Don’t Let Go of My Hand (2)

It’s hot.
My head started to feel fuzzy.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Yuugo’s hand that was in front of me.
I wonder why.

I was unconsciously reaching my hand toward his hand.

I soon realized that I had to stop, but I couldn’t resist wanting to touch it.
I wonder if it’s okay for me to hold his hand.
No, of course not.

As I moved my fingers in hesitation, Yuugo held my hand instead.


“Don’t do such cute things, okay?”

“Ah… I didn’t mean it like that-“

My fingers were being stroked.

I felt a rush of pleasure from that place and my body twitched.
Yuugo quickly tried to pull his hand when he noticed my reaction.

This time, I held his fingertips.

“…I want to stay like this.”



Yuugo gave me a slightly troubled expression, then said “Okay” in a small voice.

I held Yuugo’s hand with both hands.
Then I sneakily moved my face closer to it.

There’s a nice scent coming from here too.
It wasn’t as strong as the scent coming from his body, but there was no mistake that it was the scent of alpha’s pheromone.

“…Is there a scent coming from there too?”

He found out right away that I was sniffing his scent.

Maybe because I ended up moving hips.

But I just couldn’t resist it when I smelled this scent.
My head was still clear thanks to the medicine, but I couldn’t hold back my urges at all.

I moved my hips a little and pressed my lower body against the sheets.

“…ngh, haa… …Ah, sorry.”

I ended up rubbing my cheek against Yuugo’s hand as much as I could.
I let out a hot breath as I pressed my face against it.

I couldn’t seem to resist this pleasant and reassuring smell.

“Does it feel good?”

It feels good… And, it smells good.”

Yuugo didn’t make an unpleasant face even once.

If anything, he even looked down at me with a very gentle gaze.
Only that gaze alone made the tingling in my body didn’t stop.

It felt so good that I was about to lose my mind.

“Is that so… You like my scent, Sou?”

I like it— …But it wasn’t just his scent.

True, there was a nice scent coming from Yuugo, but I didn’t like it because it smelled good.

…It was because it’s Yuugo’s scent.

That’s why this scent drove me crazy.

“I like you….
your scent”

I tried telling him my feelings for a bit while covering it up by answering the question.

I’m sure this hard-to-understand confession would probably not get noticed, but I just have to say it.

The heat in my body raised even more as I said the word ‘like’.

As I was rubbing my face against his hand, enjoying the warmth and scent of his hand, some unbelievable words reached my ears.

“I like you too, Sou.”


I couldn’t believe my ears for a moment at the words that reached my ears.

When I asked back, Yuugo only said “Hm?” while tilting his head, then he softened his expression.

“….Ah, so you didn’t mean it that way.
You said that you like me, so I misunderstood.
Sorry for saying such a strange thing.”

While looking at Yuugo’s embarrassed smile, I felt my face heating up.

I tried to hide my red face with the sheets, but Yuugo’s hand that was right beside me touched my cheek.

“I’m happy just seeing your cute reactions like that now.”

“…It wasn’t-”


“—It wasn’t a misunderstanding.”

I said that quickly while shutting my eyes tightly, unable to look at Yuugo’s face.
He might misunderstand me again, but I didn’t think I could explain it any better.

A strange silence ensued.

The sound of my heartbeat sounded awfully loud, making me feel somewhat restless.

“…Yuu- …ngh”

As I couldn’t stand the silence and tried to call Yuugo’s name, something soft sealed my lips.
It was so plump and warm… And then there’s a nice scent coming from very close to me.

…This is.

I fearfully opened my eyes and saw Yuugo’s hair swaying in front of me.

The lips that touched mine… was Yuugo’s.

“Mn, nh…”

After he kissed me lightly several times, he slowly parted his lips from me.

When I looked up at him in a daze, Yuugo was smiling with a kind face.

I couldn’t hold back.”

“Was that… a kiss, just now?”

Is that your first time?”

“You got a problem…?”


I’ve been playing soccer all the time, and I‘ve never been in that kind of relationship with anyone before.

Also, I couldn’t feel that way since I found out I was an omega.
It was because I was always worried about things like who should I have a relationship with… or if omega was able to have a normal relationship or not.

“…I’m happy.”

His forehead touched mine.

I could see Yuugo’s beautiful green eyes so close to me.

His eyes are a strange color, as if there was a big flower blooming in them.
I could feel it from his gaze that he likes me.

“I want to touch you more.”

Who could say no when being asked something like that with those melting eyes?

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