The Alpha at the Bookstore (1)

There was no mistake, he was definitely the alpha at the bookstore.

The alpha who picked the same reference book as me at that day was in the same room with me now for some reason.

Moreover, he has the same voice as Yuugo.
His voice at the bookstore sounded lower and colder, but his voice that gently talked to me was the same as Yuugo’s voice that I heard through the earphones that day.

But, he didn’t look like he was the same age as me.

He was wearing a suit when I first met him, too.
He looked a bit younger now with casual clothes and his hair down… But he definitely looked older than me.

Are you Yuugo? I was hesitant to ask again.
Also, he felt suspicious and I didn’t know if I should talk to him or not.

He clearly had the aura of an elite, and he was an alpha too.
I didn’t feel intimidated by him, but I felt like I might lose my mind if I kept on inhaling his pheromones.

I pulled the sheets that were wrapped around my body up to my face.
I pressed my nose and mouth against it and took a deep breath slowly.

“Sou, your medicine will wear off soon, right? You’d better take it first.
Let’s talk after that.”

He was definitely Yuugo from his voice.

I see, my medicine was about to wear off so it made me get really bothered by that scent.
After making sure that I nodded, that person opened the door and left.
The scent has subsided a little.

Still, the scent that had already filled the room wouldn’t disappear.
I couldn’t let go of the sheets around my mouth, or I would inhale this alluring scent.

There was food, fruits, and my phone on the table a few meters away from the bed.
It was my phone that I must have dropped in the park.
I wonder if that person had picked it up too.

When I turned on the screen, there were some notifications for incoming calls and messages displayed.
But I put off looking at them.

For now, I have to eat something, then take the meds.

The meal was covered with a silver half-circle lid thing.
It’s the thing you’d find on a fancy meal at a hotel.
It was my first time seeing the real thing, though.

I removed the silver lid without hesitation.
When I saw what was inside, I froze for a moment.
But at the same time, it also convinced me that alpha was Yuugo.


[Why fried rice?]

While eating, I opened my phone and quickly launched the Virtual Alpha app.
I no longer hesitated.

What I typed were those sentences.

Fried rice showed up from under the silver lid.

Moreover, it was a high-class one.

No, no matter how you look at it, I couldn’t have fried rice in this kind of situation.
True, the heat might not be a sickness, but I still lose my appetite because of it.

I almost spurted out at the reply that came back almost immediately.
The rice in my mouth was about to fly out.

There wasn’t any food other than this, so I had no choice but to eat the fried rice.
The fried rice was still warm and certainly delicious, but it also made my stomach feel a little queasy.

[I like it, but I don’t have any appetite now.
I’ll still eat it, though.]

[I’m fine with this.
It’s fine as long as I can take the meds.]

You don’t have to hold back, just tell me what you want.>

[Then, I want to eat orange jelly.]

Just as I sent that, I heard the sound of footsteps coming from the hallway.
The sound seemed to move closer and further away, then after that a sound of a door opening and closing could be heard.

Don’t tell me, he really went to buy it?

[So you really go and buy it.]

“Gh, what’s with that…”

This sentence was really sent by that alpha from earlier, right?

Well, the timing of him rushing off to buy it must not be a coincidence… But it still felt kind of weird because I always thought of him as an AI.

[Be careful out there.]

You can sleep if it feels tough.>

[We’ll talk when you get back, right?]

For now, I’ll buy the orange jelly.>

“I wonder if he’ll buy the jelly for me.”

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