I didn’t know if I should call it politeness or what.

My conversation with Yuugo was so natural that it didn’t feel like it’s been twenty days since I talked to him.
I even still somewhat thought of him as an AI.

But, he’s real in the flesh.

Yuugo was really there on the other side of the screen, and he typed those words to me.

“…That means, all the messages up until now were from him too?”

Those messages that I sent regardless of the time of day, my complaints, whining, and everything… He listened to them all? Really? It wasn’t a lie?

The more I remembered about it, the more I felt speechless.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, but I always thought that he was an AI, so I ended up saying a lot of things without holding back.
Everything from masturbation to my toilet conditions.

And that’s not all.
I’m pretty sure he—

“—He said that he liked me.”

What did he mean by that, I wonder.

Did he just say that to go along with me? Or…?

“Ah… I don’t get it… Also, how can I talk to him face to face now?”

I couldn’t finish the fried rice halfway.
I think it was probably more of a mood problem than an appetite problem.

I had no choice but to give up trying to eat the rest of it and just took the medicine before Yuugo came back.
If I were to smell that scent again in this condition, there was no mistake a problem would happen.

“What should I do… It might be too much for me.”

I sat down on the bed and tried to wrap my head around the situation, but it was too much to swallow.


“Welcome back.”

When I said that and greeted him in the room, he gave me a really surprised face.

That reminds me, I think he also made a surprised face when I first met him at the bookstore.
Why was he so surprised at that time, I wonder.

“Here, your orange jelly and change of clothes.”

“Hm? Ohh… thanks.”

I thought he was taking a long time buying the jelly, but it seemed like he also bought some clothes.
In the bag with a logo of a famous retailer on it, there was a t-shirt, shorts, and underwear.

Well, I couldn’t stay wrapped up in the sheets forever.
I accepted what was handed to me with open arms.

“…I’ll change for a bit.”


It was very like Yuugo to turn his back when I said that.
If it were Ryuuji or Narumi, they would definitely be staring at me instead.

I quickly got changed and put the sheets that I had wrapped around my body back on the bed.
I couldn’t fold it very neatly, but I stopped worrying about it since it probably won’t be used without washing it first.

“I’m done changing.”

“Then, sit on the bed.
It’d probably be better if you aren’t that close to me.”

Is that because of the pheromones? No, I guess it goes without saying.

Yuugo wasn’t the only one emitting pheromones right now.
I was also emitting omega pheromones that attracted alphas, so it was only natural that we shouldn’t be that close.

Still, it felt kind of lonely to be kept at a distance like this.

Yuugo sat down on the chair where I had been eating the fried rice a while ago.
The pose of him sitting elegantly with his long legs crossed could become a painting in itself.
It’s amazing what a handsome man can do.

I did as I was told and sat down on the bed.
The luxurious bed didn’t make a single creaking sound even when I sat down vigorously.
The room was so quiet that the sigh that I let out sounded louder than usual.

I waited for him to start talking, but he wouldn’t talk at all.
I was the first one who couldn’t stand the silence.

“…You’re really Yuugo, right?”

I was pretty much convinced from that fried rice talk from earlier, but I wanted to make sure.
Yuugo nodded his head once without saying a word.

Looks like I wasn’t wrong.

“Why were you at that place? Coincidence?”

“I saw you running when I was waiting for an acquaintance who had gone to the clinic, so I followed you out of curiosity.
I lost sight of you at one point, but then I sensed your scent… That’s how I ended up at that park.”

So he noticed my scent in heat.
It seems like it was true that alphas were sensitive to omega’s scent.

In the toilet, I kept calling out for Yuugo.

I did it while I was delirious from the fever, frightened by the urge I couldn’t control.
What reached him wasn’t my voice, but my scent… But to think Yuugo actually came to my rescue.

I still couldn’t believe it.


Yuugo is calling my name.

Yuugo is real.
Yuugo is here.

Even though I was face to face with him, it still felt somewhat strange for me.

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