out, but the slimy white liquid has stained the sheets.

And yet my fever still won’t subside.

I rocked my hips again.

As I single-mindedly pleasured my body, I heard a knocking sound at the room’s door.


Startled, I hurriedly covered myself with the sheets.

Just as my head was completely hidden in the sheets, I could hear the sound of the door opening.
It sounded like someone had entered the room.

After the sound of the door closing, there was a sound of footsteps approaching me.

What should I do?

I tensed up under the sheets.

When I held my breath while trembling, I smelled the scent of that pheromone through the sheets.
The scent was much stronger than the scent I smelled from the shirt.


As I inhaled that scent, my body trembled on its own.

I was trying to hold my voice back with all my might, but it ended up coming out on its own.
I hurriedly covered my mouth with the shirt I was holding in my hand.

I didn’t want anyone to hear that voice.

However, the fever of my body kept rising on its own because of that scent.
I tried to suppress it, but my breathing became ragged and the shaking in my body got even worse.

I was shaking so much that it was easy to tell through the sheets.

“Are you okay? Do you feel sick?”

I unconsciously gulped at the voice coming through the sheets.

It wasn’t because of what was being said, it was because of the voice.

“If you’re okay, just stay like that.
I’ll leave the drink, food, and medicine here for you.”

No matter how many times I heard it, the voice belonged to Yuugo.

This couldn’t be true.

Why are things getting so weird, I wonder? Was it all because of the heat? Is that what’s making me so crazy?

“I’ll put your phone here, too.”

After I heard the sound of something being placed, the footsteps started to leave.

As the scent was leaving with it, I panicked.

“Wa- it…”

I couldn’t help but call out to him.

I could only manage a voice as small as a whisper, but the footsteps had stopped.

“What’s wrong? Did you feel sick-”

“…Yuugo, is that you?”

While still curling inside the sheets, I asked that question hesitantly.
I didn’t have the courage to show my face out there.

He would definitely say that.

I was prepared for that, but I was still afraid to hear the answer.

A painful silence followed.

It was such a long silence that I started to think that there might be no one there once I got out of the sheets.

“—I thought you’d never call that name anymore, Sou.”

The voice that sounded like talking to himself wasn’t an answer to my question.

But, he called me by my name.

He called me Sou.
With that voice, with that tone.

It might be just a dream.
Maybe this was just a dream I’m conveniently having.

But then, if that’s the case, it’d be better to just—


While calling that name, I got my face out of the sheets.

I slowly turned my gaze toward the door with the sheets still wrapped around my neck.

My eyes met with the person standing there.

“….Huh, why….? You’re that person- at the bookstore?”

The person standing there was the alpha that I had met at a bookstore once.

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