Inducing Pheromones (1)

I stared at the person in front of me intently.

Even if Yuugo himself said so, it still didn’t seem real to me.
Could this be another dream…? Well, I guess that wasn’t possible.


Yuugo looked at me weirdly when I tried pinching my cheeks to make sure if this was a dream or not.

He called my name again.

Even the way he tilted his head while looking my way could become a painting if Yuugo was the one who did it.

Also, his face was at fault.

He was such a handsome alpha that it made it harder to believe that this was reality.
If Yuugo’s face looked more ordinary maybe I could have believed it more easily.

His beautiful ash brown hair swayed every time he moved.
His hair that wasn’t slicked to the back unlike the last time at the bookstore, looked very soft.
It even made me want to try touching it.

His eyes that were looking at me worriedly, could be seen even from a distance that it was a pale brown color.
I had seen them up close before, so I already knew that there was a hint of green in his eyes.

If anything, I felt a bit creeped out by myself for remembering that details after only seeing his eyes once.

It was partly because that was my first time seeing such a handsome man up close… Maybe I was a bit interested in him after that.

Though, I didn’t know if it was because of the omega instincts that made me attracted to alpha, or if it was because of something else.

I still couldn’t believe all of this.
Also… I probably should talk to you more politely, right?”

“Don’t worry about it.
Just stay as you usually are.”

He said that and smiled softly as if he really didn’t mind about that.

It was such a beautiful face that it surprised me.

“Then, I’ll do that… If you’re Yuugo, that means you’re the one who had talked to me all this time?”

“That’s right.”

“…Is there an AI mixed in it, or is someone else taking turns with you?”

Could it be… you’re worried that someone looked at the conversations?”

“No, that’s not it, but…”

I wonder why.
I wasn’t worried about that.

Maybe it was because I knew Yuugo wasn’t the type of person who would do that.
No, I thought he wasn’t a person at first, though… But, the Yuugo that I knew wouldn’t do something like that.
I had no doubts about him.

In the end, maybe I stopped caring….
whether he was an AI or not.

…I mean, I even fell in love with him.

That’s why, I didn’t really mind about that… But if that was the case, there was another problem.

My head hurts every time I remember the conversations I had with Yuugo up until now.

After all, I… never talked about anything decent.

I thought that he was an AI, so I didn’t hold back at all.
The topic of the talk and even the time I sent them, I was aware that I’ve been sending him whatever I like at whatever time I want.

I just sent him “I’m tired” without any greeting first, and things like “I don’t want to be an omega”.
I only said complaints that would only trouble the person who received them.
I even was able to say something that I normally wouldn’t say to anyone else.

…It was definitely troubling him, right?

And yet, he didn’t even show any sign of it, he would think over how to make my body feel better, and he listened seriously to my trivial complaints.

If anything, he even would talk to me until I could fall asleep when I was having a hard time sleeping.

To think it was this person who did all that for me.



“I often send you messages at late hours, right? I just thought… that maybe I might have troubled you.”

“That’s not true! I was happy that you relied on me like that.”

I blinked my eyes and looked at Yuugo.

He’s happy? With that kind of thing that I did? It wasn’t troubling him?

But, his face didn’t look like he was lying.
His eyes were downcast as if he was reminiscing about something, and he smiled happily.

I was surprised at his expression.

It was unfair for a handsome man to make that face.
My chest felt tight.

“I’m the one who should be apologizing.
I did something that you don’t like.”

“…..Something that I don’t like?”

I wonder what he means by that.

I couldn’t get what he meant and tilted my head.

“You know… that optional item-”


I soon understood everything when Yuugo said that word.
I interrupted the rest of his words by shouting loudly.

After all, an optional item must mean that thing, right? It could only mean that thing, right? If so… he didn’t have to say it.
Yeah, I don’t want him to say it.

I tried to gloss it over because I didn’t want to hear those things from Yuugo’s mouth again.
But his expression turned grim, perhaps he had misunderstood my reaction.

You mustn’t want to remember it, because I made you feel uncomfortable.
You hated me for that, and yet I reminded you of it… But, I really feel sorry about that.”

When Yuugo said that, he stood up and lowered his head deeply to me.
I could tell from his voice and his attitude that he really felt sorry about it.

But, it wasn’t like that.

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