Bad Adult (2)

The changes in my body happened so quickly.
I was so scared that I felt my body tense up in a strange way.

“…It’s okay.
Don’t be scared.”

Yuugo parted his lips from me once and whispered in a gentle voice.

Then he kissed me even more deeply this time.

As my tongue was being licked and sucked, the strength in my body loosened more and more.
Yuugo’s saliva felt strangely sweet, and it seemed to melt my thoughts away.

It was the same as the scent of the pheromones.
My body and my feelings naturally melted away because of it.

“Mn, ah…”

I moved my tongue too, licking Yuugo’s saliva as if savoring the taste.

Yuugo tasted so sweet.

When I realized it, I became absorbed in the taste.

He rolled up my shirt and stroked my body that had become exposed.
It felt so good that the tingling didn’t stop.

When his fingers grazed the protrusion on my chest, I felt a kind of itchy sensation that made my body jolt a little.

“You don’t usually touch this place by yourself?”

“…I never touched it.”

“I see.
How do you like it when I do this?”

He rubbed it lightly with the pad of his finger.
Sometimes, he pulled it and I felt like I was suffocating.

It was a strange sensation, it feels good, but it was like something is lacking.

But, the area around my hips felt restless.

“I feel tingly.”

“I see.
It seems like you can feel it even in this place soon.
But for now, I guess I’ll touch this place first.”

“Hyaa, ah… that’s-“

Yuugo said that and touched the center part of my body.

That part of me down there had been half-erect with just Yuugo’s scent, then it was fully erect after he kissed me.
I shook my head in surprise when he stroked it lightly from the top of my pants.


“…No? You don’t want me to touch it?”

“Your hand will get dirty…”

I knew that part of me had gotten so wet.
Both on the front… and on the back.

I wouldn’t let Yuugo touch such a place.

“It’s not dirty.
I’ve always wanted to do it for you.”

“…You always wanted to do it?”

“From the time I heard your voice on the phone.
No… maybe even before that.
I’ve always wanted to touch this part of you.
That’s why, it was so hard to only be able to hear your voice at that time— Hey, I really can’t touch it?”

Yuugo rubbed his head against my neck as if he was trying to be pampered.
His movement was just like a cat.

It was a weird feeling that an older alpha like him wanted to be pampered by me like this.

As he leaned his body closer to me, he didn’t stop sliding his hand on my bare skin.
He smiled happily when I reacted by twitching my body.

His breath touched my neck, and that tickling sensation was making me feel weird.

Yuugo’s scent got a bit stronger again.

“The scent…”

“Hm? Did it get stronger again?”

“…Mm, I can smell your scent.”

I felt a numbness inside my head again.

It took away my reasoning every time I inhaled it.

“It feels embarrassing, like my feelings are being exposed.”

“…Your feelings?”

“My feelings of wanting you.
I was trying to entice you somehow.
I’m wondering if could make you fall for me with this pheromone.”

He wanted me…?

This alpha, who’s more strong and beautiful than anyone, wanted me?

“Yuugo, you want me…?”

“That’s right.
This scent is the proof.
You can smell my scent, right?”

I can certainly feel it.

I have always been obsessed with this scent, ever since I first felt it at the bookstore.
I even masturbated on my own while sniffing that scent that was left in the reference book.

I couldn’t possibly tell Yuugo all those things though.

But, that was because I’m an omega… and Yuugo is an alpha.

I felt hurt when I think this feeling might be only induced by the pheromones.

“What’s wrong?”


“That couldn’t be true, no? You look like you’re in pain.
You don’t like it, after all?”

“…No …It’s just, I don’t like the fact that I might be wanting you just because of the scent… Sorry.”

I don’t like myself because I ended up thinking about things like that, when I should just be honest with my desire.

Unable to contain the heat in my body, I pressed my forehead on Yuugo’s shoulder.
His hand touched my hair.

“It’s not just the scent.
Even when I didn’t know your scent and anything, I’ve always liked you so much.”


“I’ve always been not good with omega.
That’s why I was asked to be the tester of that app.
Because that app was made for that kind of alphas.”

He wasn’t good with omegas?

It was a surprising confession from Yuugo.

The app that he means is Virtual Omega, right?

I couldn’t believe that was the purpose of the app.

“Before I started talking to you, I had never been interested in omega.
That’s because they only see me as an alpha when they talk to me, and not as myself.
I guess I was just a little skeptical.”


“But you’re different, Sou.
You talked to me on equal footing.
You looked at me as myself.
Also, even when you said that you didn’t want to be an omega, you always tried to seriously face yourself, I was attracted to that part of you.
And then, it was so unbearably cute that you would tell me how you really feel when you’re feeling vulnerable.”


“I like you because of all that, Sou.
That’s why, pheromones have nothing to do with this— But if you’re captivated by my scent, that in itself made me happy.”

I could tell that Yuugo’s scent was getting stronger even while we were talking.

My reasoning was starting to melt away.

“I love the way you melt by my scent.
If only you can only smell my scent alone.”


I felt Yuugo’s lips touching the nape of my neck.

It was through the neck guard, so it wasn’t directly on the skin.
Still, the impact was even stronger than the other place that he touched me.

A great numbness ran down my back and I couldn’t help but let out a loud voice and tense up my body.

“It’s okay.
I won’t bite you.”

“Ah… ah”

His lips repeatedly touched the area around my nape lightly.

Each time, my body jumped with a jolt.
Even though it was my own body, I couldn’t stop it.

I also couldn’t stop myself from feeling disappointed that Yuugo wouldn’t bite my nape.

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