Desire to Monopolize (1)

When I woke up, I was all alone in the room.

There was still a hint of Yuugo’s presence left in the room, so he must have been here until a while ago.
It felt weird that I could tell just from the scent.
Maybe this was because of the heat too.

My clothes and the sheets are neatly tidied.

I wonder how long I slept.
Probably not that long… but it was already dark outside the window.

Both my head and body were still a bit heavy.

When I thought I heard a noise coming from the corridor, I saw the door of this room was slightly opened.
I raised my heavy body and approached the door.

What I heard was Yuugo’s voice.

I wonder if he’s talking to someone.

I went out to the corridor.

This time, I heard the voice of someone other than Yuugo.
That voice sounded somewhat familiar, and I headed in the direction of that voice.

When I walked out of the room and turned the corner, there was a front door.
Yuugo was standing there with his back facing me.

The other person he was facing… was Dr.

For a moment, I felt a feeling similar to panicking at the sight of them.
Before I knew exactly what was causing that feeling, I was already running to them.

My body still felt a bit sluggish, but now wasn’t the time to be worrying about that.

I quickly ran over and grabbed Yuugo’s arm, pulling him to me.


Yuugo was surprised.

Kazuki who was across from me was also surprised.
He called my name, but I tugged Yuugo’s arm again and again without even looking at him.

Yuugo is mine.”

No matter how hard I pulled, Yuugo’s body wouldn’t move.

I gave up on trying to get Yuugo out of that place, and this time I clung to his arm.

I didn’t really understand the meaning of the words I had spoken.

But, I just couldn’t let the omega in front of me take him away.
That was all I could think about.

“Kazuki, get away from him.”

Another voice came from behind Dr.

But my first priority right now is Yuugo.

No… you’re only mine.”

“Yeah… it’s okay.
I’m yours.
Kazuki came because he was worried about you.”

Yuugo’s other hand touched my head.

He told me those words while gently stroking my head.
I could feel his warmth coming from his palm.

When I saw Yuugo looking straight at me, I finally started to feel calm.

But now it was the time for me to writhe in embarrassment.

“—Huh? …What was I doing?”

I suddenly came back to my senses.

Wait, why would I think that Dr.
Kazuki will take Yuugo away?

Even though I already knew he’s my sister’s husband… Also, what am I even saying? that ‘Yuugo is mine’.

“Sorry… I suddenly got so weirdly upset.”

I hurriedly let go of Yuugo’s arm that I was holding, but this time Yuugo hugged me instead.

When Yuugo who was about a head taller than me hugged me, I fitted just right in his arms.

When I glanced up at him, a kiss fell on my forehead.

“…So cute.”

I couldn’t look directly at Yuugo’s face, which was smiling happily, so I cast my gaze downward.
When I pressed my forehead against Yuugo’s body, that scent that enticed me tickled my nose.

Smelling that scent calms me down.

As I rubbed my face against him, he gently stroked my head again.

“…Err, am I interrupting you here?”


I gasped at the voice that came from behind me.

When I turned around, my eyes met with Dr.
Kazuki’s, who had a troubled expression on his face.
Ugh… it’s so awkward.

Anyway, why didn’t Yuugo tell me about this? Even though he should’ve noticed Dr.
Kazuki was feeling troubled behind me. 

Kazuki, please come inside.
You must be worried about Sou’s condition.”

“…Umm, Sou.
Can I? Is it okay?”

“Ahh, yeah.”

It would be strange for me to refuse when Yuugo, the owner of this house, told him to come inside.

I nodded vaguely in response to Dr.
Kazuki’s question.

Yuugo urged Dr.
Kazuki to come in once again, then slowly put his face close to my ear.

“…Keep it a secret that I was a bad adult to you.”

He secretly whispered to me.

With a mischievous look on his face, he put his index finger over his mouth.

“I’ll be coming inside too.”

“—You can go home, Yanagi.”

“No way.
You’re so cold, Director.”


The person who peeked out from behind Dr.
Kazuki was Yanagi that I met at the clinic before.

He was a good-looking person with a peculiar atmosphere.

He looked at me and waved his hand in the air.
He smiled at me with a beautiful face when I bowed to him.

Just now, Yuugo also called Yanagi by name.
…Could it be, the acquaintance he was waiting for at the clinic was Yanagi?

Anyway, what did he mean by Director?

“Good evening, Sou.”

“…Good evening.”

Even though he was told to go home, Yanagi just came inside the room as usual.
He didn’t seem to mind about what Yuugo had said to him.

Yuugo started to walk down the corridor while still holding my hand.
Hold on, his stride is too wide.

I followed him from behind, feeling like I was going to fall.

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